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  • Reaction to Arizona is Shocking

    by Founder on May 1, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    I am amazed at the reaction to Arizona’s new law requiring that law enforcement actually follow the EXISTING laws on their books – they want change, rather than let these illegal immigrants run rampant all over their state. As I stated, I was proud of Arizona for actually taking a stand and saying “enough is enough” with regards to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, yet I am shocked at the uneducated response to this law.

    As a conservative American tax payer, I thought the reaction to this new law would be one or relief, gladness and perhaps the feeling that things are finally heading in the right direction with regards to immigration. And I am sure that among the hard working “tax payers” of this country and the “legal immigrants and citizens”, I am sure that they DID feel this way – BUT these are not the people the MEDIA is paying attention to – if you listen to the media you would think the entire country were against this “atrocity”!<!–more–>

    The media is the bleeding heart liberal who of course “feels bad” for the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – and they want them to be given amnesty, and food, and rent, and welfare, and health care – should I go on? How the American media has become this way, I don’t know BUT they are clearly on the side of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Who else is on their side?

    Congress is fighting for the illegal immigrants. The media is fighting for the illegal immigrants and Obama loves the illegal immigrants. What are they exactly protesting against? And why isn’t our federal government standing up for the law that differentiates a LEGAL immigrant from an ILLEGAL immigrant? Hello to those angry with the law – Being here in America without the proper paperwork and without going through the proper authorities to gain entry – is ILLEGAL!

    What don’t these protesters understand? What exactly are they protesting? Are they protesting that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS should be allowed in America without paperwork? Is this what they are rallying for? How much more anti-American can these people be? This is clearly an out of control situation and one that Obama seems to be relishing in.

    As Michael Savage says, America NEEDS a border, America NEEDS a language and America NEEDS a culture. By allowing a continuing, unabated flow of illegal immigrants into America, the economy is becoming more and more crippled with the burden of SUPPORTING these people – all at the expense of you and me – the tax payer. How do you feel about that? How long do you want this to go on?  In the words of President Reagan – “A nation without borders will soon cease to be a nation.”

    The reaction to Arizona is shocking. They want to clean their state of illegal immigrants (because of drug dealing, gang activity, murder, kidnapping and rapes) – and it seems, according to the media, that the entire country is against this – but do not be fooled by this media attention – the tax payers are FOR this action – it is only those here ILLEGALLY who SHOULD have a problem with this.

    The fact that there are thousands across the country who are protesting this – if they are tax payers they are obviously uneducated about the situation, if they are not taxpayers – please check their immigration status! No true American, taxpaying citizen is against this new law. It is all about common sense – of which the protester have none.

    These rallies that are happening throughout America, that the Obama media will gladly show you, are the PERFECT time for our law enforcement to check the ID’s of these individuals – they are all congregating together, flaunting the law and daring you to “ID” them – and then, of course, they will run to their attorney. But our “powers that be” are way to liberal to ever do anything like that – instead they will just rally FOR these illegal immigrants – thus fanning the fire of the middle class even more..

    What’s the matter with a law DEMANDING that you are a legal citizen to be here OR that you have the proper paperwork to TEMPORARILY be here? What is the matter with that? This is the law already on the federal books but is obviously NOT enforced – which is costing the American economy BILLIONS each MONTH – but these people protesting seem to WANT this to occur.

    Imagine, 30% of the people in our prisons are illegal immigrants – at what cost to you? In addition, 30% of the people in emergency rooms are illegal immigrants – need I say more? These people are obviously a HUGE problem for the solvency of America – but these protesters don’t understand this – they just think they have been “disrespected” – yet at the same time they receive MOST of the government free handouts and entitlements.

    It is a sad state of affairs right now because you have a state (Arizona) trying to do what is right for America and at the same time you have, what has grown into a large demographic in America – protesting this! Even Obama is widening the chasm by fanning the flames – he clearly WANTS to give amnesty to all these illegal immigrants – this is part of his plan to get re-elected. Then you have the media on their side as well. So when I say it’s a sad state of affairs right now – you can see what I mean.

    We must rid this country of those here illegally and start from fresh. America welcomes all, from all over the world – but you must come into this country the RIGHT way and through the proper channels NOT ILLEGALLY! Yet it appears that a large portion of this country WANTS ILLEGAL immigrants to remain here and to do so without the proper paperwork.

    Look at the immigration laws of almost ALL other countries – China, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Russia, Spain and I could go on and on – these countries all require people to file the proper paperwork, wait their time and then they may come into the country – no where else can one just waltz into one country from another country – like there were no borders – except here in America – and this MUST stop!

    True Americans, hard working tax payers, believers in the Constitution – we all believe that what Arizona is trying to do is RIGHT – that we support what Arizona is doing – in order to pass on to future generations a country that actually has a border, a language and a culture. Everywhere you go in this world you can experience the CULTURE of other countries, other ways of life – but here in America – what is our culture? What is our language? And where are our borders? We MUST close our borders to illegal immigration so our culture and language may once again dominate throughout this great land.

    The reaction to Arizona is shocking to know that there are THAT many uneducated people throughout the country. Message to all of you – the law is NOT against you – ONLY if you are an illegal immigrant! Are you and illegal immigrant? If so? Get out! Simple as that – this is how it is in all other countries and it must now be this way in America – all for the continuation of this great country and the solvency of our now fragile economy.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. Sign in as someone who believes in the Constitution and someone who SUPPORTS what Arizona is doing and trying to get done. I applaud Arizona and as an American for the Constitution – you do to. We must get other states to follow this lead and begin to rid this country of the anchor that is dragging down our economy and digging into the pockets of every taxpayer in America. Please stand tall for LEGAL Immigration. God bless America and the Statue of Liberty.

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