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  • What Right Does Obama Have to Bail Out Greece?

    by Founder on May 13, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    We have some very interesting things happening in America right now, where does one begin?. Obama is beginning to get deep into his presidency and nothing good seems to be coming out of it. The latest fiasco is the intent of the Obama administration to “bail out” Greece because of their current Socialistic induced bankruptcy. As a taxpayer, what do you think of this? is this how you want your tax payer dollars spent?

    In addition to the money for all of our current entitlement programs, including the latest TRILLION dollar Health Care disaster, It looks like the American economy/government is now on the hook for upwards of $50 BILLION, and rising – this is the amount of money that Obama wants to give to Greece – through the IMF (International Monetary Fund) – $50 BILLION! – please think about this figure for a moment. Think of what ELSE this money could do FOR America – rather than having it being sent OUTSIDE of our borders to Greece.<!–more–>

    How did this come about? Where was the big Congressional vote on the spending of this money to bail out Greece? When did Congress vote on this? Did Congress even vote on this? Where was the “people’s” input?  It seems that our government is now completely out of control and is throwing around money like it was something they could create out of thin air – which is truely what Obama believes, as our government continues to spend much more than it is bringing in – the SAME problem that Greece had.

    Most of Europe and certainly Greece are Socialist – they believe that the government should pay for the “people” – that the government should pay for the people’s fod, housing, health care etc, all in the thought that “everybody” should have a chance to be well fed and housed, plus they should be able to get a wage, and have adequate health care – ALL of this at the gift of the government – paid for through TAXES charged to the working people – this is the mindset of the Socialist freaks that want to CONTROL society in this way – THIS is NOT the American way!. Therefore there are very HIGH taxes in Europe and especially in Greece where this disaster is occurring.

    Why are there riots in the streets of Greece? Why is the country of Greece financially collapsing? All because the government believed in Socialism, just like Obama does – and wanted its people to be dependent on them for just about EVERYTHING. This takes the life out of the people, destroys their creativity and drive and forever imprisions them in a life of mediocity and dullness – that only rewards those in power – the politicians – it does NOTHING to reward the people – the hard working people – and THIS my friends, is what is capable of happening, right here, in our great country of America.

    Will you allow this to occur? Is this the America you want to pass on to your children? And their children? ..

    That is how off base and sick Obama’s policies are. Obama wants nothing more than to destroy America and our economy. He wants to take the money of this great conuntry and spread it thoughout the world – to countries that have little – he wants to give them YOUR money – like there is a gun to your head – he is not going to ask you – he is simply going to reach in your pocket and take it.

    Is this what you want? Is this where you want your money to go? Or would you rather have Obama TELL you HOW you are going to spend your money?

    What right does Obama have to send our money to Greece? A country that has already proven to be a failure – a country that has already shown that SOCIALISM is a failure – why are we sending our money to this losing ordeal? It is like having a bad investment and just pouring more money into it – just like the old saying – “why put good money after bad? This is a complete , in your face, waste of tax payer dollars that shows the real intention of the Obama admionisttration – and that is to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this great nation – not just within the nation, but also throughout the world!

    What are we the tax payers to do while our country is being robbed of its wealth, right in front of our eyes? We MUST follow the path that our great Constitution has given us and VOTE these Progressive, Socialists OUT of office – it’s as simple as that! We will use the powers vested in us by the Consttituiion and “We the People” shall rise up to take back our government from this blatant MISTAKE that is Obama.

    The fact that he infiltrated our government is enough to wake up the American people and realize what is happening to their country. Obama was a mistake – and this will be proven out more and more as time goes on.

    Obama is now proven to be an anti-American, anti-taxpayer, and anti-Capitalism college professor who has been brain wasghed with how bad Americana is – and he, and those supporting him have an agenda – and this agenda does NOT involve the tax payer – they are just intending to use us as a tool to get what they want – which is a balancing out of the wealth throughout the world – no matter how hard YOU worked or that the other person didn’t wiork – Obama wants you equal – very sick indeed.

    The money is going to Greece. Was this just an edict by Obama that America would spend $50 Billion on Greece? Who decided this? Where was the vote? Obama is spending our money like he has absolutely no value for the dollar at all – or that he truely wants the dollar to collapse – to FORCE a new world currency?

    Doesn’t he understand what a dollar is worth to the average hard working citizen? Rest assured one thing people, Obama and the Democrats are digging their own grave and it seems thay aren’t really going to realize it until election day comes. Those against him FAR out number those for. The tax payer shall rise up – and slap this party in the face with a little dose of good ole’ American reality and rid our government of this terroristic poison that is Obama and his supporters.

    Please rise up with us here at Americans for the Constitution – and 100% you MUST be sure to VOTE in the November elections – voting OUT those that voted for Health Care – and voting OUT those that voted for the bail outs – and voting IN those that support the Constitution, and small government, financial responsibility, Capitalism and individual freedoms. Your vote is CRITICAL to the continuanmce of the TRUE America. What America do you want to pass on?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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