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  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend from AFTC

    by Founder on May 30, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Today I write this article in honor of all those brave men and women who have lost their lives protecting our freedoms. Memorial Day is a celebration and remembrance of all those who died in battle and who fought in battle squashing Socialism, Fascism and Marxism - while protecting our Constitution. I say “thank you” to you and your families. Unfortunately, my thanks in the simple form of words can never live up to what you have sacrificed and done for this country – all the while under the order to do so.

    I wish to celebrate this weekend for the glorious efforts our military has given us all. I ponder this weekend at those brave souls who lost their lives while on the front lines of an ugly gun battle, or for those who were blown up by bombings or land mines – these precious souls lost in a heartbeat, and there, on order of the United States – this is why these people MUST be held in total and complete reverence on this special weekend.

    I am hesitant to bring up the negative side of this weekend because it is just that, a negative. Never before has there been a reason to discuss a negative of this sort on any Memorial Day of the past. Each year the weekend would come and all those in America would pause, take off their hats, think, ponder, reflect and remember those who have paved the way for our EVERY freedom that we hold so dearly. Yet this year there seems to be something different in the air.

    Since taking office 16 months ago, our President Obama has proven and shown to be two things, anti-American and anti-Military. And now he is showing these colors just as boldly as we Americans are proudly showing the colors of our flag this glorious weekend.

    You see, the problem is, that this man has taken office as our President and unbeknown (at the time) to those who elected him in, he has plans and is currently activating these plans to drastically REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of this great nation while simultaneously stripping our economy of its ability to operate in a Capitalistic, free market manner. In a sense, Obama is destroying America and all she stands for.

    So it is with great dismay that I report to you that on this special of most special weekends to honor our Military and our brave soldiers – Obama, our President, is NOT attending the Arlington cemetery ceremonies of honoring our military and laying a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier.

    The cemetery is situated directly across the Potomac River from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. and near the Pentagon. Yet, Obama is skipping this event along with the dinner at the White House for all Gold Members of the military, these are the families that lost loved ones in battle, yet he will NOT be at this dinner.

    Obama instead is going “home” to Chicago.

    Obama is not the first president to not attend these ceremonies, but that does not mean it is the right thing to do. He is the Commander in Chief of the U.S Military, and in my humble opinion he has an obligation and a responsibility to attend, as a show of support for the military and as a show of deference to all those who have lost their lives while protecting our freedoms. He will NOT be there, but he will be back in time to attend the Paul Mcartney concert – first things first right?

    Actually, I can understand Obama not attending because the type of governments we were fighting AGAINST in WWII is now the type of government Obama wants! Obama would feel very uncomfortable at these events. He is now busy trying to turn America into a Socialist state where the people rely on the government for all their needs, while the government sees to it that the wealth of the country is equally distributed, no matter if you work hard, not hard or don’t even work, Obama wants us all equal.

    The government Obama wants is the same type our brave soldiers were trying to destroy. This weekend and since he has taken office Obama is spitting on the graves of those who “We  the People” are honoring. Obama is spitting on the graves of our brave soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms. I hope all the military stand against this person.

    There may come a time when there is civil unrest in this country because of Obama’s divisive policies and he may call on you, the military, to quell the people – will you as a military member do this? Will you hold the American people to the barrel of a gun? You, whose parents are hard working, America loving tax payers, are you going to go against the American people and fight FOR Obama’s way?  Will you then fight FOR what our past brave soldiers fought AGAINST!?

    Would our military actually hold the American people to a gun, the same gun that was held to fight off Socialism, Marxism and Fascism?  Unfortunately for Obama, the American people, “We the People” and the Military are on the same side, the side of America, the Constitution, God, independence and the pursuit of our own happiness, prosperity and freedoms WITHOUT the interference of our big daddy government.

    Remember Obama is anti-Military, since he has taken office, Obama has tried to shrink our military, there is talk of having openly gay individuals in the military, he wants to reduce the size of our weapons stockpile, he is cozying up to out enemies while treating our allies like crap, he is hand tying our military as they are in the thralls of battle as he doesn’t allow them to shoot when necessary – so my question “why are they there”. If they can’t fight and win, then send them home.

    This is America, not some mamsy, pamsy feminist, feel good effort. This is a live or die effort – yet the pathetic politicians in Washington can’t seem to comprehend this. THEY should be put on the front lines to feel what it really is all about, then I doubt they would pass some of their idiotic, hand tying, feel good  policies that they think are necessary – all from their comfy Washington offices.

    I apologize to sully up this piece with that type of negativity, but it is a reality that must unfortunately be faced this weekend, just as we face those who have fought and died for us all. I live this day, this weekend and everyday in reverence to our brave soldiers, those who have died, those who have survived, and those who are out there today – facing an enemy who wants to kill them – while you and I enjoy the freedoms of our everyday lives.

    Again I say, “Thank you” to all those who have died and faced battle – all for our freedoms. Our government assembled our military, then orders these young men and women into battle – solely to protect America and our freedoms – we MUST honor these brave people and do all we can to help those injured and to additionally help those families who have lost loved ones on the battle field. America holds these people in the highest honor on this weekend, “We the People” do, even if our President does not.

    Americans for the Constitution stands for all those who have fought for America and our Constitution. We support small government, Capitalism, states rights, few entitlement programs, a massive reduction in government spending, the tightening of our borders, the deportation of any immigrant here without the proper paperwork (illegal immigrant) – just like all countries do! We support individual rights, conservatism, lack of corruption, a flat tax and the overall support of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Every politician in office has sworn to “Protect and uphold the Constitution” – now we MUST hold them to this. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    God bless America – God Bless all those who fought for and died for our freedoms and God Bless our current brave military. Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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