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  • Socialism Has Failed Miserably in Europe

    by Founder on June 7, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    It has just been seventeen years since the development of the European Union and it apparently has taken this short time to show Europe, America and all the world the Socialism does NOT work. The exact type of government that Obama is trying to force down the throats of the American people has been tried and tried again, and every time the result is the same – total financial failure and economic collapse. Is this what you want to have happen to YOUR America?

    The European Union idea that one could bring first, second and third world countries together and make them all financially equal has proven to be a failure. It has actually had the opposite effect on all of Europe, creating a further chasm between those that have and those that do not. Yet this is the course that our government is taking us all down – and the media is NOT doing their job – they are NOT reporting what is really going on – this is very sad indeed.

    The European Union developed their own currency, the Euro, in order to fund their massive entitlement programs. These programs were designed to keep the people “in check” – to control them, to satisfy all their basic needs – the thinking is that this will keep those in power IN power. Again a very sad and bleak reality.

    Yet now it is time to pay the piper, government debt levels are exploding, there is no economic growth, unemployment keeps rising and government revenues keep shrinking. Sound familiar?

    Look at the countries of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain – they have all participated in the European Union and they are now all bankrupt. In addition,¬† they have civil unrest because of these ridiculous, pie in the sky policies that¬† promise to “take care” of the people’s needs – while all they really do is DISCOURAGE work and productivity! Is this the America YOU want to live in? Is this the America you want to leave to YOUR children?

    Unfortunately, it is exactly this type of Socialism that Obama is trying to force on the hard working tax payers. It is this exact type of Socialism that speaks of the REDISTRIBUTION of wealth.

    Socialism involves the government expanding its power and its control over the people – they do this by offering to pay for the services of the people ie., housing, food, legal care, heat, electricity, health care, child care and many more “goodies” that are all designed to get the people dependent on the government for all of their needs – just as they have done in the European Union – the same type of government that had the people of Greece setting fires in the streets and destroying buildings.

    Under Obama’s vision of Socialism, the Federal government has taken over the banking system with huge bailouts, the insurance industry with huge bailouts, the mortgage industry with Fannie and Freddie owning 80% of all the mortgages in America, the Automotive industry by owning GM and Chrysler with huge bailouts and they now have their eyes on the oil industry and it will continue from there.

    They are additionally talking about regulating the internet, regulating the radio waves, regulating Wall Street (which needs to be done, just NOT in Obama’s way), regulating the entire financial industry and regulating all of manufacturing through a Value Added Tax (which will cause massive inflation) – you haven’t seen anything yet with this Obama guy – mark my words.

    So, what is the driving force behind all of these government take overs and entitlement programs? What is it that these government slime rely on more than anything to make their pathetic policies work? It is the tax payer.

    It is us, you and me, the taxpayer, that the government gets its money to spend as they do. Therefore, very near in the future Obama will begin instituting more taxes – even considering the VAT. How does one think the EU was able to pay for all their “benefits” to those participating without HIGH taxes – 50% PLUS!

    Same thing right now in Canada – they have Universal health care – but also have 50% PLUS taxes – .50 cents of every dollar you make goes to the government? No thanks! I’ll spend my money how I want to – I can spend my money better than the government can spend my money! Who spends your money better, you or Obama? Do you want 50%+ taxes? This isn’t Europe – please Obama take your trash policies to a different country – not here!

    We can all see the terrible failure that Socialism is in Europe – therefore we must all pull together as American citizens and use the great process that was left to us by our founders – the process of voting. Come November in both 2010 and 2012 – we MUST rise up together as Americans for the Constitution and vote these bums out of office.

    Vote OUT those who voted FOR the trillion dollar, unfunded Health care bill that was just a corrupt, hidden power grab. In addition, vote out those who voted for all the bailouts – all of these people obviously have no idea how Capitalism works and have the opposite view of REAL American entrepreneurs/citizens of how the American economy should operate.

    “We the People” must vote OUT those who would vote YES for Amnesty for illegal immigrants – how is that standing for the taxpayers? “We the People” must vote OUT all those who do not follow the Constitution – they swore to uphold the Constitution when they were voted in NOW we must hold them to that promise!

    “We the People” are the ones that make this country move forward – and we are the ones who are going to TAKE BACK our country from the Socialist terrorists who are now seated in our White House.

    Socialism is all about taking the money from who currently has it and REDISTRIBUTING it throughout the world or throughout America – to those who do NOT have it. America’s wealth will be “redistributed” in the form of higher taxes on the wealthy, higher taxes on the business owners and delivered to the new beneficiaries in the form of more entitlement programs for the poor – paying for their health care, housing, food and legal representation.

    So what to do. “We the People” have the Constitution of the United States on our side. There may be the Bilderbergs, the G20, the Federal Reserve and now Obama – but we are the American people and we are a special people – all born into a divinely inspired country based on the peaceful, respectful and intellectual teachings of God.

    “We the People”, through the Constitution and all this great country stands for, will rise together and vote out of office those that are trying to push Socialism down our throats. We owe this act to all those who have fought for and died for our freedoms in wars past and present.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for the Constitution of our great land. Make your voice heard and stand tall for Capitalism, freedom, independence, American traditions, small government, a drastic reduction in government spending, lower taxes, no ILLEGAL immigration and common sense. Stand tall as an American taxpayer. Make your voice heard today!

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