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  • Obama Eroding America

    by Founder on June 15, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Since Obama has taken office there has been a steady erosion of all that America is. He and his band of followers in Washington are doing everything they can to erode this great country of its values and traditions. The trashy politicians that are now in office have brought their pathetic ways of getting things done straight from the corruption of Chicago and it is showcasing their trashy, thug political mentality. This is a complete rejection of everything that has made America the greatest country in the world.

    Obama has eroded:

    • The American belief in Capitalism – Since taking office, Obama has done nothing but attack Capitalism. He has wanted to bail out all his buddies in the unions and different industries he wants to control. He has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry and now the health care industry – all for what? Because they think they can do it better than the free markets? Because they think they can get things done better than Capitalism? Obama needs a lesson in how America works.
    • The respect for the office of the Presidency – Since taking office Obama has displayed a total lack of respect for this office. He needs to remember that he is the Commander of the highest office in the land. He is the head of free America, the most respected and powerful country in the world. He is not to go around having beers with the guys or saying he has “ass to kick”. He is trashing the respect of this highest of offices.
    • The dignity and decorum of the office of the Presidency – It is said that his Attorney General Eric Holder has the mouth of a drunken sailor and he thinks that every sentence ends with the “F” word – his conversations with other Senators and House members are all about yelling, screaming and constantly swearing. This is how they did things in Chicago and it is how they now do things in Washington – total trash. This is how Obama and the “insiders” talk – they talk of who’s ass they can kick, or what industry they can take over. This is NOT how a President of the United States is to act.
    • The Constitution – All that Obama does is NOT Constitutional – their new Health care act is NOT, the bail outs are NOT, the industry takeovers are NOT, the backroom deals are NOT, the offering of bribes during elections is NOT. NOTHING this guy does pays attention to what the Constitution says. He and his buddies have all sworn to uphold the Constitution yet none of them are doing it. This administration is definitely anti-Constitution therefore anti-the American people. “We the People” MUST rise up against this invasion from within!
    • Our relations with our Allies throughout the world – Obama has trashed years and decades worth of foreign relations – bowing to our enemies and neglecting our allies. He has traveled around the world apologizing for America’s actions even though there is NO apology required or necessary. He is a total embarrassment to America, our fallen heros and all we stand for.
    • The psyche of the American taxpayer – Because of Obama’s lack of respect for the American people – all taxpayers are on edge and have no idea where this economy is going – based on the Communist policies that Obama is spewing out of Washington. We the taxpayer have no idea what new taxes are coming out. We are constantly subject to the trash policies of the spend, print, borrow and tax Democrats – and we are sick of it! The taxpayer will rise up come vote time – this is when the trashy Obama will feel the wrath of what America is really all about.
    • The Military – Obama has steadily weakened our great military might. Between the reduction in arms treaty with Russia and the handcuffing of our troops in Afghanistan – Obama wants to minimize and effectively eliminate our military. If our boys see a threat while on the battlefield they cannot just react and shoot they must first get “permission” from the higher ups – what a total embarrassment and almost a death knoll for our brave boys and girls in our military.

    Obama has been a complete embarrassment to our founders and all our brave soldiers who have died on the battlefield protecting our freedoms and our Constitution. Is this the America that our brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy for?

    Obama now spits on all our brave soldiers who fought and died for our freedoms. We now have a traitor in the White House and he has brought along all his “like minded” buddies. It is the American tax payer who is in the fight of our life! The fight to take back our country!

    Currently, why hasn’t anything been done by our government to quell the flow of oil to our beaches? Where is the leadership from Obama? Why hasn’t there been an order of thousands of ships sent to this area to suck up the oil and/or block it from reaching our land?

    The unfortunate answer to all of this is that Obama does NOT want it stopped – he is going to use this “crisis” to promote HIS agenda of GREEN power/energy – he is using this crisis to his pathetic gain! Obama needs to be ousted from office as soon as we are able to – this is of vital importance to the future of this great country. Obama will use this as an excuse to “take over” the oil industry – give him time.

    Do you want America to be a nanny state? Like in Europe? We all now know that Socialism failed miserably in Europe, yet Obama wants to use this tactic here. Obama hates America. Obama hates the American taxpayer and Obama LOVES Socialism. What are we the taxpayer to do about this travesty? We have a terrorist in the White House and we don’t even know if this guy was born in America – what has happened here?

    It is time. It is now time for the Tea Parties to expand. It is now time for the tax payer to rise up in the throngs of millions strong that we are. We are now in the fight of our life. We are the Revolutionaries of our time – the responsibility falls on our backs. We the tax payer must rise up and thwart this attempted take over of our country. We must rise up and vote OUT all these progressive and Socialist bums that are now in Washington.

    We the tax payers are the civil rights demonstrators of our times and the government is saying WE are the terrorists – they are saying “We the People” are the radicals, the racists and the problem. Our main stream media is against the tax payer. Our government is against the tax payer. But, in our favor, the Constitution is FOR the tax payer and AGAINST big government. We have the Constitution on our side and it is the Constitution that shall save us.

    The founders knew what they were doing when they wrote the constitution. They knew to keep the power within the states and NOT the federal government. They knew there would be problems if the Federal government tried to take on MORE power. They knew there would be problems if the government didn’t pay its debts and instead passed this debt on to the people.

    Our founders forsaw all the problems Obama is creating and now it is up to the people – the tax payers – to take our country back from the clutches of these anti-American radicals who are now in control.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. Sign in as an American who believes in freedom, Capitalism, success and failure, American traditions, American values and the belief that America is the greatest country on earth. Sign in as one who is PROUD of America and PROUD of all our fallen heroes who have bravely given their lives protecting our freedom. Please stand tall with us and help us take back our country! Join us today!

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