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  • Arizona and the Tax Payers vs. Obama and the Fed

    by Founder on July 6, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Well, tax payers and Arizona – it looks like it is happening – Obama and the Federal government are suing Arizona in Federal court over the new Immigration law Arizona is passing. We at Americans for the Constitution, 100% support Arizona and their decision to crack down on ILLEGAL immigration – that’s right Obama – it’s ILLEGAL immigration – that means it’s against the law – our law – America’s law.

    Yet, rather than helping Arizona and Texas, rather than sending thousands of troops to the border, rather than squashing the Mexican criticism of Arizona’s law, rather than meeting with the Governor and other officials to discuss the issue and to resolve this horrible problem – Obama is doing the only thing he knows how to do – he’s been doing it all his life – sue people – now he’s suing a state.  Congratulations to Hussein Obama

    At the heart of the issue will be the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution that states that federal law over rides state law. And Obama will say that the current laws on the books over ride Arizona’s new law – but I say IF they do this then it is up to us “We the People” to DEMAND that they begin to actually ENFORCE our laws!

    Arizona has merely passed their own immigration law because the Federal government has failed miserably at actually enforcing immigration and protecting our borders from illegal immigrants coming into this great country by the droves – illegally.

    Arizona and Texas are having a horrible time of it in their states because ILLEGAL immigrants keep openly crossing the border into America and yet the Federal government does nothing about it. These states represent the biggest gateway into the U.S. for illegal immigrants and Arizona alone is home to 460,000 ILLEGAL immigrants! – can you sense their frustration? These people are sucking the Arizona economy dry!

    So Arizona did something about it and on July 29th, 2010 their new law goes into effect giving their law enforcement the power to check the papers of anyone that is stopped by law enforcement. This “new” law is merely restating the existing Federal law on the books – yet the Federal government is suing Arizona? This is insane!

    The Obama administration loves the illegal immigrants and their potential votes. Remember Obama only sees these people as VOTES, nothing more and nothing less – he doesn’t care that he is to enslave them all to menial wages and menial lives as the government supports and coddles all that they do – WITH the help of the money they plan to suck out of the middle class tax payers and the wealthy business owners of the country. This is Obama’s plan, count on it.

    Now let me ask you, do you agree with this “new” law? The law requires officers, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status, if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that they are in the country illegally. Is that something you agree with?

    My personal opinion is that “Yes” I agree! If you look like an illegal immigrant – and anyone with common sense has an idea of who these people are – AND you are doing something that makes the cops need to stop you – then the authorities should have the right to “check” to see if you are in this country legally – that’s it.  As a tax payer I would DEMAND this of my representative government.

    But why would the thug Obama want it the opposite way? Why would Obama and his administration care so much FOR the ILLEGALS and so little for the tax payers of Arizona? Why would Obama openly spit on the tax payers of Arizona with his arrogant disrespect?

    The unfortunate answer to all those questions is that Obama DESPERATELY wants to get re-elected and he KNOWS the ONLY way this will happen is by granting AMNESTY to the roughly  15-20 MILLION ILLEGAL immigrants currently in this country who are sucking our economy dry.

    Illegal immigrants cost the tax payers over $100 BILLION each year! 30% of all those in prison are ILLEGAL immigrants yet our tax dollars go every year/every day to pay for their stay here. Our emergency rooms are filled everyday with ILLEGAL immigrants causing our health care premiums to rise every year – yet our Federal government does NOTHING about it! Except of course spend more money, create new dummy entitlement programs and try to give more things away to the “needy” – all at the expense of the , you guessed it, the tax payer. Great “stimulus” plan.

    Obama and the federal government are blatantly showing their cards as they now rally in SUPPORT of the ILLEGAL immigrants! NOT in support of their tax payers! This is like a bizzarro world that is upside down where the Federal government actually sues a state for wanting to follow the law! Obama is anti-American and nothing shows it more that this latest move by the Fed.

    You must remember that Obama desperately needs the ILLEGALS to be granted AMNESTY because he needs them in the next election! That’s right, you read correctly – Obama needs these ILLEGALS to vote him back into office in 2012. He knows the “people”, the tax payers, won’t vote him back in because everyone by now knows this freak is against anything and everything American. So the pathetic, corrupt Obama must now rely on those who do not know him, the uneducated – on those who are not American.

    This is going to be a battle that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. The American people are FOR what Arizona is doing – the Obama administration is against what Arizona is doing – “We the People” shall win out in this battle as it exposes Obama for being the Socialist/Marxist that we all know him to be. This would be the icing on the cake for him and his WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION plan. The people need to rise up in unison and voice their opinion AGAINST what Obama is trying to do.

    Obama is trying to divide the country down racial lines, pitting the middle class taxpayers against all others that include those on government assistance and those wanting to get on government assistance – namely the illegal immigrants in this country. Obama wants to give them all citizenship they will then be allowed to vote – and because Obama gives them the AMNESTY – BINGO! Who are they going to vote for? That’s right, Obama, Santa Clause.

    Please stand tall with us here at Americans for the Constitution and voice your opinion against Obama and this anti-American law suit against Arizona. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution if you are FOR what Arizona is doing and if you are FOR securing our borders – and AGAINST all that is Obama and his anti-American machine that is trying to destroy America.

    Please sign in if you believe in Capitalism, the American flag, a smaller government, states rights, the deportation of all illegal immigrants, tax payer freedoms and our hard fought independence. Stand tall with us as we constantly contact Congress, the House and the White House relaying our utter disgust at the corruption and anti-American policies that are being forced upon us.

    God bless Arizona and America. God bless all those brave soldiers who died for our freedoms, our Constitution and our flag. Please make your voice heard today!

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