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  • Obama, the Oil Spill, the non Media and Arizona…

    by Founder on July 22, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    And now a different type of post…

    Obama loves the oil spill..

    Obama hates American values – with a passion..

    Obama hates Arizona and all she currently stands for..

    No doubt..

    Consider the oil spill..

    Imagine, all those lost jobs?… Such an opportunity for Obama and Emanuel..

    He can throw a “moratorium” at them, isn’t that nice?

    He can ban oil..
    Bad oil…
    Bad oil companies..

    He can allow the destruction of hundreds of miles or ocean front land, isn’t that nice?…
    He can push his “green” jobs agenda..

    But most importantly, he can get all those people out of a job! Isn’t this wonderful for Obama?
    All those new people on the dole? It’s just so wonderful!
    Imagine all those people on the dole when it comes time to vote? Obama pays them……. maybe they will all vote for Obama! This would be……. wonderful?

    This is the pathetic person that Obama is and reflects the warped upbringing he went through..
    Very sad for America.

    But we will dig ourselves back out of this mess..
    “We the People” shall prevail…

    His destruction and sickness will only prevail for 2 more years
    Then he is  done..
    But for now, Obama loves the oil spill…
    He can tell the public how bad oil companies are..
    He can tell the public how bad Capitalism is..
    Oh, such great opportunities for Obama…

    Obama hates America…. with a passion…

    He likes Illegal Immigrants.. they represent millions of potential votes for him.

    How nice…

    Just to show how much he loves them, he wants to sue Arizona – a state of this Union – for trying to rid themselves of these ILLEGAL immigrants – how bad of Arizona – these are all potential Obama supporters – how dare they!?

    Why does he want to sue Arizona when Arizona is simply following the Federal immigration laws?

    Obama hates America and all we Americans stand for..

    Remember Obama is NOT American..

    He does NOT favor America..

    Obama is Muslim..

    He favors the Muslims far and above over the Americans – no doubt!

    Somehow Obama got voted in as President.. Barack Hussein Obama – has such an American ring to it doesn’t it?

    It is through the Constitution and the will of the People that we shall soon VOTE him out..

    Obama can’t be any more anti-American than he is now..

    He hates America, the military, American values, God, white people, capitalism, hard working taxpayers, prosperity and criticism.

    Imagine the president of the United States suing a state? He sure hates this country. But he LOVES other countries – like Russia, Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba and China – very nice..

    It’s ridiculous and embarrassing. My only prayer is that states rights and the 10th Amendment shall prevail – Arizona shall win – and that Obama hasn’t corrupted and infested the court system so much that anything and everything he wants shall get through.

    The Supreme Court MUST side with the Constitution and Arizona – it must.

    I am embarrassed to be an American right now – our President is inept, incompetent, inexperienced, stupid, arrogant, obnoxious, out of touch and NEEDS to be impeached – but unfortunately THAT won’t happen.

    What about the so called media?

    The media is gone, our American media is gone..

    There is no more media.

    The country has to struggle to get factual information about anything, including Arizona and the Oil spill.

    The media is now FOX news, the Drudge Report, Rush, Beck and Savage and other conservative outlets who are trying to wade through the lies and corruption coming out of Congress and the White House – while Democratic supporters keep watching “Dancing with the Stars” and simply nod their heads in favor of whatever the Dems want to force on them – just like good little lemmings.

    There is no more media. No more reporters out there looking for stories – there are only HUGE corporations in bed with the White House reporting what and how the White House wants. Very sad.

    The masses don’t know better – the masses are still watching “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” – it is the educated and the involved who shall get us out of this DISASTER that Obama is creating.

    Obama is a disaster. Obama is a threat. Obama is a terrorist within our borders. Obama is desperately trying to become a DICTATOR.

    He will soon try to get term limits removed from the Presidency. “We the People” MUST force this dude out! It is imperative! Please people rise up with me! This is no joke! This is no rehearsal! This is the real deal.

    Unfortunately, all sick but true..

    Please get all your friends and family and VOTE on November 2, 2010  - begin by just voting the Democrats out of office then we can concentrate on the Socialist Republicans as well. 37 of the 100 Senate seats are up for election – this is our chance – vote OUT the Socialist bums who support Obama – and vote IN real Americans!

    Decent people shall regain control of the House and Congress – then we shall vote the trash Obama out of office – voting in someone who supports the Constitution and loves America – this person will clean house in the administration – getting out all the Communists, Marxists and Socialists and starting again with true Americans. Then and only then shall America begin her rebound from the Obama trash heap.

    We must act! We must rise up and vote out these people! There are only 1000 people controlling this country! We are millions – please stand up with me now.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Sign in as someone who believes in America and all she stands for.

    Stand tall for our Constitution, our Statue of Liberty, our Declaration of Independence, our Capitalism, our God, our country and the American traditions we have enjoyed for the past 222+ years. Stand tall and support our lost loved ones who have fought bravely to protect the Constitution and our freedoms.

    Stand tall AGAINST Obama and all that he does. He is NOT for the tax payers. He is NOT for America and he is NOT for YOU, me or our children! Get this straight – this man MUST GO! And soon!

    Please stand tall with us today!

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