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  • Obama Trip to Spain Spits on ALL Tax Payers

    by Founder on July 26, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Have you all heard? Michelle Obama and her daughter are planning a trip to Spain – for a “vacation”. Isn’t that nice? Just a “mother/daughter” type of trip – so heart warming. This vacation for them will occur August 4 to August 8 in Spain (followed up by ten more days at Martha’s Vineyard) – aren’t we all happy for her? Well, let’s look into this a bit more.

    It appears that Michelle Obama, the American hater, is going to Spain on the tax payer dollar full force – first class all the way. Michelle and her daughter will be staying in a Five Star hotel and they have also invited along THEIR LONG TIME FRIENDS! Isn’t that great all their friends too! The hotel is reserved for THIRTY rooms – yes, 30 rooms in this FIVE STAR hotel. Hmmmmmmm. Who do they think they are? So, tax payers are supposed to pay for their “friends” too? Total financial insanity.

    Nothing but first class for these people – on your dime.  After all the Obama’s view themselves as the “elite” and the “royal”. In their feeble, arrogant minds, they feel that they DESERVE and REQUIRE this type of treatment – and so it is for their friends as well, and their security, and their staff and this huge traveling joke of a tax payer waste! This is insanity! These people should all be thrown in JAIL for this robbery!

    As icing on the cake, the King himself, Obama will fly into Spain – seperately – with his own million dollar entorage to celebrate his 49th birthday in person with his lovely wife and their children! Isn’t this such a “feel good” type of story? Don’t you just get goose bumps thinking about how “deserving” they are?

    Actually, my head is about to explode in rage over this spit in the face to all the hard working tax payers in our great country. Would you like a trip to a Five Star hotel – fully paid for? Oh and by the way – the press is NOT allowed on their trip. Who do these freaks thinkt they are? Some day reality will come crashing down on Obama and his dream world – mark my words.

    How much more arrogant and financially irresponsible can these people be? How much more out of touch can Obama be? Here he is WILLINGLY spending MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on this ridiculous vacation for his family – in Spain no less – at a time when Americans are out of work and those working are making less.

    This atrocity must stop! “We the People” MUST rise up and stop this complete financial insanity that is being thrust upon each and every tax payer in this country. Is this where you want your money to be spent – on their pathetic lavish vacations? Is this why you give your hard earned money to the government?

    While you are toiling away at your job, trying to support your family and doing what is right – these thieves in our government are looting every single one of us – and laughing at the same time.

    It seems that America is boiling over with madness – when everything unAmerican suddenly becomes American – this is a big problem – we must remember that there are only about 1000 people pulling all these Progressive strings within our government – and yet we are MILLIONS! WE have the Constitution. We have what is “right” on our side – we are fighting for the return of OUR America – the America we grew up in and the America we love – not this trash that Obama is trying to create and force on us – the TRUE Americans know better than to buy what Obama is selling.

    Americans are in unemployment lines all across America yet Obama and family spend millions for a vacation in Spain. Americans are battling on the front lines in Afghanistan and getting killed every day, costing the tax payers BILLIONS while the Obama’s don’t think twice about spending millions MORE of your tax payer money on this FIVE STAR trip to Spain. People all across America are losing their homes yet the King and his family march on in the most expensive way they can find.

    How do the Obama’s view your tax payer dollars? Don’t you think that they believe that the US Treasury is their personal pocketbook? The very first thing Obama did when he got into office was to raid the Treasury in the form of his “stimulus” bill – that the country had to have or it would collapse the next day – this was simply money to make his BILLION dollar payouts  – which he did. So, they have ZERO concept of money. Michelle had a “no show” job in Chicago for $345,000 – given to her because of Barack – she has ZERO concept of money.

    Remember and very important to understand about Obama – he wants to TAKE from those who have and GIVE to those who have not – it is called REDISTRIBUTION of wealth and it is Obama’s overall goal – all he does will be with THIS goal as the end point. This is the primary goal of his recent Health Care bill – designed exclusively for this purpose – very scary indeed.

    Unfortunately, Obama’s concept only produces a gloomy, dark, nanny state type of society that is controlled by a MASSIVE government and a group of so-called “elites” – this soon results in EVERYONE being pretty much in the same situation – financially. Think about that for a moment. Is this the America YOU want to live in?  Is this the type of America you want your kids to grow up in? How about THEIR kids?!

    What is happening right now to America is this rush towards the redistribution of the wealth in this country and alot of it is going right to Obama, his family and anyone Obama wants to drag along – all at YOUR expense – are you happy about that? You and I sent them on this trip – the government is completely out of control and doesn’t care what the people think. We must rise up like never before.

    Just who is Obama to spit in our faces? Who is this so called “elite” thug politician? – that he can stomp on every American value and tradition he can find as he systematically destroys what made America a great country. This is like the people who gassed the Jews in Germany – thinking that they were BETTER that the Jews – this is the exact mentality. One who thinks they are “better” than another and therefore believes they can make decisions FOR that other “inferior” person – very sick thinking.

    When a government thinks that they are smarter and better than the people they are elected to govern – then there is a huge problem. The government soon begins to think they should do EVERYTHING for these people – these poor people who can’t think for themselves – when in reality the freaks in power just want to enrich themselves through more power and wealth – all at the expense of the people they swore to protect.

    Thank God for the Constitution – it is through the voting process we shall vote these people OUT of office – this November and in November 2012. We must vote the radical America haters out of office! We shall use our Constitution and our courts to take back America and once again allow her to be the thriving, happy, prosperous and colorful place she once was – filled with entrepreneurs, innovation and fulfilled dreams. “We the People” are the power in America NOT our government.

    Just remember America, THIS is how Obama thinks – while the little people (us tax payers) go to work every day and worry about pesky “bills” – the elite world of Obama goes on and on. He will spare NO EXPENSE to fulfill whatever it is he wants! A trip here, a vacation there, whatever he thinks of he is going to do no matter what the cost! This must stop! You must be upset about this, right? Then if you are, get out and vote and bring as many people as you can! We are in dire straights right now and we must defend our great country!

    While the country is completely bankrupt the Obama’s spend millions on a vacation to Spain. How do you feel about this? Please join us in our disgust! Please sign in here as an American for the Constitution. Join us as someone who believes in the Constitution, Capitalism, freedom, small government, limited taxes and bringing all of our brave boys and girls home from wars we should NOT be fighting – please sign in today.

    Make your voice heard today!

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