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  • Obama Presidency Turning into a Disaster

    by Founder on August 5, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    How about this for a disaster? After reading this ask your self if this is the person you believe should be President of the United States.

    Pledge for Transparency – All through his campaign Obama said everything the people wanted to hear including that his administration would be the most transparent and accountable – obviously it has turned out the exact opposite and Obama has proven to be way in over his head.

    Stimulus Bill – We all remember this – when they had to pass this bill or America would collapse the next day – remember this? Well, in reality it was Obama and company raiding the Treasury to pay off all those who helped them achieve this very powerful position. All those involved should be thrown in jail – especially Obama.

    Bail Outs – The bail outs were the same type of pay off corruption that invaded the stimulus bill. These multi billion dollar payoffs were filled with corruption and now not even being able to account for billions of dollars – all at the expense of you and me – the tax payer – and of course our children. i

    Push for Health Care – The health care obsession was filled with more bribes, pay offs and corruption as Obama and company did anything and everything to pass this massive government power grab. This is by far the most anti-American legislation ever passed and we must do all we can to repeal this monstrosity of bureaucracy.

    Government Only Statements- We’ve all heard Obama say that the “only” way out is with the help of government. This is the mind set of a warped individual who desperately wants to change America into a European nanny state – where the government controls every aspect of the people lives – is this what you want? Is this the America you want to pass on to your children?

    Corruption – We must hold our elected officials accountable for their corruption, theft, robbery and misuse of tax payer dollars. Currently Rangel and Waters are on the hot seat for these exact types of ethics violations and I 100% believe that these people need to be tried and convicted of their crimes and thrown in jail! The list would be long of everyone in Congress, the House and the White House who needs to be in jail and “We the People” must hold these thugs accountable!

    Arrogant Statement – You then have statements from government officials about how the government can do “anything they want” or the statement of “we make our own rules as we go along” – these are actual statements by Congress people who the public has elected into office! These people must be weeded out and voted out of office in a resounding manner.

    Town Hall meeting Problems – Remember last August the anger at Town Hall meetings? Well, it’s time again. Hopefully the elected officials will feel the wrath of the people again and understand that “We the People” are in charge – not them!

    Spending – Obama seems to have a HUGE problem with understanding the value of a dollar. He spends money like he can print it – wait a minute – THAT is what he does! Obama borrows it, prints it and taxes it – all so he can spread the wealth to those who “have not” – how’s that for a government?

    Deficits – The poor children of this nation are going to inherit the debt of the foolish Obama administration. Obama just keeps wanting to hand out money to the poor, the minorities and the illegal immigrants – all at the expense of the hard working tax payer – this is very sick indeed and all of these people should be thrown in jail!

    Lack of Fiscal Responsibility – Where is the responsibility? What does this teach our children? the government blatantly spend ways more than it takes in – completely irresponsible to the people of today and the generations of the future. Who is to pay for Health Care? It will be TRILLIONS and the care will be rationed – but hey, that’s Obama land – and his moron followers don’t even see it coming.

    Apologizing to the World – This pathetic president goes around the world bowing to radical, corrupt Kings, apologizing for America’s actions every where he goes – attempting to reduce the status of America throughout the world – this Obama guy is pathetic and an embarrassment to any TRUE American.

    The Oil Spill – Can he move any slower? This was a disaster from the beginning. He was playing golf or going to concerts or meeting with athletes at the White House – very busy indeed. He wanted the oil to keep on leaking so he could use the spill against the oil industry in the form of taxes, intimidation etc. Obama is a sick person.

    Appointing of Marxist and Socialist Czars – Obama appoints these radical people to “Czar” positions that seem to believe they are in charge of a specific area – AND they are IMMUNE to Congress or the American people – this little web of radicals will soon be broken up when the people vote Obama OUT in 2012 – but unfortunately not until.

    Suing Arizona – Talk about embarrassment – the President of the United States SUES a state! Say what? How anti-American can you be? Obama is not afraid to show his true colors anymore – for him it’s pedal to the metal to get his agenda completed. “We the People” have to stomp him and his pathetic ideas.

    Backdoor Amnesty for Illegal Aliens – Can you imagine this? they know the America people do NOT want amnesty for the illegals – BUT they want to do it anyway – they do NOT care what you think or what any tax payer thinks – they are pedal to the metal to get their agenda of socialism a way of society.

    Destruction of the Economy – This is obvious as Obama does anything and everything he can to destroy the American economy and our form of business. He hates the rich business man but he loves to be rich himself – only Obama and his family STEAL this money from the tax payers just like they had a gun to your head – which I am sure they truly wish for.

    High Unemployment – Based on Obama’s policies there is no light at the end of the tunnel other than the elections in 2012. His policies are against business and do NOT promote any type of confidence in the business community as to what the future holds. Obama is an abysmal business failure.

    More Taxes – How is King Obama going to pay for all his handouts? Simple – higher taxes – these will come in the form of a VAT tax – value added tax just like in Europe and higher taxes on people making over $200,000 per year – he wants to take YOUR money and give it to other people – isn’t that nice?

    Lack of Small Business Support – Obama has tried ridiculous measures to appease the small business community showing his complete lack of business skillsĀ  -when all along it is the SMALL BUSINESSES in America that account for 70% of our workforce – wake up you idiot college professor Obama! Can’t wait til this guy is history.

    Distaste for the Military – Part of the game plan for socialism is ridding the military of it’s stronger men as his recent firing of McAllsiter showed. A true man’s man with multiple honors – someone Obama couldn’t hold a candle to and someone who dwarfs Obama in manhood – but someone Obama needed gone. Obama does NOT like the military – the democrats never liked the military – God bless us if we are attacked.

    Unnecessary Deaths in Afghanistan – Why are we in Afghanistan? Any one know? Other than to spread our military out and enable them to die a slow death at the hands of those who desperately WANT to kill them. We need to immediately get out of Obama’s war – the Afghanistan war – there is ZERO reason for us to be there – other than to weaken our military – something Obama desperately wants.

    International Disaster – Obama likes our enemies and he dislikes our allies – snubbing Great Britain and Israel to kiss the hands of Saudi Arabia and China. This pathetic excuse for a President has no idea what he is doing as he travels the world – unfortunately – representing the United States of America – I am sure we are the laughing stock of the world.

    Arrogant Spending on Vacations – Michelle Obama is on vacation in Spain with her daughter and a bevy of their friends – isn’t that nice? meanwhile the country is in a depression while she spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this ridiculous vacation – these people should all be tried and thrown in jail for theft – theft of the Treasury – it is sickening.v

    Completely out of Touch with American Tax Payers – This obviously goes without being said. Obama is so out of touch with the American citizen – which is so obvious based on his policies. When he actually is with citizens and talking to them he looks out of place – like he is a weasel trying to screw them and he knows it. Obama is a disaster and the people now know this.

    Appears on the “View” TV show – The President of the United States on a TV talk show? Getting a little desperate Barack? Never before have a heard of a more pathetic display – one that reduce the presidency to sitting on a couch with has been Hollywood types talking about politics. A sadder site one could not see.

    Only with those that Kiss his Ass – This is the reason he goes on those stupid shows – because he knows they like him. He knows they will not ask him any direct or tough questions. He only is around those that kiss his ass. When he is confronted with criticism he doesn’t know how to react and merely sinks into one of his lies that he tries to appease the people with. Very sad.

    Wants to Rid America of Electoral College – His latest move is to try and rid the country of the Electoral College – the voting process set up by the founders. Obama already sees the writing on the wall and knows that the ONLY way he will get a second term is by some form of corruption and rigging of the election – brace for this.

    Hatred of Capitalism – Obama has clearly stated that he does not believe Capitalism is good for the people – he instead wants to instill socialism where the government is responsible for all the people’s needs. This is why he is anti business, anti Wall Street and anti taxpayer – he hates Capitalism because it produces rich white people – and this he most definitely hates.

    Hatred for the American Way – Obama does not believe in God, he does not go to church, he believes in anything and everything that is anti-American and anti the American way. He wants to flood this country with as many poor and indigent people as he can – put them all on the dole – and then get them all to vote for him – then he’ll be able to stay in power and send Michelle on the half a million dollar vacations whenever she wants! All at your and my expense.

    Preferred Treatment for Blacks – Lastly, of course there is race relations. It is the wonderful race relations and opportunities that enabled Obama to became President – but now that this has happened he is trying to pit all races against each other – dividing the country along the lines of color and creating a cauldron of a society that is heated up with decisiveness and hatred. Obama has done as much against race relations as MLK did for them. Obama is a complete embarrassment.

    Preferred Treatment for Muslims – Look at the treatment for Muslims now – these are the people who killed 300+ at the Twin Towers that day 9/11 – but the government seems to think it is OK to put a Mosque right at the doorstep of the graves of thousands who they have killed! This is what they do – they build Mosques where they have killed and conquered – yet our President Barack Hussein Obama lets it all happen – is it any surprise to you? With that name? Or Rahm Emanuel? How about that name?

    Is THIS the person who should be President of the United States? Is there anything I said at all that makes him appear that he loves America? Has he done anything to show his love for America? The answer is “NO”!

    Where is the American Tax Payer in all of this? The answer is right here. Because of Obama’s outrageous policies and disregard for the American public – you, me and millions of others have been awoken to the disaster that is in Congress, the Hose and the White House. For this I say “thank you” to them.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution. Sign in if you believe all that I have said. Sign in for capitalism, small government, lower taxes, independence, the free markets and freedom. Please sign in to today and help us as we fight the cause to hold our elected officials accountable to the Constitution.

    Please make your voice herad today!

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