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  • Obama WANTS a Mosque at Ground Zero

    by Founder on August 14, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Hello to all Americans! Have you heard the latest Obama edict? He seems to have no problem with a Muslim mosque being built just yards from Ground Zero in New York City.

    This clearly shows his true colors and is the most anti-American action any President has ever made. With him being so entwined with Islam, that he can’t even stand tall for America in THIS situation, as our enemy blatantly wants to build a victory mosque – right where they killed 3000+ of our citizens!

    Yet, much of America seems to be saying “Religious Freedom” (or is it mostly just the media) and because our politicians are so anti-American and, it appears, just plain too stupid to realize what is happening right in front of their faces.

    As a tax paying citizen of the United States, do you have a problem with this? We KNOW what most true Americans feel! There is plenty of room in New York City for a mosque – as a matter of fact there are over 100 mosques in NYC – but to put one at Ground Zero? You would think that, at least, the President of this country would agree with our sentiment – but, alas, he does not – such a shocker.

    The fact that Obama has no problem with a mosque being built at Ground Zero is NOT a shock to those that know the “true” Obama. We all know that he hates America and everything that IS America. Remember, Obama is a Muslim – the Muslims brought down our Twin Towers – now we have a Muslim as President.

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall, in the room with Obama, when the Twin Towers went down – I am SURE that moment would have been quite revealing.

    So just how patriotic is Obama? Has anyone ever seen him in a patriotic moment? I can’t recall of one – and I don’t foresee any coming up in the future. We MUST all face the fact that the President of the United States is a Muslim – and he will put the needs and wishes of the Muslims AHEAD of those of the American people – remember, it’s Barack Hussein Obama – need I say more?

    It is well known that the Muslims build a mosque on the grounds that they conquer – where they have been “successful” in their killings. This is a tradition of the Muslims and it appears that they want to lay claim to their killing of 3000+ Americans and erect a memorial in honor of those Muslims who died in this vicious attack – Obama, the President of the United Sates – has no problem with this. Do you?

    The defenders of the building of this is mosque claim that it falls under the heading of “religious freedom” – isn’t that nice? America is so liberal!

    But in reality it falls under the heading of common sense and American pride – both of which Obama has none. The Obama administration and the supporters of this mosque seem as if they are in a court of law with their “American” argument claiming that they MUST be able to build a mosque “anywhere they want” – after all that is “freedom of religion”. I call it disgusting.

    Do you think it is a coincidence that the Muslims want to build a mosque – right at Ground Zero? Of course it is NOT a coincidence – this is what they do.

    Would they have tried to build a mosque the next day after the towers fell? No, they wait nine years before they build their monument of conquest – they wait until the American people have some what forgotten and they wait until their Muslim President is in office – you must understand that these are sick people and I believe that ZERO respect is to be given to this mosque.

    All must understand that it is a direct “spit in the face” to the people of New York City and to all of the citizens of the United States – yet, Obama, our supposed leader, supports this – Barrack Hussein Obama – such a shocker.

    Let’s see, since the Muslim terrorist has taken office, he has -

    Nationalized the auto industry, the health care industry, the insurance industry, the mortgage industry, and the banking industry – he has done everything one can do AGAINST Capitalism and the free markets.

    Obama has granted himself more power than is allowed under our precious Constitution and he has appointed “Czars” to head certain areas of our lives who are CLEARLY Socialists and Marxists with the view that THEY know better than the people – these are very dangerous people and they MUST be vanquished from office by us – “WE the People”! It is now THEM against US rather tha THEM FOR us..

    So do you think he has done enough? Has he damaged America forever? Will TRUE Americans be able to pull us out of this disaster that is Obama? Will “We the People” be able to conquer the coming elections and DEFEAT the corrupt machine that is Obama? Or will Obama and his machine of Socialist appointees, bribes, thuggery and corruption – will Obama rig his way to another victory in the elections? Do NOT put it past this desperate person.

    Do you think it is possible that the Democrats and the Obama machine can be so corrupt as to rig the voting process and the voting count and win another victory? These are all possibilities with this person and his agenda – remember, he wants to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of America and give it to other countries and to the poor of THIS country – he wants to make us all equal – all of us both in America and all of the people of the world – this is his SICK ultimate goal – but it is HIS goal – remember he hates Capitalism and America.

    This is what it all comes down to – and this is the ultimate outcome – Obama has now gotten so brazen and bold that he will promote the building of a mosque at Ground Zero – right into the face of all the TRUE Americans – and THIS action, my friends – will cause him GREAT damage in his “popularity” – if he has any left at this point. THIS action could be Obama’s undoing – among the MANY other anti-American things he IS doing and HAS done.

    Notice that the media is of course on Obama’s side. The media is so pathetically liberal that they don’t even know that Obama is going to screw them just as he is screwing every tax payer in this country – the media is just too stupid to know they are being screwed – they are reporting his policies as if it will not effect them personally – wait until reality sets in for them.

    We, at Americans For the Constitution are 100% AGAINST the building of a mosque at Ground Zero – and feel that it is a slap in the face to all those who lost a loved one in the viscous attack. We believe that Ground Zero is sacred and should be protected and given the proper respect it deserves – this was THE worst attack on our soil other than Pearl Harbor and it should be given its proper respect and reverence.

    We feel that anyone FOR this mosque is also spitting on the graves of all those who lost their lives defending America from Fascism, Socialism and Marxism in all of our past wars – these brave soldiers fought FOR the Constitution – the exact thing Obama is AGAINST. I wonder when it comes down to it if the military will be on the peoples side or Obama’s – that will be a pivotal moment in our lives and American history.

    Please sign in as an American For the Constitution and join us as we voice our opinion AGAINST the building of this “victory” mosque by the Muslims. Please sign in as someone who believes in common sense, Capitalism, our military and as someone who stands in reverence to those 3000+ that died on September 11, 2001.

    Please sign in and make your voice heard today!

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