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  • Nancy Pelosi, Obama and the Mosque

    by Founder on August 23, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Nancy Pelosi wants to have you investigated. Did you know this? Anyone that is AGAINST the building of a mosque at Ground Zero is to be “investigated” by Nancy Pelosi  and her band of idiots. What do you think of this? What do you think that the Speaker of the House wants 70% of America “investigated”? In my opinion – she should be thrown in jail.

    This is a disgrace to the American tax payer. This woman is so out of touch with the American people that we must do all we can to have her removed from her current, very powerful position. She is a complete disaster – she championed the trillion dollar power grab that is the Health Care bill and has shown she is for anything and everything anti-America.

    If she were to investigate those that are against the mosque at Ground Zero – she will find millions of hard working tax payers who have common sense! We have no agenda – like you. We are not against Muslims, we are FOR religious freedom – but in this situation use a little common sense my friends. Check out WHO is building it, who is paying for it and what their feelings are towards America – and you will see that it is being backed by Muslims who hate America and who want to destroy Christianity.

    Nancy Pelosi and Obama have no problem with a mosque being built at Ground Zero, and apparently alot of other “Americans” also feel this way. I am amazed whenever I see the so called “Americans” who are FOR this mosque.

    What  do you think of these other “Americans” who have no problem with a mosque being built at Ground Zero? Are these people being patriotic and promoting America? Are these people fighting for “religions freedom”?  Or are they just being…. stupid liberals – that agree to everything?

    These mosques are built by the Muslim’s at locations where they have had “success” in the past. These Muslim’s laugh at the American stupidity and blatant ignorance – as the Americans say “sure put your mosque there, we are a country of religious freedom”. Then the Muslims laugh at the stupidity of the weak Americans – while they continue to plan to kill us.

    These mosques are recruiting stations for more Muslims. They are recruiting stations for those who hate America and Capitalism. Muslims only believe that you should be a Muslim – no other religions are tolerated by them. There are no churches in areas where Muslims live. They are NOT tolerant to these other types of religions – yet, America is supposed to “tolerant” of them – of the Muslim faith.

    All I can say is – while this generation is alive – sympathay to the Muslims is simlpy NOT HAPPENING! Obama is as Muslim as they come – and if you cannot see this – you are blind to reality and uneducated – you would be the PERFECT type of person/voter Obama is looking for. Congratulations!

    The Muslims killed 3000+ Americans on 9/11/2001 and I for one, do NOT forgive and forget. I find it so pathetic that these mamsy pamsy, so called Americans can actually stand there and say that the mosque is “Ok” at Ground Zero. Are people so ZOMBIED at this point that they have no feelings on this matter? Has TV so de-sensitized these people to death – that they have already forgotten 9/11?

    Are Americans so liberal that they will simply allow “anything”? Anything goes now a days? Is that the way it is? Since we are supposed to be so tolerant in America – how about we open some Churches in Indonesia or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Nigeria or Iran or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia? Why don’t we do this?

    The Muslims want US to be tolerant of THEM – then they should be tolerant of US, right? Wrong, not happening – the Muslims are NOT tolerant of other religions – in fact if you are of another religion – they want you DEAD – that’s right you infedel – they want you and ME dead! What do you think of that? But we should be tolerant of them , right? Wrong!

    The Muslims rejoiced the day that America lost 3000 brave souls at the Twin Towers. And now the Muslims want to rejoice again – everyday – in the form of prayer and remembrance – right at the door steps of Ground Zero – right at the door step of the graves of 3000! This is what the Muslims want – and with Obama and Pelosi in power – they just might get it – again.

    Now, we have elected officials in America who actually want harm done towards America. They hate America and all that she stands for. They hate capitalism and our economy and how it can create “income inequalities” among people – they hate this – they want everyone EQUAL – you know Socialism.

    But is this America? Is this the America that you want? No, that is NOT America – that is just the Obama America. And the PEOPLE do NOT want the America that Obama wants – just wait until the elections.

    We now have Nancy Pelosi, who wants everyone who is AGAINST the mosque to be investigated! That’s right! When in reality, it is Nancy Pelosi who should be investigated and thrown in jail, along with all of the people whom she works with.

    Our elected officials are so out of touch with the true American values – that “We the People” MUST rise up and rid our government of these people. And we must start doing it NOW beginning in November 2010.

    Nancy Pelosi is an anti-American disaster. Obama is an anti-American disaster. Yet the current problem is that America is FILLED with uneducated people who have voting power – THIS is how Obama got elected and THIS is how he plans on getting elected again! So the real question is, will there be MORE educate people in this country come election time? Or will the dumbos who love Ovbama win out because there are just too darn many of them?

    Since this risk exists, we must rise up as an educated, tax paying American citizen, one who knows who the Founding Fathers were – why we as a free people are here – how we got here – and what are the true values of America that have made our country the greatest in the land for the past 200+ years – honesty, character, principles, law, justice, Freedom of Speech, independence, freedom, Capitalism, opportunity, strength, openness, Patriotism, tolerance and prosperity.

    These are the values that America was made of – and these are the values that “We the People” MUST pass on to our children, their children and every generation that is fortunate enough to live in the United States of America. These are the values that we believe in here at Americans for the Constitution.

    These are the values that our elected officials MUST possess – or we will get the type of people we have now ie., Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Emanual, Napolitano, Kagan and the list goes on.

    Our White House is FILLED with anti-American terrorists who want to destroy our country and our economy – and Obama is leading the pack – if you can’t see this at this point – you are a lost cause. IF you CAN see this clear as day – YOU are an American for the Constitution.

    We that believe this MUST band together and vote OUT these Socialist anti-Americans who are in Congress, the House and the White House. Please join us today.

    Please sign in as an America for the Constitution and pledge your belief in America and in the strength of out Constitution. Please sign in and stand tall AGAINST Obama and Pelosi. Please stand tall for FREEDOM of SPEECH and the ability to voice our opinion AGAINST what we see as an attack on America – again!

    Keep these arrogant, anti-American mosques away from our sacred area that is Ground Zero. Keep the Muslim filth away from the area that they have already soiled. Keep these disgusting, anti-American people out of our country and certainly away from ground Zero – sorry, you lost all privileges – on 9/11/2001.

    Please make your voice heard TODAY!

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