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  • America’s “Restoring Honor” Rally – Obama’s Reaction

    by Founder on August 31, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    I’d like to say congratulations to the American people. “Congratulations” to the hard working tax payers of this great land.

    On August 28, 2010, 500,000+ Constitution believing Americans gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate the greatness of America including our freedoms, God, our divine inspiration, family and the fact that each and every one of us is capable of bringing change to America – “We the People” are all special as INDIVIDUALS – it is each of us as “individuals” that makes up what is the IDEA of America.

    This event was one of the greatest events in the history of America. With over a half of a million people assembling in Washington DC – all because they are dissatisfied with what is happening to our country.

    An event designed to restore “honor” in the American people and then to DEMAND this same “honor” of our elected officials.

    It had all the excitement and organization of a Hollywood production. These brave Americans stood up and did this in the face of bitter hatred and lies that were being thrown their way by those who are against – American tradition and “decency”? But the American people have been awakened – we are all very smart and “on” to the trash Obama and Congress are throwing at us.

    The true Americans showed up and the true American spirit was on display – just like after 9/11.

    The event opened with the glorious singing of our National Anthem and most importantly, the reciting of our “Pledge of Allegiance” by a Boy Scout – the entire group of 500,000 was reciting this and it was a chilling occurrence – a true act of Patriotism by half of a million true Americans – who care about their country.

    The President must have been so impressed, right? Wrong!

    500,000+ people appear in your backyard – and all of these people are AGAINST what you stand for – and, uh you ignored it? Are you sure about that Mr. President?

    If so, you ignored the event because it harshly illuminates the filth that you represent. Look at the event, those that attended, their lives, their backgrounds – true Americans – and then look at the dark and gloomy America Obama wants to shove down your throat. His side is clearly ugly, Godless, dark and gloomy – NOT the American way.

    You must remember that Obama has done exactly what he wanted to do. He has followed through on his previously planned agenda and he has done so without any care for the law, ethics, the Constitution or what the American people think. This is how Obama was in Chicago and this is how he is as President of the United States – he does NOT care what any American citizen has to say – he just wants to get his “agenda” of government control and redistribution passed.

    I hope you all noticed that almost immediately after this wonderful event and uprising of the American people – a glance over the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument revealed an area free of garbage – and almost left better and cleaner than when these 500,000 people first arrived! Decent people is the answer.

    Now compare this to the grounds after Obama’s inauguration – it looked like a dump with garbage everywhere and people doing nothing about it – except when the government workers got there – very sad – but again a glaring illumination of the two types of people.

    And it is NOT a black/white thing – it has everything to do with decency, kindness, character and ones faith in God. The crowd was predominantly white but there were thousands of blacks and no one there cared about color – only the media cared or certain politicians that cared – the people did not.

    During this event there were no political signs, there was no talk of politics, there was no violence – in fact just the opposite – it was a gathering of “decent” people. People who try to do the right thing, who want to help others and to be kind to others. These were people who believe in freedom, kindness and individual charity – not the government forcing us to be “charitable” with force of jail or fines.

    These were all people who believe in the Constitution and want our government to start following it. But the media doesn’t like these types of people – you and me – “the big bad media and government” – remember the “media” and the “politicians” are NOT a huge group of people – they only appear to be large because of their “reach” through the media. “We the People” ARE a large group – a MASSIVE group – and they are afraid of us.

    Because of the beauty, gentleness, heartfelt kindness and “American” way the event played out – the media – you know ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and all the newspaper across the country – they all felt they had nothing to report on! There was nothing “juicy” going on. This is why they are all losing money and some are going out of business.

    Even when the media has tried to report on it they lump it together with the Sharpton rally on the same day and make a mockery of even estimating how many people attended – it is a very sad thing to watch – lemmings at best. Yet it teaches us all to NOT watch the media – they are not telling it like it is – choose your media outlets carefully.

    Obama supposedly ignored it. The Obama’s go on like nothing happened. They are living in complete denial as to what the true American thinks and believes. They are living like a King and Queen as they spend and spend and spend .

    But he is busy – Obama is just going about his business of REDISTRIBUTING the wealth of this country – right before your very eyes.

    They are also busy going on vacations, playing golf, going shopping and most recently a complete make over for the Oval Office – isn’t that exciting? The all mighty keeps on spending our money and spitting in the face of every brave soldier who gave their life in protection of our freedom, our Constitution and the very type of governments that Obama wants to turn America into. Very scary indeed.

    Obama is ignoring you. He is ignoring the taxpayers. He is ignoring the hard workers in this country. He is ignoring the people of this country who have principles and values. Obama is ignoring all of this at his own peril. He is ignoring the Constitution.

    All he is doing is throwing more gas on an already BLAZING inferno of “We the People” – we have a divinely inspired and growing spirit for our Constitution, our independence, our ability to have the chance for success AND for failure – Capitalism itself – nothing guaranteed – the American way.

    Just think, there were 500,000 people there plus another couple hundred thousand watching online and another hundred thousand or more watching on CSPAN – who knows how many “decent” Americans were actually viewing this grandiose awakening of the American people? This President is shaking in his boots!

    Obama doesn’t seem to like to be around people who disagree with him, but then again who does, right? However, as President of the United States you have an obligation and a responsibility to take actions and pass policies that are FOR the people NOT AGAINST the people.

    So, Obama is making his own problems – but like we discussed before – he doesn’t care what we think – he just wants to pass all of his Socialist and Marxist policies – with or without you.

    Perhaps, in a more “American” situation, wouldn’t a “common sense” person, or a person who loves America, or someone who cares what the people are saying – wouldn’t this person maybe say something like:

    “I respect all those who attended this very peaceful gathering and I respect your views – I will listen closely to what you are saying” Maybe something like that? NOT!

    Instead he says “I ignored the gathering” – hey, after this event it looks like this guy is “one and done”. “We the People” appear to have risen up – and this, my Constitution loving friends,  is just the beginning of the American people taking back their government and once again restoring the Constitution in the daily operation and running of this country.

    Did you notice that Obama ignores the true Americans gathering at his doorstep – but he does not ignore the Muslims who want to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero – I wonder why that is? Hmmmmm. Maybe he’s a Muslim? No, what would ever give anyone that idea?

    Is this the man you want running our economy, military, health care and government? I’ve always asked “What are we going to do about it”? Well, I think August 28, 2010 gave us all the answer of what is to come – the rising up of the hard working American tax payer and the rescuing of our government from the terrorists running the White House.

    America is very lucky to have a man the likes of Glenn Beck – the man who inspired this event. This very special person is showing – just like MLK did – that one person can change the world by being bold and believing 100% in what you are saying, having your message be the “right thing to do” and having your message be divinely inspired – just as were our Founding Fathers, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    This man, who is like us all, has simply brought together the true Americans of this land and shown that there are far more of “us” than there are of “them” – “them” represents those who want a government handout, those who want to continue corruption and those who want to redistrbute our income to others.

    Glenn Beck represents the opposite of the Obama regime. Beck has exposed the other side for what they seem to be – empty, uneducated, atheists who are bitter and power hungry. These people seem to have no spirit, no education of ethics or what is right and wrong, and for some reason no ability to see what is happening right before their very eyes. They are supporting the very policies that will steal their freedoms in the future – very sad.

    I want to again thank all those true Americans who attended this rally. Even though this is far from the sacrifices our brave soldiers have given or are giving in Afghanistan – it is still a sacrifice – you all traveled to Washington to make a stand for America – I thank you all.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution if you believe in what this great rally stands for. Sign in as one  who believes in the Constitution, Capitalism, freedom, individualism, God, opportunity, kindness and the pursuit of happiness. Please join us and make your voice heard today!

    God Bless America!

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