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  • A Fork in the Road for America

    by Founder on September 7, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    It feels like the American people are now able to come up for a little air. The past twenty months have been nothing short of a “hectic turmoil” that has taken over America, her economy and her politics.

    America and the hard working people who pay taxes – have been slapped in the face by Socialism and its ugliness. We have been slapped in the face by the very type of governments our brave soldiers have been protecting us against.

    Yet the American people are just now waking up to the disaster that has been happening both in front of our faces and behind closed doors. Obama is in a mad rush to rid this country of Capitalism and replace it with a form of Communism, Fascism and Socialism. Is this what you want? Is this the America you want for your children?

    How about an America where the government passes a “stimulus” plan to the tune of $847 BILLION and they don’t even know where half of it went! But we do know that BILLIONS went to foreign banks! How about Obama coming out yesterday asking for another $50 BILLION for supposed “jobs” – when will it end? The answer is when Obama makes the dollar collapse and our deficit cripples our economy – Obama will be there ready to “help” all those in need. Is this the America you want?

    America is now at a very important crossroads – a fork in the road. Which way do we go? Do we go the way of the American people? Or do we go the way of the politicians who want to “fundamentally change America” forever? I believe it is up to us – “We the People” as to which way we go. It is up to the tax payers.

    The past twenty months have seen a Socialist ideology take over the White House and Congress. Throughout these twenty months the financial irresponsibility of these people is shocking and should result in most of them being thrown in jail. The corruption, bribes, arm twisting, coaxing and lies that have come from this Obama regime are a complete embarrassment to all decent taxpayers throughout this land – all of this must stop.

    The past twenty months have seen a government takeover of banks, insurance firms, auto manufacturers, mortgage firms, the entire health care industry, the student loan industry and this still all isn’t enough for these power hungry freaks – they want to control every aspect of YOU! Is this what you want? Is this the direction you want America to go in?

    Do you want the government to grow and grow and grow – while your income goes down and down and down – and maybe just goes away? Is this the America you envision?

    Based on that description you would feel you were in Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or Hitler’s Germany – but no – you are here in America! As strange as that sounds – all of this government take over is happening here in America right under our noses! The people trusted the government to do the right thing – and look what has happened? The people must once again take back the reigns.

    America is at a very important fork in the road. The upcoming elections for Senate seats and seats in the House are very important! Of vital importance to the future of America. These elections can decide the fate of America, our economy and your very life.

    We must all get out and vote for anything and everything NOT Democrat. Do NOT vote for a Democrat – all they want to do is tax and spend – tax and spend YOUR money, MY money! It is insane – like Michael Savage says – “Liberalism is a mental disorder” – this is so true!

    We must vote out of office these Socialist, corrupt bums and replace them with God fearing, decent, family loving people who can once again guide America back to being the greatest country on Earth – and NOT apologise for it!

    Please tell all of your friends and anyone else you may encounter to get out and vote in November. “We the People” are the key to the whole situation. Just look at what happened at the Glenn Beck restoring Honor gathering.

    The rally was a tremendous get together of 500,000+ tax payers – all “decent” Americans – people Obama hates – who are all sick and tired of what the government is doing. They are sick and tired of being lied to and taken advantage of. They are sick and tired of the corruption and the fact that the White House and Congress are NOT listening to the American people – in fact they are ignoring the American people.

    These people are sick and tired of it all – it is my opinion that it is down right disgusting what Obama is trying to do to America – I feel this man MUST be held for Treason and thrown in jail. If I were “the boss” this would happen – guaranteed.

    Which way do you want to go? Which way do you want to leave for your children? And their children? I want to leave a debt free America to our children – the way Obama is going now – at least four future generations of American children will be saddled with the greedy and irresponsible debt – and all for what? Nothing, that’s what.

    Do you want to go the way of total government control or do you want freedom, independence and states rights?

    Do you want the government to control every aspect of your life? What you eat, drink, your health care, your housing, what you drive, where you live? Is this what you want or do YOU want to control your own life?

    Do YOU want to be responsible for your own decisions and your own successes and your own failures? Or do you want it to up to Obama and his band of idiots?

    The fork in the road is here. These upcoming elections are crucial. IF “We the People” can vote OUT the Socialist bums and vote IN those that are more American loving, Constitution loving decent people – THEN we have a chance! Then we have a fighting chance to repeal most of the disasters that are now in the works or that have already been passed.

    But IF come election day “We the People” do NOT get out and vote? Then “We the People”, we the decent people of this country – are in big trouble and you can just about kiss the America you used to know, good bye. Obama and his band of thieves will rob and pillage this government as best they can over the next six years and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it. As long as they remain in control – they will continue to pass the agenda they want – irregardless of what the taxpayers think.

    We MUST vote most of these people out now!

    Now is the time to grab hold of our Constitution, exercise our rights as citizens and get out to vote. We must exercise our rights and take advantage of the greatest document ever written – a document that was divinely inspired and a document that has stood the test of time and will most certainly stand through the crap that Obama is trying to do to this country.

    The Constitution will stand tall once again and see us through another anti-American president – this time the likes of which we have not seen before – literally a terrorist is sitting in our Oval Office.

    As time goes on, Obama will be getting more and more desperate to pass his policies. He will begin to try and go around Congress and the House as he releases “Executive Orders” to get the job done. “We the People” must be prepared for this blatant disregard for the Constitution.

    Thanks to our wonderful watch dogs in Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh and the millions of American loving tax payers out thereĀ  – the American people will most definitely know and hear the truth – you can count on it. Obama cannot get away with this crap here in America – not here.

    Please join us as we voice our opinions against this radical government being orchestrated by Obama. Join us as we are constantly contacting Senators and Representatives imploring them to vote for policies that are America – not global or Socialist. No more spending! America has no more money to spend.

    Join us as an American citizen who believes in the Constitution and all that it stands for.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for making the move towards Capitalism and away from Socialism. Stand tall for small government, freedom, independence, states rights and NO MORE corruption! If they are corrupt and we know about it – they MUST be gone! No special favors!

    Please sign in today and make your voice heard! God bless America.

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