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  • Obama – the Divider and the Destroyer

    by Founder on September 19, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The Divider

    Obama is the ultimate divider. Ever since he has been in office he has been clearly fighting for the rights of the poor, the illegal immigrants, the Muslims and the African Americans. Obama has no interest in the “white” middle class – in fact he is AGAINST the white middle class – even though this group represents a large percentage of all the taxes that the Federal government brings in. Obama wants to DIVIDE the country.

    Before Obama became president racism existed but NOT to the extent that Obama has created. Since Obama took office he is trying to divide the races and the income classes – classic Socialism crap – and something the tax payers will NEVER allow.

    Obama meets with the NAACP – the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people – He meets with the National Black Caucus and he demands that they all go out to their churches, beauty salons, and community centers and rally up the people to vote for him – because in his words “We still have a lot of work to do”. Like he hasn’t done enough already.

    Obama is appealing to the Hispanics and telling them that he is doing everything he can to get them amnesty – but those pesky Republicans just won’t let it happen. He is meeting with Muslims saying that the people of America and the Republicans do not want them to put a mosque smack dab in the center of Ground Zero – yet Obama is saying that he is FOR a mosque being built on Ground Zero – what do you feel about that? Is this the America you want?

    Obama is a divider. He knows that the only way he will win a re-election is to have all the minorities, African Americans and illegal immigrants vote for him. Through Obama’s agenda of “wealth redistribution” – he wants to give as much money as he can to these groups – which means he is TAKING it from those that have it and simply GIVING it to those that do not – this is his warped Socialism dream – a very dark and gloomy future – IF it were to happen.

    Obama wants to divide the workers of this country and those that live off the government. For the government to support all these millions of people – they must bring in this money from some where – it is the working class – the tax payers who get suckered by the government and it is the taxpayers who end up supporting these millions who simply do not want to work and who are fleecing the government  in the form of entitlements for everything from their food, to housing, to health care to monthly “income” – it is pathetic and it is NOT capitalism – this crap must stop!

    Obama is the great divider. He is in way over his head as President of the United States and he has no idea  of what he is doing OTHER than to push through his agenda to destroy the American economy, divide whites and blacks, divide workers and government leeches and to eventually turn America into a third rate, non competitive nanny state where the government controls every aspect of the citizens lives. Is this the America you want to pass on to your children? THIS is NOT the America I want to pass on to my children!

    You MUST get out to vote this November and vote anything and everything NOT Democrat. Vote Tea Party as much as possible and vote OUT the bums that are now driving our country into the ground.

    The Destroyer

    Obama destroys. He resents American wealth. He feels that the rich people are bad people and that they should NOT be that rich. Obama wants to take the money from those that have millions and he wants to “redistribute” it to those that are “less fortunate” – to those that don’t have much money – he wants to GIVE them money that he TAKES from other people. Isn’t that nice?

    Who are the people who have all the money in this country? Hmmmm. It’s the business owners – that’s who! So, moron Obama wants to take the money from the people who are creating the jobs in this country. What does that tell you. Obama simply wants Capitalism DEAD – he wants Socialism alive and well.

    Obama thinks there is a certain amount of money that is “enough” for you to make. Isn’t that nice? My question is – who the hell does he think he is? Who died and made this dude God? The answer is “no one” – Obama is talking out his “you know what”  and there is no way in heck he is going to bully the American people like he thinks he can.

    Obama wants to destroy what America has built up. He wants to destroy “private” industries. He wants the government to OWN private industries, such as – Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Student Loans, Health Insurance, Mortgages – Obama wants the government to OWN and run all of these industries and so far he has successfully accomplished these objectives. What are you going to do about this – you MUST vote and get all your friends to do the same – it is imperative!

    Obama destroys jobs. After the explosion of the Gulf of Mexico Oil rig – Obama immediately wanted to cease all off shore drilling – AND cost the American economy tens of thousands of jobs at the same time – but Obama didn’t care – he used the explosion to extend and promote his agenda of “wealth redistribution” by destroying these thousands and thousands of middle class jobs – those people would have to go on – you guessed it – government assistance! Just what Obama wants. More people dependent on the government.

    Obama doesn’t know how to CREATE. he thinks that by spending billions of dollars and using this money to pay the salaries of construction workers etc, that he is creating jobs – when in fact he is destroying the very fabric of the American economy – the very ingenuity and innovation that built up this country to be the greates and richest land in the world.

    The more Obama does what he is doing – the worse the actual “crash” will be – Obama has ZERO idea how to create a job. I believe the initial “Stimulus” Bill cost the American tax payers $2 Million per job! Outrageous, embarrassing and unacceptable – we must vote these corrupt fools out of office NOW!

    In Obama’s warped mind he wants to be there for you WHEN everything fails. Obama wants America to be watered down by becoming a one world economy. He wants to take YOUR money and redistribute it not just in America but all throughout the world! THIS is Obama’s dream.

    Obama is an elitist and simply wants to be in power whan all this happens. Yet I feel the American people – the TRUE American people – you know, the types that showed up at Glenn Beck’s rally – these people will NOT allow Obama to hijack America in this way.

    Obama is a divider and a destroyer. He is anti-American all the way. You must all wake up to the fact that Obama doesn’t care about you, IF – you are a tax payer, if you are white, if you believe in the Constitution, if you believe in Capitalism – all of these things he hates.

    We can all see and sense this hatred by his actions and the actions of his wife – our beloved “First lady” – who happens to deeply hate America and the blessed life the tax payers have bestowed upon her.

    It is now time for this to all change. It is now time for the American Constitution to once again take center stage.

    “We the People” must now take over. We have sat back and trusted our elected officials to do the right thing – and they have not. It is therefore now time for the people to take back THEIR government.

    Are you sick of the government ripping you off? Are you tired of the corruption and special favors in Washington? Are you sick of feeling like an idiot as these JERKS in Washington make decisions for anything and anyone OTHER that YOU and ME – the tax payer?

    It is now time people. We must rise up as ONE and vote these corrupt bums OUT of office. Please get out and vote this November 2010 – this is a crucial vote to rid  our government of the slime that are now making the decisions.  Now is our chance. The Constitution has granted us these valuable rights to vote – we must now take advantage of this privilege – we must stand tall for our Founding fathers.

    With all your votes this November the Republicans can once again take control of the House and Congress – we can then concentrate on those Republicans who support a progressive agenda and get THEM out. It is all just a matter of time – but “We the People” will decide the direction America takes NOT a group of corrupt politicians who hate America and all she stands for.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me as we do all we can to restore honesty, integrity, American pride and Capitalism back into our government. Join us as we fight for a smaller government, financial responsibility, lower taxes, secure borders, freedom, independence and the American way.

    Please sign in and make your voice heard today!

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