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  • “We the People” – It is Now Time to Vote

    by Founder on October 30, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    WARNING! It appears that Obama has reached a level of such desperation from what I can tell, he has apparently contrived this recent fake terror scare. All the evidence smells of a “made up” occurrence. There were no bombs found, they have quickly “arrested” someone and it is now being swept under the rug, as if it never happened. This was the cheapest of all cheap ploys.

    The media is saying whatever the White House tells them to say, yet the real facts in this case point to a government “invention” – just days before the elections. This is sickening arrogance and an example of elitism to an extreme. We MUST vote out these sick people.

    Yet the show goes on. Look at what is now happening! Obama is traveling all over the country campaigning for those who will pass his filthy agenda. There is voter fraud beginning to show up throughout the country – always in favor of the Democrat. Progressives are now openly trying to pass their Socialist agenda without any regard to what YOU. the tax payer, has to say and Democrat incumbents are flat out lying to smear their opponents. What level has this country sunk to?.

    This is a CRUCIAL election for the future of our country and the well being of America’s children.

    It is now time to vote. As of this writing there is just a few days left before America gets to cast her vote as to who will represent us in Washington. So the question is, “Are you happy with what has been going on in Washington”?

    Obviously this is a ridiculous question to any one with common sense because it is most obvious that the current politicians in Washington are a complete DISASTER – headed up by the walking Marxist himself Barack Hussein Obama – the America hating President of the United States.

    It is now time for the people of the United States to rise up and TAKE BACK our government. We need to rise up as one and FORCE our politicians to follow the Constitution and to not make a mockery of it.

    You listen to all these people who are against the Constitution or make fun of the “Tea Party” movement – my response to these people is “who cares”! No one cares what you say. These individual’s opinions are meaningless and are seemingly miserable with their own lives.

    The true Americans of this land shall rise up and snuff out these misinformed, sad, anti-American individuals. It is the taxpayer that runs America NOT the thousand or so politicians that WE put in Washington. We must now remind them of this.

    Obama acts like a Socialist and Marxist. His actions as President are a complete embarrassment to the hard working people of this great country. His actions are also a complete embarrassment to the families of those who have died trying to protect America. Obama has no right to trash America as he is doing and as all his lemmings seem to support like the blind fools that they are.

    Congress is filled with Senators who support what Obama is doing and seemingly are cheering the destruction of America and her economy. These Senators have all sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution yet all of their actions are AGAINST the Constitution.  They are arrogant, over paid, corrupt individuals who need to be taken down a few notches – this is the reason that TERM LIMITS are an absolute necessity – in order to rid Washington of lifetime, career criminals/politicians.

    Since Obama has taken over as President he has attempted to DESTROY the American economy. Obama, as a Marxist and Socialist, has attempted to take over the private industries of Automobiles, Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Mortgages and Student Loans. Obama does NOT believe in “privatization”.

    Obama also keeps digging the deficit hole deeper and deeper by bailing out large companies, giving billions to unions as payoffs for his election and creating more and more “stimulus” bills to “stimulate” this pathetic economy that his Socialist policies are forming – and his tax increases are waiting on the sidelines.

    In addition, Obama has openly decided to NOT defend our border between Arizona and Mexico and is putting all those American taxpayer’s lives at risk in Arizona simply to keep the border open for his upcoming AMNESTY push – that he feels will be very important for his “re-election”.

    Plus Obama is even suing Arizona for trying to defend their own borders – something Obama himself refuses to do. Obama is a complete disaster for America.

    Obama and his crew are destroying the economy and MORAL of all small business owners throughout this great land. It is the small business owners who are the ENGINE to America. It is in the small business sector where 70% of the people in America are employed! Yet Obama does NOT like this group of people – he ONLY wants to “help” the poor – when in reality he is merely ENSLAVING the poor unto himself.

    Do you see. as a TRUE American, that Obama and our Congress are trying to dilute America and simply make us a third rate, nanny state country? All part of a one world type of government – controlled by a group of elites – Obama being one of them – this is his dream for the next six years – and believe me he will do his best to achieve it. The ONLY way for us to stop him is through a REVOLUTION to take back our government and restore the Constitution to power.

    Do you all see that the politicians in Washington are trying to mislead you into thinking that what they are doing is “good” for America? When, as we all know, what they are doing is DESTROYING America.

    Remember the America you grew up in? Do you want to pass that America on to your children? IF Obama gets re-elected your children will NEVER know the joy of growing up in a real America – they will only know an America where the Federal government controls them and everything they do.

    Is this what you want?

    “We the People” must get out and vote. We must tell all our friends to get out and vote. Please don’t be afraid to tell people to get out and vote – this is a MUST for the survival of America and all of her traditions. We must get out and vote to ensure that our Constitution is followed and that those we put in office will actually follow the Constitution – or they will be voted OUT!

    Please vote for candidates in your Senate races who believe in the Constitution, small government, lower taxes, less spending, financial responsibility, honesty and our Founding Fathers.  Vote for those who are against the Obama Health Care plan. Vote for those who are for family, God, kindness, principles, faith and charity.

    Please vote AGAINST any and all Democrats. These people are FOR big government. They believe that you are stupid. They think that it is only the government that can solve your problems. They think that it is only the government that should be responsible for your housing, food and health care.

    Democrats do not believe in capitalism. They do not want people to be FREE to make as much money as they can – they want you to share your money with others – in the form of higher taxes on those who make more money. They want to take YOUR money and give it to others – whether you want them to or not. This is Obama’s great WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION plan to equalize everyone financially – a very sick plan – that will NOT succeed.

    Please America, I implore you to get out and vote. Vote in your Governors races and vote Republican. Vote for the Tea party candidates. Vote AGAINST any and all Democrat Senators. Vote against any and all Democrat members of the House of Representatives. Vote for more races that you ever have before – even if you do not know who the Republican candidate is in a particular race – just vote for them and AGAINST the Democrat.

    This is not to say that all Republicans right now are for the Constitution – however let us collectively vote OUT all the Democrat Progressive, anti-American fools and then we can zero in on the Republicans in office – to weed out those that are back door Progressives.

    “We the People” are now in the spotlight – it now our turn. The Constitution gives us the right to now vote and to VOICE or opinions as to what is happening in Washington right now. Let the Glenn Beck rally just be the tip of the iceberg. Let us all get out and vote with a landslide victory FOR America, FOR the Constitution and FOR smaller government.

    Please sign in now as an American for the Constitution and stand tall with us in support of lower taxes, Capitalism, freedom, individualism, the founding fathers, faith, honesty, truth and financial responsibility from each and everyone of our politicians.

    Please sign in today and make your voice heard. Vote this November. Tell your friends, their friends, your relatives and anyone you run into – get out to vote and let’s all vote these anti-American bums out of office!

    God Bless America and our brave soldiers.

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