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  • “We the People” – Your Vote Matters!

    by Founder on November 4, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Congratulations to all supporters of the American Constitution. It was a job well done at the election booths as the American taxpayers rose up and voted OUT some anti-American losers and voted IN those that believe in the Constitution. Congratulations!

    The people of this great land rose up and showed their complete displeasure towards the Obama administration. This vote was a vote AGAINST ObamaCare. This was a vote AGAINST Obama and his Socialist policies. No matter what is said by Democrats or Obama – this clearly was a vote AGAINST all that is Obama.

    Each individual vote matters. Every vote cast towards smaller government and lower taxes is one step closer to making this reality once again happen. The voter turnout was NOT the best it can be, BUT it was greater than it has been in the past. The people were sick of the corruption and lies and they rose up to make their voice loudly heard.

    On one hand we can thank Obama for doing what he has done – because it has awakened the American people. Obama’s obvious incompetance has forced the taxpayers of this great country to rise up and voice their opinion AGAINST this moron. Obama is simply a person who grew up with heavy Marxist teachings and has spent his whole life surrounded by those that believe in Marxism and Leninism. He is who he is.

    Ever since taking office, Obama has since surrounded himself with these self appointed “Czars” and “Czarinas” who are staunch supporters of Marxism, Mao and Leninism. All of these people have NOT been vetted by Congress or the American people – and now with the Republican control of the House – I believe we can force the government to “examine” these people, see them for the pathetic souls that they are and get them out!

    Congratulations to the American people. After these mid term elections, I can sense a gigantic sigh of relief from the American people as we have exercised our rights under the Constitution – we have voted – and the world is very envious of the “system” that we have here. The American people can now see a light at the end of the Obama tunnel, as dark as it seemed – the future is looking brighter and brighter for all American loving tax payers and business owners.

    Other countries would love to be able to “clean house” in the peaceful way that the American people are able to do this. It is our great Constitution that gives us all the ability to voice our opinion as to whether our elected officials should keep their job or not – and America has shown that we ARE the greatest country on earth – no matter what Obama says or does.

    The American people have stopped Communism in its tracks. “We the People” have stopped this onslaught of Communism and Socialism. Obama lied to the American people when he was running for President and he continues to lie to us on a daily basis. The American people now clearly see through these lies.

    Even after this election Рhe still has no idea what to do, nor why he has failed miserably. He is completely out of touch with the true American people Рand other than complete fraud Рhe has no chance of getting a second term Рthe people just will not allow this. Even as I write this he is about to travel to India, bringing with him 34 of our warships - at a cost to the taxpayer of $200 Million per day! This is outrageous and just another reason this elite freak must go.

    Again, we must thank Obama for trying to shove Communism down our throats because it was this arrogance and abrasiveness that has awakened the people. It was the corruption, bribing and illegal maneuvering concerning the Health Care Bill that really irked the people. 70% of America was against this bill – and probably more – yet Obama, Pelosi and Reid continued their relentless march towards getting this bill passed. They succeeded, but it was their last doings. They and their movement are done.

    America has no trust for Washington. The Tea Party is much to thank for this uprising of the American people. The Tea Party IS the American people. The Tea Party is “main street” America. Those against the Tea Party are against America and the American way – and it is just a matter of time before these anti-American people will go by the wayside – because the American people will NOT allow their country to be hijacked by a bunch of Communist and Socialist wannabe’s.

    Now it is time to gear up for 2012. The race starts now. “We the People” have shown that our vote matters. Each and every one of us – our vote matters, one at a time. You can count on it that Obama will do all he can do to WIN again in 2012. But his policies do NOT favor the people nor do they favor America. Do NOT believe anything Obama will say to the tax payers between now and the 2012 elections. He will say only what he believes the taxpayers want to hear. We MUST vote him out.

    Our vote matters now and it will matter even more in 2012. There are 37 more Senate races in that year and most of them are for Democrat seats – the Republicans will win many of these – we will then control the House and the Senate – all that is then needed is to vote in a Tea Party believing Republican to the Presidency and we will see this country’s economy grow and grow and grow! Like never seen before!

    America is on hold until 2012. The Republicans must now do their job. The American people voted these patriots into office – it is now their turn to produce. We have many new faces in the Senate and the House and most of them are believers in the Constitution and the American way. We have voted in people who believe America is the greatest country in the world – and we hope these people would NEVER apologize for America’s actions nor would they bow to Communist leaders, as Obama has.

    This election has clearly shown that is was a huge mistake voting in Obama. Yet if the voters who voted for him actually listened to what he was saying in his campaign, and what his associates were saying – they would have known exactly what Obama was about to do – remember he said he would “fundamentally change America” – and he is doing his best to do just that. But now he must STOP! And “We the People” are the ones to stop him.

    The Communism party is over. Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House and many crusted up corrupt Senators and House members are gone. The party stops right here and it is the voters of this great nation who stopped it. Congratulations, but our work has just begun.

    It is now time for those we voted in to NOT compromise with Obama – but to STOP him, right in his tracks. Push for a smaller government, lowerr taxes and the 100% repeal of the monstrocity that is ObamaCare. Obama was on amassive push to take over all private industries – just like a Communist would want. He succeeded in taking over the Auto industry, the Banking industry, the Mortgage industry, the Student Loan industry and the Health Care industry – but it is now because of the beauty of the Constitution that we are able to reverse all of these anti-American moves and policies.

    The people have spooken and America has spoken. Americans are against Nationalized Health Care. We are aginst amnesty for illegal immigrants. We are against Gay marriage – and America’s sick obsession with the gay lifestyle. We are FOR guns rights, small government and the free markets.

    We must push to have America begin to manufacture again. There must be a heavy tax on us buying goods from foreign countries – like China – in order to promote manufacturing right here in our own country. We must produce goods HERE in America – right now most good in the world are produced in India, China and Mexico – just like Ross Perot said would happen many years ago – yet no one listened to him.

    We now have people in power who understand the American tax payer. We have people in Washington who understand that the government does NOT create jobs – it is Capitalism and the America people who create jobs NOT government! Small business creates and is responsible for 70% of all jobs in America – Obama does not recognize or understand this. Obama needs to get this through his thick Communist head. He is lame duck for the next two years – as NOTHING he wants will be passed – nothing. Thank god.

    I again congratulate America and all the tax payers for rising up and making our voice heard. We must now band together even more and rise up again in 2012 – I have complete confidence this will occur.Please join us in this fight for our future and that of our children.

    Be ready because Obama will be in campaign mode for the next two years – count on it – just like he was the last three months and failed miserably. Now it is “We the People” who will be in campaign mode to massively and decisively sweep Obama from his thrown, throw his pathetic wife out on her America hating arse and once again re-gain cobtrol of the future of this great country.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join the thousands who help support our cause. Sign in if you believe in smaller government, lower taxes, the Constitution and the true America way. Sign in if you want to pass on to your children the same America that you grew up in. Sign in IF you believe in holding our elected officials accountable to the Constitution. Please sign in today and make your voice herard!

    God bless America and our brave troops protecting our freedoms and liberties.

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