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  • How ‘Out of Touch’ is Washington?

    by Founder on November 8, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    “We the People” are fresh off of our “victory” in the recent elections, yet it still remains that Washington is completely “out of touch” with the REAL American tax payer. They just don’t get it and their recent comments and actions prove just this.

    After the elections Obama took off to India, all while our country is flat broke and borrowing BILLIONS of dollars each month! His ridiculous trip to India is costing MILLIONS of dollars each day and is unnecessary given our current economic climate. What ever was needed here, Obama could have invited their people here, or he could have talked to them all on Skype – for free! But Obama is an elitist pig and had to go to India with his massive entourage – all at the expense – of you and me, the tax payer. But he doesn’t care.

    After the embarrassing elections Obama and the White House said – “yes” they take blame – but it was their fault for not properly “communicating” what they were trying to do. They are trying to say it is our fault, the American people, for not understanding what it was Obama was trying to do. Can you believe this arrogance? Obama is so pathetic and sunk so deep into his Communist ideology – that he is totally blind to what the American people think, say, want or do.

    Even further, the White House and different liberal periodicals insist that this election was NOT a referendum on Obama or ObamaCare. When, in fact, everyone knows that THAT is EXACTLY what this whole election was about! You morons in the media and Washington!  This election was a referendum AGAINST all that Obama is, says and does. The people do NOT want a Socialist and Communist country – and we loudly made this well known in the elections.

    If Obama wants to live in a Communist or Socialist then let him go live in one – he can move to a different country. This is “America” – a capitalist nation. A nation of small government, laws, low taxes and independent freedom. This is NOT a country of government rule. This is not a country of weak people who need to rely on the government for all their needs. Obama has it all wrong – and he will see how wrong, come 2012.

    The government is so out of touch with the America tax payer. Unfortunately, there were states in the elections who, for some reason, just don’t get it. Massachusetts voted back in the crooks Barney Frank and Richie Neal. Plus Massachusetts had the opportunity to go to a business oriented Governor, instead they vote back in, a liberal, spend and tax incumbent, who is very much out of touch with the electorate and is also a buddy of Obama. A nightmare for Massachusetts and the small businesses that try to make it there.

    In addition, California somehow re-elected Jerry Brown to Governor, when they could have had a business oriented Governor in the ex CEO of Ebay, instead Californians want the “government” guy – the once already Governor, complete failure, Jerry Brown – another nightmare.

    California also voted back in the pathetic Barbara Boxer – who has worked so hard to be called Senator – NOT! She is a corrupt Socialist who needs to be voted out as soon as her next election comes. And then there is Nancy Pelosi, who won her race – no problem. Huh? What is the matter with you people in California? When are you going to wake up? Your state is completely broke, obsessed with being “politically correct” and in fact, is in the hole for $26 BILLION! Good job! You can count on it – that it will be the same old crap with Brown, Boxer and Pelosi running the show. Good luck to you all, you will need it.

    Then lastly, in Nevada, where good ole’ Harry Reid somehow managed to fraudulently retain his Senate seat over a very popular Tea Party candidate. There were cry’s of voter fraud and machine fraud. Plus Reid was openly violating many other laws and regulations regarding the soliciting of votes and the bribing of others to vote for him. He is a despicable man who could care less about this great country and shows that the people of Nevada – who voted for him – have a screw loose. Harry Reid is a disaster and is very unpopular – but maybe, it’s a good thing that he will be back – again highlighting the correctness of the Tea party even more. Time will tell.

    Yes, Washington is so out of touch, that Nancy Pelosi is trying to still remain the head of the Democratic party in the House. As a Tea Party member and Republican – (just like with the presence of Harry Reid) I hope she does get that post. With regards to 2012, it’s the best thing that could happen to us. Her incompetence and love for Socialism will do nothing but help the Tea party cause over the next two years.

    Even still, given all that has transpired in the recent elections – and with the people loudly making their voice heard – Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Marxist Obama will continue on in their fight to “fundamentally transform America” into something you wouldn’t even recognize. THIS is how out of touch these elite politicians are. Very sad indeed. They MUST go.

    Please remember, Obama is a Marxist-Leninist, who was brought up on these teachings, and who spent his whole life surrounding himself with people who believed in Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedung. This is how he thinks. These are also the types of Czars and Czarinas he has brought into the White House to form his policies. All of the people he has appointed are Socialists, Marxists or Leninists. THIS is how Obama plans on transforming America – one step at a time, baby steps. Chipping away at our freedoms and chipping away at our economy.

    Obama is someone who MUST go. He is an elitist who is openly robbing the U.S. Treasury of millions and billions of dollars to finance his lavish lifestyle and to pay off those he is involved with. Notably, George Soros, Wall Street hedge funds, big banks, unions and other leaders throughout the world who want to bring America down in line with other third and second rate world powers. Obama ultimately wants ONE world, and HE wants to run the show.

    You can’t have ONE world while America is as strong as she always has been. This is why every policy Obama has tried to pass or wants to pass is meant to DESTROY our economy and weaken America – when the voters realize this – and many are – Obama is DONE.

    The Health Care policy was passed solely as a means to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of America – to financially poor citizens, to the world and to the very rich. The wealth of the middle class is to be REDISTRIBUTED to those three classes. In Obama’s mind – “Damn” the middle class. And THIS is the thought process of Communism and a Communist. It is a sick form of government that has proven to fail and always results in the death of innocent citizens. Obama doesn’t care.

    Now it is our turn – the people. We must all give thanks to our Founding Fathers. These brave geniuses came up with our Constitution. And because of the oppressors in Great Britain at the time – it gave our Founding Fathers the insight to PROTECT the people and the states – from TYRANNY.

    The Constitution protects the people and our great country – from people like Obama. Through our voting process and our balance of powers – the people are able to control the direction of this great country. This is a perfect example of how precious our Constitution is. Our Constitution and our voting process stopped Communism dead in its tracks!

    The Tea Party and the Republicans now must meld their minds, principles and values together. The Tea party is NOT going away and will only get bigger and stronger by the time 2012 gets here. “We the People” must now hold our elected Republican officials to the fire and make sure their carry out the will of the people – or they too will be gone. Washington now knows for sure – that the people are watching.

    “We the People” are watching very closely. We are going to make sure that our politicians follow the Constitution. We are going to make sure that our politicians protect our borders and protect the value of our citizenship. This is the people’s country – NOT the politicians country. Go to Cuba or Venezuela or China or North Korea – and there you will see countries run by their government. That is NOT America and Obama is NOT America. He MUST go.

    I now ask you to sign in as an American for the Constitution. Sign in if you support the Tea Party, smaller government, lower taxes, a balanced budget and individual freedoms. Join us if you believe in the family, kindness, God, freedom of speech, faith, charity, character and the principles of honesty and integrity.

    Please sign in and make your voice heard today! God bless America and our brave troops.

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    Chad Washington June 13, 2012

    AWESOME article, I couldn’t have said better myself.


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