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  • Missing: Barack Hussein Obama

    by Founder on November 16, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Where oh where is our wonderful Socialist President? Ever since the people of this great country rose up and made their voice heard – our President – Barack – seems to have gone missing.

    Obama knew way back that these 2010 elections would be, in his words, a “shellacking” for the Democrats – and he timed his Billion dollar trip to Asia and Indonesia right after this debacle, such good timing for him. In other words, he got out of Dodge!

    Now, coincidentally, it seems that Obama has another expensive world trip planned for him and his America hating wife, and this one is to Europe, to (supposedly) try and save some face out there. Recently he was briskly rebuffed on his Billion dollar trip to Indonesia as he met with world leaders who let him know that his “printing money scam” is against what they believe, it will destroy the dollar and other world leaders think it clearly is the wrong way to go – but this does not change his ways.

    When Barack Hussein goes over seas he no longer is with people who need to kiss his ass. He is no longer with politically correct freaks who watch everything they say. He is no longer with those who he has to “pay back” for favors they have done for him. No, he is with people who actually stand for what they believe. It is very clear that the Obama star has faded and now it is simply a dark piece of lumpy coal. Obama is done.

    Obama does NOT want to be in America right now. He knows all that he stands for has been loudly rejected by the American people. True America is being thrown in Obama’s face, he doesn’t like it and it is exposing him for the trashy Communist that he is.

    There seems to be an emergence of many people and groups in this country who are now openly voicing and displaying their hatred for America and their love for Communism. Thanks to Obama these people feel it is now safe to come out in the open. But the harsh reality for them is that they are in the very small minority of people who actually think this way and will soon scatter like the dirty rats that they are.

    It is the media that gives the impression that there are many of them and that “their way” is the way America is now thinking. But remember what the great Glenn Beck has said – “We surround them” – this is the truth. The people (trashy politicians) trying to control your life and that of your children are, in reality, a small group of people. They represent people with alot of money, power and influence – but there are NOT many of them – it just appears as if there are.

    “We surround them”. How appropriate. Yes we do. There are maybe one thousand power type people trying to destroy America – and because of their exposure it seems overwhelming – but “We the People” far out number them as we are in the MILLIONS. We are the tax payers. We represent Main Street America. Plus we have the greatest weapon of all, the Constitution of the United States.

    Obama is AWOL. This coward knows the American people distrust and dislike him for the destruction he is trying to wrought on our great country. Obama is completely out of touch with the American people and he is finding out that his “proven to fail” policies are not even wanted throughout therest of the world anymore. Obama is in way over his head and has clearly proven to be a terrible voting mistake and a total failure for the American people.

    Even after the recent election, Obama Hussein showed even more that he was “out of touch” by his ridiculous comments about “lack of communication” and how the vote was NOT a mandate against his policies. I am actually happy that he is this stupid, because IF he starts talking the way America wants him to – it will all be a lie – you can guarantee that! True Americans see right though this moron.

    The Socialists, Progressives, and Communists of this country – hard to believe they are even here – these people, over the next two years, will be pushing HARD to degrade and put down true Americans. These pathetic people will throw insults, lies and violence at us but “We the People” must simply band together and thwart this onslaught of anti-American trash.

    “We the People” must be prepared for this outright attack on our Constitution, our freedoms and our very way of American life. Remember, these people, like Obama, want to destroy America, the middle class and our dollar. Obama, George Soros, SEIU, Tides Foundation, and a host of others are doing the best they can to turn America away from Capitalism and to Communism. Good luck.

    If Obama could have his way he would probably like to run America from a different country. He doesn’t like Americans. He doesn’t like to be here – everyone is aginst him now. He doesn’t like the middle class – the Communists never do.

    As his policies have been put under the spotlight – these rats scurry for cover. Just look at his Health Care Plan – it is so bad – many large companies and Unions are begging out of it – and Barack Hussein is granting them a waiver – you are eligible for this “waiver” if you have somehow helped Obama get elected – otherwise if you voted against him – you are his “enemy” – and he wants nothing to do with you.

    It is now clear to the American people that Barack Hussein and his American hating wife are simply RAPING the US Treasury and living high on the hog – on your dime, spending like drunken sailors and sticking their noses up in the air top the American people. All I can say is “enjoy it while you can” – because very soon – the party will be over. You will be ex-President Obama and simply a bad memory in this great country’s storied history.

    Who knows what Obama is really saying behind closed doors to these other countries he is visiting. You can be sure it is AGAINST America and FOR his trashy policies. He is kissing the ass of world leaders in an effort to destroy America and the middle class – this is his overall goal – never let that slip from your mind – his goal is to bring America to her knees – AND to be there to pick up the pieces.

    “We the People” rose up THIS election and we will again do so in November 2012 – not very far away. We shall sweep this Communist from the White House along with all his self appointed Communist minions. You will all be gone – take the American people’s word for it.

    Please now take the time to join us today. Sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Sign in as someone who is AGAINST Obama and all that he stands for. Sign in if you are for small government, a balanced budget, lower taxes, securing our borders and standing tall for the American flag. Please join the thousands of others who stand behind us as we constantly contact Washington, Congess and the House to voice our opinion for Capitalism and the Amerrican way.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers protecting our freedoms everyday.


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