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  • American Citizens: Guilty until Proven Innocent

    by Founder on November 29, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    We are now living in a “backwards” America. Everything seems upside down or backwards – and just NOT the way it should be. Take for instance, our airport security.

    The White House and the TSA believe that every tax paying citizen in this country is a terrorist! They believe that you want to blow up an airplane. They believe that you want to smuggle a bomb on board and blow up the plane! They must believe this! Have you seen how they are patting down and screening each and every American passenger as they go through security?

    The TSA is patting down little old ladies, very little children, families of husband, wife and kids – regular, everyday, average, hard working Americans. Hello! Are you blind? Do you see the type of people you are patting down? Do you have any common sense?

    The government thinks you are GUILTY of  carring a bomb or of the desire to blow up a plane, so they feel they must thoroughly search you! YOU must prove your innocence. You must prove to them you are NOT a terrorist! Even though you are a tax paying citizen of this country – and you look like average Joe American – they are going to treat you as if YOU are a terrorist – GUILTY until proven innocent.

    How do you feel about this?

    This violates both the 4th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution. Read the Constitution. Read these two Amendments – know your rights and exercise them.

    Do you know who does NOT have to go through  with this invasive body search? Government workers – that’s right – Congressmen and Congress women as well as other members of the government. How ironic, the ones that are screwing over this country with their narcissistic corruption – are NOT requiring themselves to be searched – why are they so special?Any law they make should also apply to them – or else we have a big problem here in America ( and we do).

    If you go through the Israel airport and you are an Israeli – then you FLY through that airport. They know what you look like and they know what you do, and where you live – you are NOT among those that look like a terrorist.

    This is what American airports need. They need “selectors” that can let REAL American passengers fly through security and “select” out those that obviously merit further searches and investigation – it’s called “profiling” and it’s also called common sense.

    The White House and the TSA go about it all wrong.  Just as if they are bumbling fools. All they spend their time doing is examining and searching Americans! It’s absurd! How do you get these people to wake up? How do you get them to snap out of their sick “politically correct” haze?

    Imagine the Israeli’s spending all their time searching their own kind? They would laugh at this notion. They instead spend 95% of their time examining, questioning and searching those that “look like terrorists”!

    Terrorists have a certain look. In the past 15 terrorist attacks on America or American interests – ALL of the terrorists have looked Middle Eastern/Muslim/Pakistani. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that THESE are the people you examine at the airports – or anywhere else they go! The people who look like the terrorists are the people who must be searched and screened. Not rocket science.

    But it is rocket science for American politicians. All they are concerned about is being “politically correct”. It is very sad from a taxpayer’s standpoint – because nothing ever gets done for the actual taxpayer – you know – the supplier of the funds?

    Politicians don’t want certain groups of people “mad” at them for they fear they will lose that group’s vote. However the groups they are afraid of are NOT the taxpayer, not you, not me, not the middle class hard working American – the politicians are only afraid of the fringe groups – and thus enters “political correctness”. It is a sickness.

    Our government is so obsessed with political correctness that they will never implement an effective “profiling” program. There are way too many sissies and pansies in this country, many of them lawyers, who would yell and scream if ever someone would stand up and say that this country NEEDS profiling – and we need it yesterday.

    The airport lines are long and slow, only because of inefficiency of the highest level – by the government. The government run TSA. These people have no experience in searching or questioning people. Nor do they have the experience to “spot” potential terrorists. This is why airports should immediately dump the TSA and hire our proud ex-military personnel to stand guard and provide security for our country’s airports.

    This is exactly what Israel does and it  serves them perfectly – America needs to stop being politically correct and start actually protecting it’s citizens.

    American citizens are NOT the enemy. We are NOT terrorists. We did nothing wrong. We are the taxpayers. You, the government, are to protect us – not persecute and harass us. You are harassing the wrong people. Thus is the upside down America with Obama at the helm.

    So much for “innocent until proven guilty” – American air travel passengers are GUILTY until proven innocent. You must prove to the government that you are NOT a terrorist in order for you to board an airplane. You must prove to them that you are not carrying a bomb – even your children must prove this to the government.

    The Obama White House has lost their collective minds. These sick people are so obsessed with their Socialization of America and their “fundamental changing of America” – that they have no idea as to what is happening around them. They are trying to turn our great, free country into a police state where the people are dependent on the government for their existence.

    Will the American people be able to hold off this push towards Communism? Will “We the People” be able to stop Obama and his supporters in their tracks?

    Remember, there is far more of us than them. They are just a few. It is all an illusion. We are many – we are into the millions – they are not. They are a band of a few thousand who want to radically change this country into something you would never again recognize.

    It is our responsibility to rescue America from this treason and restore it back to it’s greatness for all future generations to come.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today! Contribute, speak up, band together and get ready for 2012. This will be the most important election in American history. “We the People” will decide America’s fate. We shall decide our future.

    Together we will rise up and stop all that is Obama and once again restore America loving elected officials in to the White House, Congress and the House.

    God bless America  and our brave troops.

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    Ur a moron August 9, 2012

    This came about from the patriot act by president bush not Obama. I agree with the constitutional violations u speak of.


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