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  • Federal Reserve Bails Out the World!

    by Founder on December 3, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    The Federal Reserve has attempted to bail out, not only America but also the world – all on YOUR dime! Who gave the United States Federal Reserve permission to send BILLIONS of dollars overseas? And then to put the tab on the tax payers? This is outrageous! Huge sums of money going to bail out FOREIGN banks! Our tax payer money that will NEVER benefit the tax payers.

    Who is the Federal Reserve accountable to? The answer is “no one”! The only reason we know the following information is because Congress forced it out of them. Who knows what other kind of nefarious deals the fed has engaged in – and put the risk on the tax payers.

    A total of $3.3 TRILLION was rushed to Wall Street and Banks throughout the world. Were you aware that this occurred? Is this something that you would have approved of? Do you think we could have used this money here in America rather that send it overseas? Perhaps give it to the hundreds of US banks that are failing and that the government is closing? Rather than to foreign banks and corporations? This is as treasonous as it gets!

    Did  Congress argue this topic? Did the House of Representatives debate the pros and cons of lending this money? What is going on here? Are the American people being discarded like yesterday’s trash?

    Why is this not the TOP story in the media? Why is this not the number one  topic of conversation in this country? I can barely find news articles on this story. Ladies and gentlemen, we must regain control of our destiny! Of our country! Or it will soon be too late.

    As a tax payer what do you think about this? Let us look at where some of this money went:

    • Verizon $1.5 Billion – didn’t need it
    • Harley Davidson $300 Million – didn’t need it
    • McDonalds $175 Million – didn’t need it
    • UBS, a European Bank $74.5 Billion (twice more than Citi Group received, a US Bank)
    • Barclays, a London Bank $47.9 Billion
    • Glodman Sachs $24 Billion – who then gave out MASSIVE salaries and bonuses (surprising?)
    • Natixis, a Paris Bank $27 Billion
    • AIG European division $182 Billion
    • Hudson Castle $53.3 Billion
    • BSN Holdings $42.8 Billion
    • Liberty Hampshire Company $41.4 Billion
    • General Electric $16 Billion – huh? Big time pay off
    • The Korean Development Bank $407 Million – like we can’t use this money?
    • BNP Paribus, foreign bank, amount unknown
    • Deutsch Bank, foreign bank, amount unknown
    • Major bank in Bavaria, amount unknown
    • Bahrain Bank,  a tiny island country in the Middle East, amount unknown
    • Citi Group $18.6 Billion

    Is that enough to make your head explode with anger? That list is all on YOUR dime! And my dime! I am sick of it!!

    Your children, my children and THEIR children will all be saddled with this outrageous debt and Obama couldn’t care less. None of this money went to help the actual people who pay taxes in this country. This “dirty” money all went to help the rich get richer and to pay off those who elected him into office. Disgusting!

    All of those involved should be thrown in jail for treason.

    Not only did they lend this outrageous amount of money, but they also LOWERED their standards for the kind of collateral it allowed participating banks to post! Thus taking on higher risks than normal. Do you really think all of these “loans” will be paid back? What percentage will default? What percentage are just pocketing the money and laughing at the stupidity of Obama and America?

    Would you have voted for this? Imagine if this money was just sent to each hard working American? Then the money could have been spent in this country and gone towards the growth of OUR country – NOT some other country! Where is the sanity and common sense in Washington?

    Who are these corrupt thieves? Who is robbing our Treasury blind and leaving piles of debt to the American people for generations to come? Why are “We the People” allowing Washington to get away with this and to continue doing it!

    Who is to be held responsible for this raping of the US Treasury? We have Obama at the helm spending as much as he can and doing everything he can to ensure the collapse of the American economy. What needs to happen before the American people just get so fed up that they actually do something? When will the uprising begin?

    Yes, we voted in November and yes we got out alot of the anti-American politicians, but with this current “lame duck” session – these freaks are going to try to ram through the amnesty “DREAM Act” and they are wasting their time again on the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” crap.

    Our politicians are so out of touch with the American people that there needs to be a revolution of some type to rid our government of the slime that are currently slithering around in Washington. It is “We the People” who shall rise up.

    Please people of America, I plead with you to rise up with me and make your voice heard AGAINST all that is Washington and all that is Obama.

    The Federal Reserve and Obama have sold out the tax payers to the world. Obama and the Fed want a “one world” government. They do NOT want America to dominate. They want one currency, one economy and one nationality. These are sick treasonous people who MUST go.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution if you are against what the Federal reserve is doing and has done. Sign in if you are angry and appalled at the actions of our government.

    Who gave them the right to use OUR money to bail out other countries? Did you vote on it? I didn’t and I know you didn’t. America is out of control, our politicians are out of control and it is our responsibility as “We the People” to take it back! We owe this to our children and to their children.

    Please join with the thousands of others who support our cause. Join us in our disgust at the Federal Reserve. Join us in our disgust of Obama and his raping of the Treasury. Please make your voice heard today!

    God bless America, Capitalism, our freedoms and our brave soldiers.

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