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  • Our Elected Politicians are an American Disaster

    by James Taylor on December 13, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    Here it is mid December 2010 and our Congress cannot decide on the tax rates for next year. They are an American disaster. They have NO budget and are rushing through a 2000 page bill that is filled with MASSIVE wasteful spending. Yet all year long they had the time to drive the stake further into the heart of America as the Obama administration pressed on with their “redistribution of wealth” philosophy.

    It was just in November that the American people spoke loud and clear in that they were sick of the corruption, back room deals and out of control spending, yet this type of activity is exactly what is continuing on while the Congress and the House are in a “lame duck” session – meaning that many who are voting now will no longer be there after January of 2011 (thank god).

    Our brainless wonders in Washington still have not come up with what the tax rates will be for 2011 and beyond. Simply put, Obama and the Democrats want them to go up and “We the People” and the Republicans (for the most part) want them to go down.

    In addition, these out of touch millionaires have ZERO idea of how to run a business. Businesses cannot plan for the future without knowing what the tax rates will be, the credit situation, new regulations etc. This is another “government created” reason why business is not growing – there is a total lack of certainty as to the  business climate.

    Yet Obama and his band of business killers couldn’t care less – they are busy doing all they can to kill the middle class, kill small business and create a Communist like state where the government is in control – and the people look to the government for their needs. THIS shall NOT happen under my watch.

    I have a feeling that America is going to be the toughest country of all – to switch to Socialism or Communism – and all because of “We the People”. The European countries folded quickly as their governments shifted towards Socialism – however I believe the American situation will be quite different indeed.

    “We the People” shall NOT let Obama and his REDISTRIBUTION policies control our life and it is now just a matter of time before this loser is OUT of office, his policies are gone and a true Amrerican is put in his place.

    Watch our elected officials on TV. What do you think? They look so proud of themselves, don’t they? I’ve seen Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid walking through the halls of the Capital with big flower decorations on their lapels – they are so proud of themselves – after all they are all multi-millionaires – just look at them – look at how they speak – how knowledgeable they are – NOT!

    The reality is that these people in the White House, the Congress and the House of Representatives are buffoons and for the most part have all been there WAY TOO LONG!  These people are so out of touch with the average American, hard working tax payer they cannot possibly relate. And this is why the policies coming out of Washington are so out of touch with the TRUE American people.

    How did these politicians make all their money? Why is it that these politicians are all millionaires? Do you really believe that they all got their money by working hard for it?

    What percentage of these politicians actually made their money in the private sector by creating jobs? Answer – not many. What percentage actually made their money by scheming and robbing the American people of their hard earned tax dollars? And by robbing the US Treasury blind as they handed out tax payer money like it was candy? Answer MOST! THIS is how most of these corrupt long time politicians became millionaires – take it to the bank! The party is OVER!

    Let’s face it – our elected officials are a total joke and an embarrassment to the world.

    1. They have been proven to be two faced liars in the latest Wiki Leaks disclosure
    2. They clearly are too stupid to balance a budget
    3. They are admitted Socialists desiring REDISTRIBUTION of wealth
    4. They have no idea of how a budget even works
    5. They are out of control spending freaks addicted to entitlements
    6. They are printing money out of thin air causing inflation
    7. They cannot protect our own borders as illegals pour in the country
    8. They are openly corrupt
    9. They blatantly lie directly to the American people
    10. They think they are above the laws that “We the People” must follow each day

    Yet during all of this – they are proud of themselves?! They walk around like they are all that! When in reality most of them are low intellect elitists who should be thrown in jail – and this should have happened long ago!

    These people are a complete embarrassment to the American people, the tax payers. If the politicians can hear me right now I and “We the People” say “You are an embarrassment”. “You are a total failure”! “Your policies are failing”. “Your corruption and lies are no longer going to work” “I want you thrown in jail” “You should all be tried for Treason against the United States”. “Your money that you stole from the Treasury should be returned”. These are the thoughts that I and the America people have.

    Let’s get back to the latest “Tax Bill” that Congress and Obama are working on. First it starts out as the idea that we must save the Bush tax rates by Jan 1, 2011 or else they would go up drastically.  So our Congress and the pathetic Obama wait until mid December to start voting on this. Real genius – only if you are trying to scam the American people.

    Obama is bribing people to vote for it, he is offering huge “ear marks” in exchange for votes and is making a mockery of the most recent election when the American people stood up and said :No More”! Obama is a flat out liar and cannot be trusted. This man is a complete disaster and MUST go in the next election.

    So no the arrogant morons in Washington want to slam down your throat a MASSIVE spending bill. They draw up a plan that extends the tax rates for another two years  – and remember this is a “lame duck” session – so it is now time and perhaps the last time for many – to once again – rob the US Treasury blind!

    That’s right folks – this “Tax Bill” actually INCREASES spending and the debt by $855 Billion! – and this is on top of our current $3 TRILLION debt! It is another Obama power grab and complete scam. These people should be thrown in jail.

    It is clear that Obama could care less about your children or even their children – he wants to destroy our economy and saddle the youth of now and the future with a ball and chain – a deficit and debt that they will be paying for and lugging around – their entire life.

    WARNING – This is NOT a “Tax Bill” – it is a bill that addresses the tax issue but it also is a massive power grab stuffed with Billions in Christmas goodies for the politicians and their constituents. $885 Billion worth. If this government was serious about reducing the deficit (as they say) – would this really happen? Of course not. This is outrageous and all those Republicans that voted for this bill need the be questioned as to their loyalty to this great country.

    Please join us in our fight against the insanity that is our Federal government. Our government is out of control and will soon destroy this country if left to do so. This is what Obama wants. It is up to “We the People” to stop Obama in his tracks. We MUST stop this maniac from destroying our country, our economy  and our freedoms.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Sign in if you believe that our politicians need to answer to the people NOT themselves. Sign in if you believe in low taxes, small government, Capitalism, individual freedoms, family values and the concepts that our Founding Fathers laid out for us all in the great Constitution. Please, join us today.

    God Bless America and our brave soldiers (bring them home please).

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