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  • Lame Duck Congress and House – a Disaster!

    by Founder on December 20, 2010

    in Voice of the People

    he politicians are really trying to stick it to the tax payer again. Even though the recent election showed that the America people are sick of politics as usual – the politicians are merely doing the same things they have always done – right now – nothing has changed.

    In fact it’s worse. These pathetic politicians – who are on the outs – are taking advantage of their last 30 days in office by banding together and trying to ram through every bill they can – while they remain somewhat in power. Is this a travesty of power? Is this giving the middle finger to every taxpayer? The answer to both is “yes”. How much more can the people take?

    Even though “We the People” spoke loudly and voted out 6o+ members of the House and changed over 17 members of Congress (many of these being Tea Party candidates) – these politicians just didn’t learn or else they just don’t care – they are currently desperately trying to push through their beloved policies while they can, while they think they can. It really is a pathetic and sad sight to behold. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

    Obama is the slimiest of all. Then you have the sick Socialist Democrats followed by the fake Republicans and highlighted by the dim wit John Kerry – and you have a band of incredible lifelong misfits who think they are better than everyone else. These people, are once again, in for a rude awakening come election time in 2012. The White House is going to be cleaned out – top to bottom – Communism no more. Czars be gone!

    This group of elitist politicians has the nerve to try to push through several of their pet projects to screw the hard working American tax payer. They don’t care about what you want or think.

    They waited all year to do this because they would have lost MORE seats if they talked about this before the elections – all of these people are sleazy snake oil salesman type slimeballs. They must all go.

    The supposed Tax Bill – yes they extended the tax rates for another two years but they also tacked on another 13 months of entitlements for the unemployed and they packed this bill with their Christmas wish list of goodies for all their constituents – $60 Billion worth! A disgusting and irresponsible use of tax payer funds and an action that should have most of these people thrown in jail.

    However it was important that this bill be passed because it keeps about $800 Billion in the hands of the tax payer – rather than giving it to corrupt Washington for them to waste. Otherwise America paychecks would have gotten smaller due to a tax increase.

    Don’t Ask Don’t Tell – A disaster and embarrassment for our military. Are we going to have separate troops? An actual gay battalion? How is this to work to have openly gay people in the military? This is the most ridiculous debate and America has shown her political correctness “sickness” in full view to the whole world. Yet the Democrats desperately wanted this to go through so they could appease the “gay” community – after all Democrats always like to please EVERYBODY at the same time, right?

    DREAM Act – Amnesty for children of illegal immigrants, among other stealth acts in this convoluted bill. This is just a stab by the Democrats to pass this long liberally desired act. It is ONLY an attempt by these people to grab the votes of all these illegals – these are the people they want to appease – get them on the government dole and get their vote – easy as that, right Obama?

    START – Treaty with Russia – that Obama mysteriously signed while he was visiting Russia. It was signed without any debate or discussion in Congress and the House – so who knows what is in this thing – what I do know is that it cuts our nuclear weapons by a third – and supposedly Russia is doing the same thing – yea right. Stupid Obama once again jeopardizing our national security.

    Internet Regulation – The FCC and Obama desperately want to limit what can be said about them on the internet – this is how sick and weak these people are. They think “We the People” are so stupid that we need the government to do everything for us. I have a feeling that this small group of elitist politician freaks will soon get a rude awakening by the American people.

    These are the five Bills that the treasonous Democrats and Republicans are trying to ram through the voting process. In order to get their votes, Obama and his supporters are bribing, arm twisting and using as many backhanded tactics as they can – with one goal in mind – to pass as much that is in these bills as they possibly can – while they can. Damn the people.

    Next month many of these despicable bums are out – gone for good, never to return. In their place are people who believe in the Constitution, responsible spending policies, Capitalism, individual rights and “We the People”. There is going to be a BIG change come 2011 and beyond. The hard working tax payers of this country are going to rise up and once again make America look like good ole’ America – not the dingy place Obama wants it to be.

    These politicians are doing this because they know they have no chance of passing these bills after January 2011. Can you imagine that? Yet they want to ram them through anyway. These people are criminals and are acting in a treasonous and irresponsible way towards America. If I had my way they would all rot in jail.

    It is most important that we do not forget what is happening right now. Remember that these Democrats and Obama and many Republicans are screwing the American people with their Communist, Socialist and anti-American policies. Remember that they were using their power to pass bills – even though the people were against them. Remember all of this come next election.

    “We the People” must band together in massive numbers in 2012 to oust Obama and his supporters from Washington. We must rid Washington of these anti-American politicians who are deciding our future! And the future of your kids – and their kids! Get mad and do NOT let them steal our country from us!

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join me as I fight against this oppressive, freedom stealing government. Everyday they are thinking of more ways to limit our freedoms and take our money – we MUST band together against this.

    Please sign in and make your voice heard today! Sign in if you believe in taxation WITH representation, smaller government, lower taxes, honesty in government, fiscal responsibility, family values, American traditions and our great Constitution.

    God bless America and our troops.

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