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  • Obama Too Busy – For American Jobs

    by Founder on January 4, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Here we are in a new year – 2011 and still, American citizens are suffering through high 9′s for unemployment. Why would this be?

    Even Obama’s own man, the head of the DNC admitted that Obama was “too busy” to focus on American jobs! As hard working citizens of this great country this is NOT news to us – we knew Obama was not paying attention to us – it just now seems to be discussed by others as well.

    Obama was very busy with HIS agenda – he could not care less about the hard working American tax payers that support this country. Let’s look ate what Obama has been busy doing:

    1. Busy going on vacations
    2. Busy taking over the Banking industry
    3. Busy taking over the Insurance industry
    4. Busy taking over the Automobile industry
    5. Busy taking over the Student Loan industry
    6. Busy passing his massive government Health Care Bill
    7. Busy trying to get illegal immigrants amnesty
    8. Busy rallying for the cause of Muslims
    9. Busy rallying for the cause of the Black Panthers
    10. Busy supporting government control of the internet

    We can stop there. You can see that EVERYTHING Obama has been busy with, is AGAINST America and all that America stands for. It is very clear that the American people do NOT want what Obama is offering. “We the People” spoke loud and clear about this in the recent elections.

    It is now time for the new Congress to speak FOR the people. “We the People” have sent many new faces to Washington, many of them “Tea Party” members – and we expect that they will change what is going on in Washington. Click here to view all the new members.

    Now that Obama has forced many of the bills in his agenda down the throats of the American people – he may now try to make it look like he is very concerned about the plight of the American tax payer – yet it looks like, in the minds of the voters – he is just way too late.

    The past two years have shown Obama for what he really is – and that is an America hating Socialist who wants to destroy all that is America. He hates the Constitution and just recently went around the Constitution and Congress by allowing the FCC to take control of the free internet. A treasonous act that goes un-noticed by most.

    Yes, Obama has been busy – busy tearing apart our economy and the heart of this great country. Does the spirit of America feel strong to you these days? Or has Obama’s apology tours been deflating the American spirit and innovation?

    The recent elections, I believe, have made Obama think a bit. “We the People” must now be very careful with this man. He has spent the last two years trying to “fundamentally change America” by “redistributing the wealth” and now we must be careful NOT to believe his words when it sounds like he is “coming around” to the American way of thinking.  This is very important.

    I do not trust this man. All of America does not trust this man. Obama has proven to be a corrupt liar who will do anything he has to, in order to move along his pathetic Socialist agenda.

    Are you going to believe Obama when he starts saying he wants to save the middle class? Are you going to believe Obama when he starts talking about reducing the deficit? Are you going to believe anything Obama says that has to do with actual American beliefs and values?

    Do you believe this man really wants to go to church? They show pictures of him going to church with his family. Do you believe this man when he starts saying he wants to be like Reagan was concerning the economy? Obama is a joke and a liar. Do NOT believe anything this man says – NOTHING!

    Obama wants to destroy America, our economy and the middle class. He wants to tax the middle class to death to pay for all of his Socialist entitlement programs. He wants there to be just two classes – the elite rich, which he is a part of, and the “other” class – the people. He would like all the people to be EVEN – even in pay, housing, needs and desires.

    In Obama’s America – he wants to control you. He wants to control the people of this country. Obama wants the majority of the people in this great country to be DEPENDENT on the government for all their needs. Is this the America that you have in mind? Is this the type of America you want to pass on to your children?

    Obama is in way over his head. He has no idea what he is doing – yet, all that want to destroy America are following his lead and supporting his lunatic policies. This is why it looks like he has support for what he is doing.

    The bizaar thing about is that the very people who are supporting his policies are going to be the same people who get SCREWED by these very policies in the future. Useful idiots.

    The people of this country know itr was a huge mistake voting Obama in – now we unfortunately must wait until November 2012 to vote him out and this we will do.

    Obama has spent the first two years of his Presidency working on HIS agenda – now he will spend the remaining two years trying to make the American people believe he is on their side – when in reality he is against all that is America.

    Do NOT believe that Obama is suddenly FOR the people – do NOT believe this person – he will now do anything and say anything to get a second term.

    It is now time for Obama to “appear” as if he is concerned with American jobs. The unemployment rate is above 9.5% with no decrease in sight. Obama has no current policies that will promote private sector job growth.

    Obama is an expert at growing jobs within the government – but he is a complete disaster with regards to creating the atmosphere for private sector job growth.

    It is “We the People” who can and will create jobs – NOT the government. It is “We the People” who will rescue this country from the Socialist madman that is currently our President. “We the People” will grow the economy – NOT the government. “We the People” are TRUE Americans, tax paying, legal American citizens.

    The current administration believes they should be all things to all people – so it appears obvious that this administration is NOT familiar with our great Constitution. This is why the new Congress of 2011 will open their session with a reading of the Constitution! As childish as this may sound – it is apparently necessary to remind our elected officials – that they work for us – not the other way around.

    Like Glenn Beck says “we surround them” – it is “We the People” who are in the millions – it is the government who is just a thousand or so in number, who think they can trash our Constitution and control the people. They will not prevail.

    Washington and our politicians are in for a rude awakening this year and right into 2012 when once again the people will rise up and vote OUT of office the bums that want to destroy our country – with Obama leading the way out the door.

    The only speed bump along the way is if the Progressives can actually rise up their people and go to the streets in RIOT and REVOLT because their government checks no longer meet their needs – because of the coming inflation. Obama will then play the “Martial Law” card and gain the ultimate control he has always been striving for.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and help us stand for Capitalism, small government, lower taxes, individual freedoms and our great Constitution. Sign in for accountability and lack of corruption. Sign in if you believe that the states have the rights NOT the Federal government.

    Sign in if you believe in the power of the people. Remember, it is “We the People” who are in charge – not these fools that weaseled their way to Washington. Politicians are temporary – the people are permanent. Please join us today and make your voice heard!

    God bless America and our brave troops protecting our freedoms.

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