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  • Arizona Shooting – Don’t Blame the Messengers!

    by Founder on January 12, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    The recent shooting in Arizona is truly a tragedy and our thoughts and prayers, here at Americans for the Constitution, go out to the victims and their families. It was a very sad day for America – and it was all the fault of the sick individual who did this – as well as the pathetic and failed upbringing he was given by his parents. This person was clearly a lost cause and a time bomb waiting to go off.

    He had no political affiliation, did not vote, was a drug addict pot smoker, was mentally disturbed, a loner and he owned guns. It is the mamsy pamsy attitude of liberals and Democrats who keep these type of people free and out on the streets – this person clearly was sick and should have been locked up – however he was free to walk the streets.

    What has happened since the shooting? The media and the Sheriff have childishly blamed conservatives, talk radio and FOX News for this tragedy! This unbelievably ridiculous accusation is the accusation of uneducated, politically motivated fools. At a time when we should be reflecting on the lives of those dead and injured – the media and the Sheriff have sickly set out to blame those who were not involved.

    If theses freaks want to set out blame for this isolated tragedy – then so be it – the blame is squarely on the policies of Obama and his Communist/Socialist followers – these people who have thrown our great country into turmoil with their treasonous policies and anti-American stance.

    Obama is the one to blame NOT conservatives – we are just trying to inform the country about what is going on in Washington! Those in power right now are disturbed and sick.

    Do NOT blame the messengers here – do not blame Rush, or Beck or Savage or talk radio or FOX News – these are only the messengers – these are the people and organizations that are simply telling the American people what is happening in Washington – they are telling the American people what Obama and his loser supporters are doing.

    Yet the media is so stupid that they support these anti-American policies of Obama – these same policies they are supporting will soon come back to haunt them as our taxes go up and our freedoms continue to go down – Obama’s supporters are too stupid to realize this – a very sad state indeed.

    Don’t blame the messengers – blame anti-American Obama – he has worked this country up into a fever with his FORCED Health Care, his take over of private industries, his regulation of the internet and his overall disdain for America and all that is America.

    The Obama policies are clearly to blame for the heightened anger and frustration in this country – Obama himself is the terrorist who is responsible for this tragedy. There is most definitely blood on Obama’s hands – for this tragedy as well as for the thousands needlessly lost in Afghanistan – but Obama could care less.

    Everything the government and Obama have done is AGAINST the will of the American people – the taxpayers – yet on he goes – policy after policy AGAINST all that America stands for. Those on FOX as well as Beck, Rush and Savage are merely telling the American people about the treasonous activities being implemented by the White House and Obama. Don’t blame the messengers here.

    Don’t blame this shooting on the American people you freaks – put the blame squarely where it belongs – right in the White House.

    The media says Palin has “blood on her hands”? Well the real blood is on the hands of Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Obama, Holder and Napolitano – these are the real terrorists in  this country – these are the people who constantly are going against the will of the people and going against the Constitution.

    Don’t fall for the childish rhetoric coming from the Democrats, the Media and that foolish sheriff – stand tall for what you KNOW and what you BELIEVE. “We the People” know who is to blame – let those blaming conservatives have their day in the sun – because come 2012 – they are all OUT! Especially the terrorist Muslim Obama.

    Now you will see those that are Progressive, Communist and Socialist act – these people will immediately begin to introduce bills limiting our freedoms even further – attempting to limit gun ownership and limit free speech – this is how these morons think – they are completely reactionary – they shall react in a knee jerk way to this tragedy and want to implement new laws limiting the freedoms of ALL – not just the nut bag who committed the shooting.

    American politics is very sick. The Democrats are intent on destroying this country through their obsession with entitlements and government spending.  They are trying to do this through corruption and intimidation – any means they can to retain and gain control – over YOU! The media MUST be allowed to tell the American people what is really going on.

    The White House and the Democrats are now using this tragedy to put in place their agenda – they will use this disaster to chip away at our freedoms – this is the sleazy, snake like way they operate – it is disgusting, backhanded and against America. These actions should land them all in jail – if there was justice to be had.

    The pathetic, sick media is trying to blame anything and everything conservative – do NOT listen to this trash! It is the politicians who are trying to transform this country who are to blame!

    “We the People” know who is to blame – it is the sick anti-American policies that Obama is trying to shove down our throats! It is Obama and his Socialism to blame – it is Obama who has whipped this country into a frenzy and divided this country – by class, race and political persuasion – Obama should spend the rest of his life in jail – right next to the other anti-American freaks who are currently in office.

    We must stand together. Please sign in as an American for the Constitution if you believe in our Conservative platform. Sign in if you believe in gun rights, states rights, a smaller federal government, lack of government intervention into our daily lives and lower taxes.

    Sign in if you believe it is the Obama administration who is to blame for this Arizona tragedy. Notice how It takes this tragedy for Obama to go to Arizona. He didn’t go there when the border was under assault and still is – Obama could care less about you, Arizona and the American people – he has his agenda – and that’s it. Help us stop this mad man.

    Please join our cause and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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