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  • House Votes to Repeal ObamaCare Disaster!

    by Founder on January 22, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    The people we have recently sent to Washington are trying to do what they promised – and that is to repeal the disaster that is ObamaCare. With the House heavily in favor of the Republicans – the House recently voted 245 to 189 in favor of repealing the bill.

    It is very clear what a majority of the people – the tax payers – really want. We shall now see what happens in the Senate as the Democrats will fight tooth and nail to be sure we do NOT repeal the Health Care bill – and all while it is happening King Obama will be safely (in his mind) distancing himself from the fray – you watch.

    Very Important! Now is NOT the time to believe anything Obama says – or does – because he is now in ELECTION mode. It is currently of vital importance to Obama and his machine that this PUPPET be re-elected – therefore they will do anything, and I mean anything to win a second term.

    Obama is just now getting his election team into shape. He has just recently inked a deal with GE chief executive Jeff Immelt to actually be a part of the Federal government and head the governments Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. This, my friends, is a complete joke and is OBVIOUS corruption.

    Notice how the Progressives always name their “councils” so they sound like something an American tax payer would like? It is all a lie and massive misdirection as they continue to march on towards their “one world” goals.

    Here you have a private industry company – with a responsibility to it’s shareholders – yet the CEO will now be pushing the agenda of Obama at the same time! A little conflict of interest perhaps?

    Obama thinks Americans are pawns and idiots – he is going to push his arrogance and disrespect as far as he can – it is our job as the people to stop him right in his tracks! Let him enjoy the party and spending binge while he can – come November 2012 – he is OUT!

    Obama is now so obvious in his corruption and disregard for the law – if it were up to me he would be impeached and tried for treason – convicted and thrown in jail. This President’s actions are clearly on a path to destroy our great America – and who here is going to actually stand up and say “enough is enough”?

    When are the people going to stand up for their freedom? Each day Obama is chipping away at them. You know this right? How do you feel about this? Do you want your kids to be a slave to the Obama style government that he is trying to create? Or do you want your kids to grow up in the America you grew up in? It is our choice – you simply must be strong and in large numbers.

    GE is a BIG part of Obama’s scheme to implement his Cap and Trade program to tax us all to death – GE stands to profit BIGTIME if this is done and Obama can’t do it without the help of GE. This is once again, a government intervention and take over of a private industry company – it is sickening, it is treasonous and it is clearly anti-American.

    While the bread and butter of America – the small business – has been waiting in the wings to see what Obama is going to do – there are a few mega large companies that have backed Obama from the beginning and they are in each others back pocket – Google, GE and Goldman Sachs. This alone should land Obama in jail – I’m sure the Socialist elitist President would NOT like it in jail – he is used to so much better, right?

    These are all examples of how out of touch Obama is with the American people. Remember, you CANNOT believe anything Obama says right now – he just wants to get elected again. He will say the same crap now that he did during 2009 while he was campaigning to get elected – he lied then – he will lie now.

    Do not believe this man – he is clearly NOT one of us – meaning American – he hates our country and is just a puppet for those really pulling the strings – all in an effort to destroy America and melt us into the world order the elitists are desperately trying to create.

    The Republicans and the people are also gearing up for the 2012 election – by forcing the Democrats to again vote on the Health Care bill. The House passed the repeal vote no problem and this next vote in the Senate will really put the focus on those who again vote to keep the ObamaCare bill.

    These people will be highlighted as those who must be voted OUT in 2012 and there will be many as 21 Democrats in the Senate who are up for re-election in 2012 – it will be their time to go as the Republicans and the Tea Party get an even firmer grip on government and our direction.

    This is a smart move on the Republicans and will further expose the blatant anti-Americans we have representing our country in the Senate. “We the People” will do all we can to oust these people from office.

    Obama, with help of the main stream media dolts, will distance himself from the Health Care fracas as he just watches it unfold. Wonder if he even cares? He is so obviously setting up his corrupt machine that he probably thinks it doesn’t matter what the Congress says or does – Obama will just go around them – he does NOT like the American way – he does NOT like the Constitution – these facts we all know.

    At this point, Obama has already done what he wanted to do. It’s now election time for him. He took over Health Care, Banking, Mortgages, Student Loans and most of the Automotive Industry PLUS him and Wall Street are in each others pocket as they try to fleece the middle class of all their wealth – a necessary component in their plan.

    We know the plan Obama – your trash has been out in the open for some time now – it really smells bad – and God willing – you will NOT succeed.

    Please join us in our opposition today. Join Americans for the Constitution. Sign in if you are against Obama and all his policies. Sign in if you know Obama is corrupt and that he cares nothing for our great country – sad but true.

    Please sign in today if you believe in taking back our government from the treasonous Obama. Sign in if you are for less taxes, smaller government, financial responsibility, bringing our troops home and Capitalism as a way of doing business.

    Sign in today and join the thousands of others who support our cause as we do all we can to FORCE our elected officials to follow the United States Constitution – the same document they each swore to uphold and protect.

    God Bless America and our brave troops.

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