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  • ObamaCare is Clearly Un-Constitutional

    by Founder on February 18, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Article 1 Section 8 says it all.

    These are the 18 duties/responsibilities that were given to the Federal government by our Founding Fathers. That’s it – 18 – yet under the Presidencies of Clinton, the two Bush’s and Obama our government has massively expanded its reach and power and put into overdrive the trashing of our great Constitution.

    This is outrageous and is the reason “We the People” are losing our freedoms.

    Upon taking office, the President, members of Congress and the House ALL take and verbally state an oath to – “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States. Do you think they are doing this? Do you think Obama is doing this? Do you think Obama gives a crap about the Constitution? Please.

    Just today a Federal Judge in Florida has ruled that ObamaCare is un-Constitutional. The Judge ruled that the ENTIRE Bill was un-Constitutional. This decision was from a case brought against Obama by 26 states – all Republican Governors – and the “people” won. This is a GREAT ruling for “We the People”.

    The decision was mainly based on the arrogant existence of a MANDATE. This is the part of the bill where Obama REQUIRED you to purchase his health care plan if you do not have insurance – BUT – if you do not have insurance AND you do not buy ObamaCare? The IRS will fine you $3800! That’s right! At threat of jail – you MUST pay up!

    What do you think about this provision? Is this American? Do you agree that Obama has the right to FORCE you to buy his health care plan? Guess what, if you don’t buy it – they will then FORCE you to pay for other people’s health care! – illegal immigrants and the poor who cannot afford health care. Insanity!

    Plus the financial moron Obama will require that the tax payers pay for pre-existing conditions! This alone is a death blow to any sense of profitability for the program – with this philosophy the plan will quickly go upside down and further bankrupt the country.

    Imagine if you didn’t have to buy fire insurance until your house was on fire? Companies would go bankrupt very quickly. But Obama and the moron Progressives don’t think like this – they don’t think about “cost” – they only think about who’s vote they can buy and for how much.

    Obama doesn’t care about bankrupting this country – he wants this to happen! How dare America claim to be the greatest country on the planet! Right Obama? How dare Americans want to always be the best at what we are doing! Obama wants us to be a dull, no innovation, state controlled nation – that is just another nanny state European country – very sad indeed.

    I have news for Obama – “We” are NOT Europeans. “We: are Americans – you know as in “We the People”. The Constitution was established for “We the People” – it was written to establish the boundaries with which the Federal government had to work within.

    Look at the words “We the People” – they are four times bigger than the rest of the words! Gee, I wonder why? Because “We the People” are in control – NOT you Obama – NOT the Federal government – THIS is why America has been so great for the past 200+ years – because of the people – not because of our government.

    It is clear that for the past 30 years+ and especially with the America hating Obama – the government is now and has been trampling all over our freedoms and our great Constitution. Now, enough is enough.

    Let us hope that the recent ruling by this Federal judge will serve as a “loud and clear” message (again) to Obama and the other Socialists in power – that “We the People” are NOT just going to roll over like some pathetic European nation – no not at all – the spirit and will of the American people is special.

    We will not riot in the streets like the desperate Egypt – but “We the People” will beat Obama in court – in the court of public opinion (votes) and in the court of law – our Supreme Court – all that he is doing is un-Constitutional – and the people will NOT settle for it.

    Our American spirit will win out. It is what got our great country through two World Wars and an era of innovation and production never again seen in the modern world – yet – because of it – the American people can do it again. Yet we must follow the Constitution and it’s writings coupled with smaller government, less regulation and Capitalism – NO MORE BAILOUTS!

    Article 1 Section 8 spells it out. No where in this Section does it state that the government can get involved with the Health Care decisions of the citizens – nor does it state anywhere that the Federal government can REQUIRE that you purchase something – no matter what it is!

    This is a government gone mad – and Obama is trying to reach his Communist tentacles into every aspect of your life. Is this the America YOU want to live in? Is THIS the America you want to pass on to your kids?

    It is so obvious that ObamaCare is un-Constitutional.

    If any Judge is simply doing their job then it is OBVIOUS this is an un-Constitutional piece of trash. However IF you are a corrupt, scum bag Judge in Obama’s back pocket and/or you think like a Socialist/Progressive – then you will probably make a ruling that the bill actually IS Constitutional. Good for you.

    If you are one of these anti-American Judges – just be warned. The American people – you know, the TRUE Americans, the tax payers – will ridicule your anti-American stance, ostracize you in publicĀ  and hopefully, soon (if possible) vote you out of your position. America has no room for those who are anti-American – yet that is exactly what we have in the White House, Congress and the House.

    Now Obama will be going about his days KNOWING that his plan is un-Constitutional – however he doesn’t care – he will fight to the end and LIE to you telling you that it is Constitutional.

    They will say the Commerce Clause allows them to regulate Health Care – HOWEVER – if the government can site the Commerce Clause for this then they could require you to buy anything they wanted! The Commerce Clause does NOT allow the government to regulate “inactivity” – the act of NOT buying Obama’s Health Insurance plan.

    Obama is a sad pathetic politician who is failing in his desperate attempt to push his Socialist, European style society on us – the American people will NOT stand for this trash. Obama must go.

    “We the People” are rising up. We are rising together in large numbers. We are voting people into office who believe in the Constitution. We are exposing the scum politicians who are stealing from the Treasury and robbing our children of their future.

    “We the People” will again rise up in November 2012 and convincingly vote Obama OUT of office sending him, his wife and the rest of their Progressive buddies OUT THE DOOR!

    No more fancy, multi illion dollar vacations. No more bashing the USA as you travel the world. No more use of our aircraft for your pleasure, at your whim – you will have to pony up the doe Obama – the party is almost over.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Sign in if you believe that ObamaCare is un-Constitutional. Sign in if you believe in small government, less taxes, individual freedom, gun rights, state’s rights, Capitalism, family, God and our great Constitution.

    2012 will be the most important election since the Constitution was written. The people, the tax payers and those that are TRUE Americans – MUST rise up and take our country back from the terrorist in the White House – Obama. We MUST vote him out in 2012. Join us today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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