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  • US Constitution Not Even Considered Today

    by Founder on April 4, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Our government in Washington is so far from the Constitution – it is becoming sickening. The corruption, selfishness and anti-American actions coming out of the White House and our Congress today and for the the past 30 years – is clearly NOT what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

    What has happened to the American government? What has happened to the true America – filled with, yes, “Americans”? What has happened to our culture? Where is the good ole’ America?

    It is true the Obama is a complete disaster and selfish moron – yet for the past 20-30 years the corruption and money grubbing going on – at the expense of YOU the taxpayer – has spiraled out of control. Who was the last President that was actually SERIOUS about border control – and keeping illegal immigrants from pouring into this country?

    The amount of illegals pouring into America is in the millions every year – as there are at least 30 million in America today – and the politicians couldn’t care less. Yes, they say the right things sometimes – but let’s face it the BOTH want the votes of this block of people – both the despicable Republicans and the pathetic Democrats.

    The Democrats will push heavily for Amnesty in the next 1 1/2 years – because IF the corrupt and trashy Obama can grant them this Amnesty – the Demnocrats will be able to guarantee themsel;ves in power for many decades to come. This is why “We the Poeple” must do anything and everything in our power to prevent this from happemning.

    Who’s America is this anyway? Is it the politicians? Is it the foreigners? Or is it “We the People’s”? This is complete insanity! “We the People” MUST rise up together and make sure the corrupt Obama does NOT get re-elected – this would be a disaster for American – as America would NEVER see here great days again.

    There are so many Hispanics and illegals in America today that we may never know the true great America again. I have NOTHING against Hispanics – yet they are NOT American – and THIS is America – NOT some Latinn American country.

    Do the MILLIONS of Hispanics want to learn English? No. Do the MILLIONS of Hispanics want to learn about our great history and our American culture? No. Do the MILLIONS of Hispanics pouring into OUR country care about the MILLIONS of TRUE Americans who died on the battle field defending America and all that she stood for? No. You do the math.

    America is changing and thsi freak Obama is at the helm right now – letting and enabling it to all happen. Anyone voting for him is against all that is America. Anyone voting for this Socialist freak is uneducated about their future and is uninformed about just what it is the politicians are trying to accomplish.

    Yet Obama will have his followers. Obama controls the Unions because he has paid them off heavily. Obama has support of the illegal immigrants – all 20-30 million of them – and growing everyday. Obama has control of the far left liberals in this country – total all of these up and you get just about 40% of the voters – a dangerous amount and an amount that with just a little more could land this idiot in office again.

    Is this what yoiu want? Is this what you want to leave to your children? It seems so sad and such a shame that the children of today will not experience the God provided pleasure of having grown up in a free, happy amd prosperous Amnerica.

    Instead our politicians have sentenced our children to a violent, angry, empty, gray, corrupt America that is only guided by monb ey andf power. This is sick and America right now is sick.

    Because of our corrupt politicians our Education system is horrendous. The teachers can’t teach and gthe students won’t learn History of America is NOT being taught except for a politically motivated, warped version of American history. Again very sdad.

    Listen to children talk today or our teenagers and you will hear a simple dumbness that just didn’t exist 30 years ago.Yet our politicians corruptly just demand more money be thrown at the Education system as the only fix. Remember the more money they throw at something the more there is to steal.

    This is EXACTLY what our politicians do today. They should all be in jail – with the exception of a few who actually work by our Constitution. America is in grave danger – “We the People”, led by the Tea Party MUST rise up and rid our government of these corrupt politicians and install those who will actually make decisions that are related to America, Capitalism and “We the People”.

    Obama goes to war in Libya without even consulting Congress – completely unconstitutional and anti-American – clearly grounds for impeachment. Yet why is this not happening? Who shall have the balls to impeach this moron? The answer why no one is doing anything is that they are mostly all corrupt and too worried about their own political careers. Again very sad.

    Through regulations and control Obama has taken over Banking, Auto Industry, Insurance, Student Loans, Oil Drilling, the Unions, our Foreign Policy and a myriad of other intrusive government controls. Where was the Constitution considered in these policies? Where were our elected politicians to protect us from this attack against the tax payers?

    The politicians and Obama will NOT give us our America back – we must take it back. We must rise up as true Americans and demand our culture, our language and our borders back. We must rise up and vote out alll the anti-American scum that have infested the White House and Congress. It is up to us – we must NOT let this corruption win out! Obama the freak MUST go!

    America has a sever sickness right now. It is a sickness of political correctness that has swept through our government – as they are gridlocked on any and all decisions because of this sickness.This sickness has spread to our schools, our cities, our towns, TV, sports, music, and just everyday life. This sickness must be erased and eliminated or America will never again be the greatest country on the world.

    It all begins with you (and me), the tax payers. It all begins with “We the People”. As Glenn Beck says – “We are the answer”. “We  the People” must stand up for the millions of brave soldiers who lost their lives battling for our freedoms, Capitalism and protecting our great Constitution.

    We must stand up for our children and their children – we cannot leave them a trashy America like Obama wants – we MUST leave them a free and prosperous America full of colors and choices – NOT a dull gray  amnd bland America – like the one Obama wants for you anfd yopur children – just not HIS children.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and joinn the thousands of others who stand for our Constitution.

    Please join us in the FIGHT against the trash Obama and all he stands for. Please sign in if you are for Capitalism, prosperity, lower taxes, smaller government and the American way. Make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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