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  • Obama, the Budget and Lies, Lies, Lies

    by Founder on April 14, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    America now has a President who doesn’t care about the truth, the tax payers, the Constitution nor our future.  We have a media complex that is complicit with Obama and his corrupt Socialism. And now Obama is proposing $1 Trillion in new taxes AGAINST the American people! That’s right $1 TRILLION! Obama is a corrupt, anti-American disaster and cannot be gone soon enough.

    When you listen to this Socialist freak in his speeches – one can tell he says just what he “thinks” the American people WANT to hear. He talks about the middle class, our future and being debt conscious – all the things the REAL Americans want to hear – but also all the things Obama does NOT believe in.

    This man can stand in front of a crowd – while he is watched by millions of Americans – and lie right through his teeth – directly at the American people. Obama could care less about righting our great country – he only cares about staying in power, redistributing the wealth and further raping the Treasury to pay off the Unions, his friends, illegal immigrants and the poor.

    All Obama knows is how to buy votes. He cannot garner any votes because of his policies – he can only buy votes and he knows it. In Obama’s speech yesterday – he said that America was NOT a great country until 1965 when America started handing out entitlements like candy – it is only then that Obama thinks America became a “great” country. How wrong he is.

    This man is a sick terrorist who is within our White House and his only goal is to destroy America and all she stands for. Obama wants America to be a nanny state – like other bankrupt nations in the world – he wants to be the Santa Clause to the poor and to illegal immigrants – Obama is a sick, pathetic Socialist who must be ousted.

    If you make money, if you own a business, if you employ other people, if you generate wealth -Obama is AGAINST you and all that you stand for. Which means he is clearly against Capitalism, the American way and all that America stands for.

    Under Obama, America is no longer the land of “opportunity” it is the land of government oversight, corruption and control. This sick Communist MUST be voted out of office and it is “We the People” who shall do it.

    The White House and Obama lie about EVERYTHING. They lie about Americas role in Libya, they lie about our unemployment figures and they lie about the inflation rate. Obama thinks you are stupid. He thinks you will believe the trash he puts out. Not me, how about you?

    Obama wants to REDISTRIBUTE the money of this country. This is his primary goal. He wants to take it from those that have it and give it to those that don’t. This is not America and it is NOT what the people want.

    Obama, in his sickness, thinks America was not a great country BEFORE all the entitlements were doled out – imagine how warped and sick this is?

    America was its GREATEST before 1965. America had fought in and won TWO World Wars – America had built the most impressive infrastructure in the world between 1930 and 1950. This is the time of the “greatest generation” – made up of tough, honest America loving men and women.

    Before 1965, America was filled with hard workers – not government leeches. America was filled with “Americans” not illegal immigrants and Hispanics. America was filled with America loving tax payers – not anti-American, America hating illegals, who dodge paying taxes.

    Before 1965 America was NOT a sick “politically correct” nation. America wasn’t obsessed with words and their literal meaning – now every politician and media member watches their words like they are knives that they are throwing. America has a tremendous sickness right now and that is their obsession with “political correctness.

    Obama wants to hand out money to the poor and the illegals because he wants their vote – simple as that. The only problem? There is NO money to hand out! America is bankrupt and is now monetizing its own debt – clearly a death knell for any economy.

    So since there is no more money and Obama keeps getting us deeper into debt, what is his answer? Taxes and more taxes. This freak can’t afford his entitlement programs so he wants the hard working citizens of this country to pay for them! I will do everything I can to help oust this terrorist from the White House – and I need your help.

    Obama wants to STEAL your money (and my money) and all the money of the losers in the media who support him – and he wants to give it to those that hate America, those that do NOT pay taxes and those who are illegal immigrants – these are his favorite groups of people because he wants their votes. Obama is a sick Socialist who must go – and he will be gone in 2012 GUARANTEED!

    Or you can kiss America goodbye.

    Obama and the White House have no intention on actually cutting waste from the budget – they only want to ruin the middle class and tax the rich, those who employ others and those who work hard everyday for their money. Obama is a liar and a hater of America – this is something most people are now catching on to.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us in the fight to take back our country from this complete fraud that is Obama. No one even knows if this freak was born in America, no one knows for sure where he went to school and no one really knows anything about this person who has slithered into all of our lives.

    Please sign in and join the other thousands of members who believe in the Constitution, Capitalism, small government, LOWER taxes NOT higher taxes and having a President that actually LOVES America – this we will get in 2012.

    God bless our brave troops- and all those who died on the battlefield defending our Constitution, our flag and our freedoms. Even though Obama hates America and our military and our Constitution – we as Americans must always stand tall and support our military in all that they do and our Constitution.

    Please, make your voice heard today!

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    Jim January 28, 2012

    I love how obama is this websites main target you do realize that we have a system of three sperate groups that governin us but you wouldnt know anything about that keep blindly flowing the medai and continue to be a pawn …democrates and republicains are the se thing all they want is money they dont give a fuck how the rest of us are


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