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  • 4th Amendment Being Trampled Upon in Michigan

    by Founder on April 20, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    • The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    The Michigan State Police are stepping on this 4th Amendment – but does anyone care? Where is the outrage by American citizens at this blatant violation of our Constitution’s 4th Amendment? What is everyone doing?

    Are they too busy watching American Idol? Are they too busy living off the government to even care? Are they too happy with their food stamps, rental assistance, welfare, unemployment and a myriad of other pathetic government dependent programs. Calling them “entitlements” is a problem – because no one IS “ENTITLED” TO ANY OF THEM!

    Do NOT pay attention to what the main stream media is showing – they are morons – it is all a distraction to what is really happening – we are slowly turning into a Police State!

    If you are driving in Michigan and the Michigan State Police stop your vehicle they now have given themselves the right to STEAL your personal information – all at the threat of a pointed gun, if necessary. Yet these “Police” seem to believe there is nothing wrong with this. Are they really “Serving and Protecting”?

    In Michigan, they have been using a hand held mobile forensics device designed to download all the information on your cell phone – all in less that a minute and a half! It can perform a complete extraction of existing, hidden and deleted phone data, including call history, text messages, contacts and images!

    This is an outrageous invasion of ones privacy and clearly violates the Constitution of the United States – but where is the uproar? Who is going to stop this invasive treatment? Just what is going to be done about this? Where is the Governor? Where is Obama? (yea right)

    If nothing is done now, the government establishment, both local and national, will keep chipping away at your and my freedoms, a little bit at a time – so little that (they think) you won’t notice, or mind that much – until one day you will look around and realize (after turning off the TV) that you are living in a “Police State”!

    Wake up people!

    Who gives these Police the right to steal someones personal information? Are Americans now considered guilty before proven innocent? Instead of the other way around? Are we to all be treated like terrorists? We – the Americans?

    This unconstitutional search cannot be deemed Constitutional and simply cannot occur without a WARRANT in which a Judge determines that there’s “probable cause” to believe that the search itself, will show evidence of criminal activity. This Police action is just a bully and control tactic that the psychopathic Liberals have jammed down our throats!

    This all again points more and more towards the elections of 2012. Will Obama win another term? Will the Democrats and Liberal thinkers retain control of our government for another 4 years?  If so, I am afraid to say that the America you may remember from the 70′s, 80′s or 90′s will be gone – and gone for good. Obama will see to that.

    Obama is asleep at the helm – he could care less about you, me, the tax payers or our Constitution. Remember he is the Narcissist in Chief. He is trashing the office of the President and reducing it to an embarrassment by his anti-American words, actions and policies. Everyone knows now – that he hates America and all she stands for. He brazenly acts as if he is above the people, our Congress and our great Constitution. In reality he should be thrown in jail.

    America needs a leader who loves America and all she stands for – a leader who respects the American flag, our Military and our Constitution. Right now we do not have this. We currently have a Muslim loving, America hating liar in Chief.

    America needs someone who will rid the government of useless agencies, cut the government’s size down to a quarter of what it is now, use profiling in the airports and stand once again for the hard working tax payers of this great country!

    Just what is our nation coming to? How many more freedoms can the government take from you before you are outraged? Look at the TSA agent recently committing Statutory Rape on that little 6 year old girl at the airport! Yet psycho Janet Napolitano stands up for the TSA agent, saying it was done “professionally”. They are sick! They are sick government workers – who think because they work for the government they can do anything! “We the People” must stand up to this – how far can they push us?

    How many more Amendments can this White House trample? The 1st Amendment? The 2nd Amendment? Now the 4th? Face it people – Obama is a Communist in the White House – he wants a government to control the people and he wants a people who are dependent on the government. A perfect world for a warped college professor like him.

    Barack Hussein Obama is not a Democrat – this man is not an extreme Liberal – this is a Leninist Commie who is bent on “fundamentally transforming America” – and REDISTRIBUTING your money right into the hands of “others”.  Do you want that?

    The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer – the same old crap that has been tried and failed over and over again throughout the world. It will and is destroying the American Middle Class – yet this is Obama’s plan – everything going as planned.

    The 4th Amendment is being trashed in Michigan – what are you going to do about it? We must now be more vigilant than ever as we come together as Americans and say “enough is enough”. We must take back our government from this corrupt insanity.

    “We the People” – whom the Constitution was written for – must  wrest back control of our government and exterminate Washington of the terrorist cock roaches destroying our economy and our future.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join us in the fight to eradicate Obama from office. We believe he should be impeached for his treasonous activities – but with the pansies we have in office now – that isn’t happening. Therefore we must rise up and vote him out in 2012 – the most important election in American history.

    Please sign in and join the thousands of others who support us and are helping us in this fight.

    God Bless America and our brave troops.

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    grayszy October 4, 2011

    Everything in the above article is true and we are living it. Only in Michigan can you be setting down to a cup of coffee and have uniformed officers coerce there way in to your home, ransack it and get away with it with no warrant, no probable cause and accuse a person of illegal activity. The attorneys of Michigan aren’t much better. I was told by one such attorney that the Fourth Amendment of our Constitution carries essentially LITTLE BEARING. “Illegal Search and Seizure is a thing of the past” I was told. I was also informed that with no more than “pissing off the wrong person” these illegal tactics are more and more acceptable in the eyes of the law. I was also informed by one such attorney that it “all depended on what kind of a mood the Judge was in as to whether or not these tactics would even be ACKNOWLEDGED.

    The rights of our Constitution are very rapidly being crushed beneath the heel of those who desire recognition and power and law enforcement falsify police reports to achieve it.

    In the fevered quest for monitary gain we, the people, have very little chance of adequate representation should we be of minimal financial means. High paid council uses scare tactics to convince us ‘how badly their services are needed’ and court appointed attorneys have nothing at stake and will put forth minimal effort.

    The question of the day is how much more are we willing to take?

    The rights that our forefather’s fought and died for have been made a mockery of and it is up to the people to correct this blatant disrespect.


    Cassandra O'Brien March 4, 2012

    The police entered my enclosed porch last night and pulled my boyfriend out of the house. They were with a cps worker and said they had a complaint of a meth lab active with my children home. Earlier that day my kids went to spend the night with my sister…thank god…before the false report was given to them. The cps woker said it was obviosly false and the kids were safe at my sisters house with no abuse evident with no lab. They found a bag on my boyfriend after they grabbed him out of the house because an officer (state) had said they saw jason through the window on the enclosed porch coming out of the bathroom with something in his hands…first of all there is no window that you can see the bathroom from on the porch… I would not let the police come in the house without a warrent. they had already entered the house without one as it was. My neighbor who is a meth cook and a very bad man told me on face book that one day I would pay and he would plant shit at the house and call the police..which I have a copy of…. I am a little nerve wracked from all of this…. sorry…they searched us both without a warrent… my amendments have been completely violated…did I mention that they would not give me the search warrent papers until after they were done and pulling out the driveway…This is no longer what our founding fathers intended on america to be…. I don’t know what to do….or who to call…. There was no lab…of course….just a pissed off neighbor that got his kids taken and busted the night before…. I believe in God with all my heart… I have lost faith in America…only God can save us now..
    Cassandra O’Brien


    Richard Neill May 20, 2013

    Please consider looking at the atrocity of a situation, and maybe we can work together to save michigan?


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