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  • Obama the Liar is Obsessed with Trump

    by Founder on May 2, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    The Obama camp is clearly obsessed with Donald Trump. They know that this man is the one who can and will give him his greatest fight.

    The pathetic, politically correct other “Republicans” who may or may not run (not including the great American Ron Paul) will not say what has to be said to take down Obama and his corrupt anti-American machine, Trump will.

    If it wasn’t for Trump, Obama would not have released his recent (possibly faked) birth certificate. Are we to believe that Obama had the certificate the whole time? And was just waiting for the right time to release it? I highly doubt that.

    Why would Obama the liar spend $2 million to avoid releasing the birth certificate IF there was nothing to hide? Nothing Obama says or does can be believed – simply because this man is a blatant liar – right to the tax payers faces. He lied to all Americans as he campaigned in 2008 and he is lying again.

    Obama is obsessed with Trump, clearly. At the recent “inappropriate” dinner the other night – all Obama did was attempt to ridicule Trump – right to Trump’s face as Trump was sitting there. To the useful idiot Obama lovers it probably came across well to them – but to anyone with a three digit IQ and to anyone who loves America – it came across as a pathetic attempt by a pathetic, desperate man.

    Obama is afraid of Trump and what Trump may be capable of.

    Look at the most recent “news”. Obama is taking credit for killing Bin Laden? Yea right. Who believes this other than those that suck up to Obama? Where is the body? Oh yea, they supposedly disposed of it in the ocean – after a traditional Muslim ceremony – how quaint – why not just parade this loser to the media and actually show that we got the guy? The answer is because they didn’t – he has been dead for years.

    They did this with Saddam Hussein, why not now? (our “Presidents” middle name is Hussein?) Hmmmmm. But he’s not a Muslim, right?

    They honor his Muslim faith? Huh? Even though he is a mass murderer of 3000+ Americans?

    Let’s face it, Bin Laden has been dead for years – yet Obama in his arrogance and desire to lie to the tax payers – tries to take credit for something that has already occurred. I don’t believe that Bin Laden was just killed, do you? And that they disposed of his body so quickly, without any trace of what actually happened? Who is the man who shot him?

    If in fact this did just occur and Bin Laden has NOT been dead for many years – then God bless Obama for doing this – but the problem with someone who constantly lies is that – you can NEVER believe a liar.

    Is it a coincidence that Obama, fresh off his roasting of Trump at the dinner – the next night interrupts Trump’s TV show to announce this incredible breakthrough? I think not. Nothing is a coincidence with Obama. It was just another attempted dig and power move against Trump – by a pathetic, narcissistic loser – our President.

    The entire “inappropriate” dinner the other night was focused on Trump and Obama’s hatred towards him – just as Obama has a hatred for America – he showed it all the other night. And Trump is right, the dinner was completely “inappropriate” – as Obama basks in money and glamor the country suffers with rising gas prices, high inflation, high unemployment and a stretched out and weakened military – all Obama’s doing.

    I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet. Obama, I am sure has other things up his dirty sleeves. He has other surprises for the American people as “We the People” attempt to oust this terrorist for the White House – I wouldn’t put anything past this idiot – he has no love for America – only the Muslims and their plight – oh yea, plus the illegal immigrants – he loves them too.

    It is my hope and prayer, and I hope it is that of all tax payers as well, that either Trump or Ron Paul can become our next President. People make fun of Trump running, but we here, take him very seriously and KNOW that he would get America back to the economic strength as the world power we have always been – no apologies. Give him a chance.

    Obama is a disgusting liar and a proven liar. How any educated man or woman can actually support him is beyond me. What news do you listen to? Where do you get your information? Why would you support an American hating terrorist who is trying to destroy our great country? Why would you support a man who hates our military, who hates Christians and who hates Jews? Why?

    Trump seems to be the only straight talker who will stand up to this freak Obama.

    I love how the media is so surprised at some of the things Trump says – when in reality he is saying what all tax payers are thinking. The media is just as out of touch as Obama. It is my hope that Trump spends his entire fortune to become President and kicks Obama out on his ass – out in the cold where he belongs. Actually where Obama belongs is in jail – but I doubt that will happen – we must simply vote him out.

    It is clear Obama and his minions are afraid of Trump – why else would they have this orchestrated attack on him? Since when did the media hate and ridicule Trump to this extent? It is only since Trump has been challenging Obama has the media turned on him. The media is a pathetic shell of what it actually used to be.

    The media is filled with the most pathetic ass kissers possible. And what amazes me is that as they support anything and everything that is Obama – these same policies they support are stripping them of their very freedoms everyday – yet they are just too stupid to notice. Let’s face it – Obama supporters are uneducated, have an agenda of Socialism, they are leeching from the government or simply don’t understand what they are supporting.

    Now listing to the media is painful. They are lying all the time and simply report what they are told to report – with the NY Times leading the way – it is very sad and American “investigative” journalism seems to be thrown out the door as many (most) major media outlets are now slaves to a Progressive, Socialist agenda.

    Thank god for a man like Trump who has the gumption to stand tall against this White House terrorist. This is what America needs right now – not some politically correct politician who tries to say the “right things” with out offending “Mr.” Obama. We need someone to stand tall for America and the millions who fought for our freedom.

    Now it is our turn. Now it is up to “We the People”. Do you believe Osama Bin Laden was just killed? Or is Obama lying again? Do you want Obama to have another four year term, to further destroy our country? Or do you want someone in office who is a believer in Capitalism and the American way? It is up to us. What kind of America do you want to leave to your children?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard. We are coming up in 2012 on the most important election in American history. We MUST band together. Let’s vote Obama out of office and throw this liar out on his smiling ass – both him and his America hating wife – get them out before they further destroy our beloved country!

    Join us as we fight against Obama and his Communist minions. Join us if you believe in Capitalism, the American flag, our military, less government, less spending, lower taxes and our great Constitution. Join us if you want Obama OUT! Please join us today!

    God bless our military and the millions who have lost their lives for our country protecting our freedoms, our Constitution and for protecting us from the very way of life Obama is trying to shove down our throats.

    Make your voice heard today!

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