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  • The Obama – bin Laden Hoax

    by Founder on May 4, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Hey Obama – show me the proof and then I will believe you. Obama lies so much he is clearly not believable on anything he says. You cannot believe a pathological liar.

    Why couldn’t this be a possibility? Think about this.

    We all must remember that with Obama, as Glenn Beck so rightly says, you always have to watch the other hand – as his skills in misdirection and deception are second to no one.

    Before bin Laden was killed, things sure were bad for Obama.

    1. The economy was and is in the tank.
    2. Gas prices were and are souring.
    3. Unemployment was and is much higher than the government wants you to know.
    4. People just can’t find good paying jobs
    5. Businesses aren’t hiring.
    6. Inflation is kicking in big time with food, energy and just about anything you want to buy.
    7. The dollar is at a three year low.
    8. Obama went around the world apologizing for anything and everything America stands for.
    9. The Federal Reserve is buying our own debt (monetizing our debt) and printing money by the billions everyday.
    10. Obama’s ratings were (and still are) in the tank – a new low for this lowest of Presidents.

    Things were (and are) pretty bad, right? Something just had to happen. Obama needed help.

    So Obama  and his crew think ( and don’t put this past them) – “Gee, sure need to get those Americans minds off of my problems, what to do, what to do? Those tax payers, you know the ones that cling to their guns and bibles, they’re so stupid, they will believe anything I (we) tell them.”

    “What would be better than to let them think that I, Barrack Obama, not only was born in America, but that I had captured and killed the most wanted man on the planet! The man responsible for killing 3000+ Americans on September 11, 2001. If I can get on the side of the REAL Americans – you know, the tax payers, why I will definitely win the next election. This would be a perfect diversion.”

    “The tax payers would love me. All the families and friends of those lost on 9/11 would love me. America would love me. These are the TRUE Americans – these are the people I need to reach but cannot with my policies. THIS is the perfect diversion from what is happening today. My ratings will skyrocket!”

    Or will they?

    Flash forward – Osama bin Laden is dead. Killed by a successful mission by our military at MY direction. And after they stormed the “compound” and killed him and several others, they whisked him off – and only him – to an awaiting ship where they went out to sea and gave him a “proper” Muslim burial service (how thoughtful) – then they dumped his body into the sea – never to be seen again. Hmmmm. How quaint.

    After the major announcement – which coincidentally was televised interrupting the last fifteen minutes of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” TV show, there was a controversy of whether to “release” the photos of bin Laden as he lay shot in the head with his head split wide open.

    Such a difficult decision “by the Obama White House” – what should they do? When at the last second of everyone pondering as to what they would do – Obama decided – and drum role please – …….. to NOT release the photos of a dead bin Laden! How shocking and he, of course, is simply protecting the American people. You know, THOSE tax payers.

    In addition, the now America loving White House, has “released” a version of the events as they went down. Only problem is that the “version” keeps changing everyday. Very odd. Why would that happen? After all there must have been the military personnel executing the raid right there – and these certain individuals would be able to corroborate everything that occurred and EXACTLY what did occur. They would be instant American heroes!

    Where are they? Who were they? Why aren’t they being interviewed? You know, just to really validate the world’s speculation.

    I recall they had many pictures of Saddam Hussein and the military personnel that were responsible for finding him in that hole. In fact they were later on several talk TV shows discussing what occurred and how they captured this most wanted terrorist. That will happen here, right? After all bin Laden is just as famous as Saddam Hussein, right? This person who shot him twice above the left eye will be quite the talk of the town in America – a real hero.  Where is he?

    Reuters released some photos of the dead at the “compound” – but none of those three they showed were bin Laden. So you mean that they killed all those people and bin Laden and whisked away only bin Laden to the awaiting ship while they left these others there? I am just trying to understand. And they quickly went out to sea and dumped his body overboard.

    Is this what Obama wants us to believe happened? In other words there will be no evidence of this event – other than they know want you to believe we are even under a deeper threat now – thus tightening their grip on even more of your (and my) freedoms. Wake up people – I smell a rat here.

    Do you believe this tale by the Obama government?

    Just to get it straight – there will be no photos of a dead bin Laden. There is no body of bin Laden – he was thrown to sea, but they say they matched him up with “DNA” just to really prove it was him – so we should all believe that this is what happened, right?

    Where are the crew members at sea who were part of this mission? Did they all stand around, give the ceremony and then trow him overboard? This must have been quite a seen. Can those there corroborate what happened? And that they rushed out to sea to throw bin Laden overboard? Doesn’t this sound a bit bizarre to you?

    The result? Military personnel across the globe were celebrating. The main stream media was salivating at the greatness of Obama and those connected to 9/11 in some way – were seemingly given closure – a very emotional time for them. But would Obama use this event, this possibly staged event, to actually tug at the heart strings of these 9/11 survivors? Would Obama sink this low – just to keep in power? Is this the only way he feels he can keep his power?

    As planned icing on the cake, the Federal government has also come out strong that we are now on a higher “Terror” alert – watch out – bombs could explode and bad things can happen – oh really?

    Isn’t this all pretty standard for the old Cloward and Piven? With their strategy to create panic within the masses? In order to control the people. To “create” events that require “dependency” on the government? When you step back and look at the big picture for Obama – this all fits in pretty well – and I wouldn’t put it past this guy. Would you?

    In fact, this is all the media is talking about now. Again, how quaint. As soon as “the announcement” happened – society in America changed. All of the sudden Obama was leading the way and cheering for that most elusive voting group of bible loving gun toting tax payers – you know – us TRUE Americans. The Sarah Palin types – imagine Obama being on THEIR side?

    Gone from the airwaves is the talk about the economy. Gone is the talk about gas prices. Gone is the talk about the dollar and the Federal Reserve. Gone is the talk about unemployment and just how bad things were. People everywhere were and are celebrating.

    In an Obama flash, America’s focus had been switched – just like that. With one (possibly staged) event to get YOU on THEIR side, to control YOU and to perhaps greatly influence the election of 2012 – perhaps the most important election in America’s great history.

    Now Obama is planning to go to Ground Zero – for the FIRST time in his Presidency – that’s right people – the FIRST time. He invited Bush – Bush said “no” and good for him – he will not let Obama use him in that way. If America and the 9/11 survivors see Obama arm and arm with Bush – THIS is what Obama wants – THIS is what he believes will help him with these voters – and it probably would.

    This next point is most important. One thing we must all understand right now is that Obama is in FULL PRESS campaign mode and he is trying to appeal to the TRUE Americans – he has most recently showed his supposed birth certificate to the public and days later he supposedly killed bin Laden – something our military hadn’t been able to do for ten years.  That’s quite a week for Obama. He’s Superman, or so he thinks.

    IF this event (the killing of bin Laden) proves to be untrue and staged by this pathetic politician and his little team of rats – then Obama is toast. He is pulling the heart strings of all of America when he messed with 9/11. This is a most sensitive area for TRUE America loving Americans.  We Americans are loyal patriots to the flag and our country – if he is lying about this event it will certainly be his undoing and his legacy in history.

    Think about it. Look at Obama’s policies. Are these the policies of someone who has America’s best interests at heart? Or are these the policies of a terrorist who wants to destroy this country from within? He is trying to completely transform America from a Capitalistic society to a government controlled Socialist society. Seemingly INTENTIONALLY destroying our economy with his policies of spend, borrow, print and raise taxes.

    This methodology is a proven disaster and a sure way to run any economy into the ground – which I believe is what he is intentionally doing.

    Do you believe that these people – Obama in particular – are capable of this type of attempted manipulation? Do you think Obama would go this far in an attempt to keep power and to win the next election? I say yes. What do you say?

    Remember – there will be no pictures of bin Laden dead, there is no body and no one to actually corroborate what went down – it does appear they raided a compound and killed several people – it also appears that Obama has USED this event to its fullest – by falsely claiming that Osama bin Laden was shot and killed at the same time.

    Do you believe this?

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

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    zippy October 4, 2011

    I don’t even know where to start.

    First off, can you name ONE politician who is not corrupt, a liar, or both? It’s simply not possible.

    If you are such a fan of the Constitution, why are you such a big supporter of Bush and Glenn Beck? Bush’s lies are the reason we’re in such a huge debt and why we’re still stuck in a bunch of unnecessary wars. Sure Obama isn’t the greatest, and as a proud Democrat, I’d be the first to admit that. But to put all the blame on him and at the same time praise Bush and Beck is completely and utterly backwards.

    You really think Obama is intentionally drowning the economy? Seriously? There are very simple answers as to why the economy is struggling, and NO, Obama is NOT the reason.

    People can’t find jobs because businesses aren’t hiring. Businesses aren’t hiring because they don’t have any money to grow. Businesses don’t have money to grow because the citizens don’t have any money to spend. Citizens don’t have any money to spend because the country is trillions of dollars in debt from our unnecessary defense efforts. See? That was easy.

    I understand that you’re unhappy with the way the government is working. EVERYONE is unhappy, even some of the politicians that are causing it to fail. Sadly, you’re turning your unhappiness into uninformed political spam that you pay to put onto the internet. If you’re such an expert, how about offering some solutions to our problems?

    What ever happened to the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it” rule? Stop name calling, stop blaming those who don’t deserve the blame, and stop making a fool out of yourself on a daily basis. Thanks.


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