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  • If Obama Gets a Second Term……

    by Founder on May 10, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    America will be successfully destroyed.

    I just can’t understand how any American would vote for Obama. I get letters from people all over the country defending Obama and all he does. Are these people just uneducated? Have they had difficult upbringings? How can they grow up in our great country and their view of the world be so warped that they cannot see what is happening right in front of their face?

    I get letters from people who put down Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh – when these are the people who are fighting against the current as they attempt to put out the reality of what is going on. In the mean time the main stream media is putting out their controlled crap – that they want the people to hear. Who is falling for this stuff? Are you that stupid?

    If you love America – how can you vote for Obama? If you want an America for your children – how can you vote for Obama? Can’t you see what he is doing? Open your eyes and your mind – and do it now! Vote for someone who IS an American and who loves his country.

    Obama is against Capitalism. Obama is against the American way. Obama is against the Middle class. Obama is against God, guns and American traditions. Obama is against wealth creation (unless it is his). Wake up people! A vote for Obama is a vote AGAINST America!

    If he gets his second term he will raise taxes significantly AFTER he is elected. He is holding back from doing this until right after he is elected – after all he wants to ge re-elected and can’t show his true colors just yet. In addition, he will push hard for amnesty for all the illegal immigrants – and he will be counting on their votes.

    Obama is for Socialism. Obama is for a nanny state type existence. Obama is for Muslims in America. Obama is for wealth redistribution. Obama is for taxing and spending. Obama is for anything and everything that is anti-America. Can’t you Obama lovers see this? What is wrong with you? Wake up America!

    Are there so many people now working for the government and who are on the government dole – that THIS is the only way Obama will be re-elected? He must rely on those he is paying off to vote for him? Don’t you people see this? You are being duped – and you don’t even know it!

    Those who are on the welfare dole – in actuality you are being suffocated – you are being stifled. Your production capabilities are being snuffed. You are a slave to the government. Is this what you want? Is this what you want for your children? Is this the America you want to pass on?

    How do you Obama lovers like the economy right now? The real estate market is in the worse shape that is has ever been. Unemployment is high and even higher that the government will tell you. Inflation is skyrocketing. And what is Obama doing about all of this? The answer is nothing. He could care less. This guy is for a New World Order – he wants America to be just another country – NOT the world leader.

    Obama has alienated Israel from us and he has traveled the world apologizing to the leaders for America’s actions. Are you in agreement with this? Do you think our President should be apologizing for America’s actions? Is this the leadership you want? If you vote for Obama – in my opinion – you are a moron. And if you are college “educated”, ask for your money back.

    It amazes me that seemingly “intelligent” people are so FOR Obama – when the exact policies that these people are supporting – are the policies that are stripping them and us of our freedoms each and every day. These Obama “useful idiots” just don’t get it. Where oh where did they get their education? It is scary.

    If you want America to survive as the last real free nation – the land of opportunity – then do NOT vote for Obama in 2012. If you want any semblance of America for the future you MUST vote against Obama.

    Obama thinks you are stupid – and if you vote for him you are. Since he has been in campaign mode – he has released an obviously fake “birth certificate” – he has supposedly killed Osama bin Laden – even though there is no proof – he has met with 9/11 families and he has had several photo opps with the military. Don’t you Obama morons see through this crap? Are you really that stupid that you would vote for this person again?

    I understand if you voted for him in 2008 (I voted for Ron Paul) – because, after all, he did lie though his teeth to get into the Presidency and any simpleton would believe him simply on his word. He promised Americans anything and everything they wanted – and since being elected he has shown his true colors – yet most useful idiots don’t want to see what is right in front of their faces. Would you still vote for this White House terrorist who is destroying our great country? Would you?

    What more does this idiot have to do before you actually see him for what he is? Are you all so blinded by your view of the news that you will believe anything and everything this person says? I talk to supposedly smart people all the time who defend Obama to the end. How is this possible?

    The running theme in all these people who defend Obama is their obvious obsession with George Bush. They will bring up Bush in all their arguments – over and over again. It is really very sick. They are blinded to what Obama is doing because they are obsessed with the Bush era. It is sad – they seem like intelligent people but when they open their mouth about politics and our great country they instantly revert to babbling morons.

    In 2012 we need the true Americans to come out and vote. “We the People” need to rise up and vote Obama out of office and make sure no one ever again occupies the White House who thinks as this man does. The middle class must rise up and take our country back. We must wrest our country back from the government workers and the 30 million illegal immigrants who leech off of our country everyday.

    What has happened to America that this travesty of Obama has been allowed to occur? When did everything slip away? When did the education level of voters go down the tubes? Since when has the media lost its “investigative journalism” tag? All these people are just “useful idiots” for the Obama machine. Congratulations to you.

    My question to all you so called “intelligent” voters out there who are voting for Obama – how does it feel to be supposedly educated and yet your vote is the EXACT same as that of an uneducated, illegal immigrant? How does it feel to know that you are voting the same way as all those who don’t want to work and are on welfare? How does it feel? Does this make you feel smart or stupid? Let me know.

    If Obama gets a second term he will further destroy the country as he spends us into bankruptcy – promising entitlement programs to any and every special interest group out there – all in an effort to buy their votes. Pathetic. He will shove his health care program further down our throats and he will tighten the supposed freedoms we as American enjoy.

    Obama will pull out the fear card very soon. After supposedly killing bin Laden – who has been dead for years – the government instantly issued more terror warnings. Watch out they say – The Taliban wants revenge! Soon there will be frisk downs as you walk in the supermarket or into a movie theater – heck, they were patting down a baby recently at an airport. This is all to take away your freedoms and make you dependent on the government. Is this the America you want?

    Do you believe in our military? Do you honor those millions who have died in our many wars – protecting our freedoms and our Constitution? Or do you spit on them like Obama does? The very way of life he is trying to push on the American people is the very way of life our Military was trying to STOP in the many wars America has fought and won. How do you Obama lovers feel about this?

    If George Bush was so horrible – and I agree with you in many ways – then what exactly has Obama done to REVERSE this? You tell an Obama lover about the debt and they say it was Bush’s fault – but has Obama reversed this trend? No, rather he has accelerated it – making it far worse. Obama is a liar, manipulator and hater of the Constitution. He must go.

    Please join us an an American for the Constitution if you believe in America and all her traditions. Join us if you believe in Capitalism, the family, LEGAL immigration, smaller government, financial accountability and America as a world leader.

    Join us if you are AGAINST anything and everything that is Obama and all that Obama represents. Join us if you are a bible clinging, gun toting American who loves their country and will do anything to preserve the Constitution and the freedoms it allows us.

    God bless America and our brave military.

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