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  • Obama Chooses Unions Over the Tax Payers

    by Founder on May 17, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Union members just don’t get it.

    The Union members of Wisconsin are out of control. They are like babies demanding what they want – news flash – there is NO MONEY for you! The free ride is over – the sucking off the tax payer is over – wake up!

    Obama has once again shown his true colors. He has once again sided with the unions in a dispute against common sense. And the people of this great country can see him for all he is worth – in a word – nothing.

    The governor of Wisconsin has common sense – this man’s name is Scott Walker – and we here at Americans for the Constitution 100% support this person and his efforts to bring common sense and reality back to the state of Wisconsin. Hopefully his ideas and principles will rub off to the other states in this great country.

    Let’s face it the states are on their own. The Federal government can’t help them. It was the states who granted the Federal government their powers and it is the states who will maintain their own independence and sovereignty.

    This responsible Governor is trying to reduce the tremendous debt of Wisconsin – and a great place to start is with the spoiled and out of touch Unions – who have squeezed every cent out of the tax payers possible and who, throughout the years, have gotten away with completely unrealistic pay schedules and benefits – yet they still chant that they are being screwed.

    Yet the average pay of these teachers approaches $100,000! That’s right $100,000 and they are complaining.

    Well I say to them – “Screw you”! Try paying 100% of your health benefits like many tax payers do! Try and NOT get raises every so often – like you do. Try finding a job where you cannot be fired – like the arrangement you have. Your arrangement is pathetic and unrealistic – time to face the music. The party is over.

    Like Chris Christy, the Governor of New Jersey says it – “if you don’t like it, find another job” – quit complaining and get some other type of employment – and by the way, good luck finding this good of an arrangement – if you leave teaching you are in for a rude awakening. Go Governor of Wisconsin!

    I say “fire them all” – there are thousands waiting to take their job! If these spoiled, entitlement crazy people want to protest and disrupt society – fire them and/or jail them. The Governor is not telling you protesting idiots you are fired he is telling you that the state is broke and that all citizens must share an equal burden – no more “free” tax payer paid ride. Sorry. mt

    These protesters say they are all teachers? – apparently none of them are math teachers – because if they were, they would be able to do the math! Hello! Your state government doesn’t have the money to pay all your bloated pensions anymore. The tax payers don’t have the money to pay for 100% of your benefits anymore – the party is over. News flash – the government is broke.

    The entitlement attitude has to go and along with it – take Obama as well.

    All you disgruntled workers/teachers can complain and then – move on – because there are plenty of able bodied, intelligent Americans who are willing to take your place and will be VERY happy with the pay plan and the very generous benefits available.

    So please take your liberal, entitlement attitudes and move on – get a life – it’s time to do the math – and wake up. Your Obama has been a disaster for the economy and YOU have definitely suffered. The guy you have been desperately supporting all this time has been destroying the economy lately – in case you haven’t noticed.

    Now Obama is showing his true Socialist and Progressive (anti-American) colors by trying to actually rally behind you, the pathetic entitlement crazy unions – while at the same time common sense – is trying to throw a wrench in all that is the unions and Obama’s pathetic and trashy plans. Go Governor of Wisconsin!

    The states are broke. The Federal government is broke and there is no sign of any type of substantive “job creating” policies coming from Obama – he is merely running his destroy America platform and trying to get as many converts as possible. But I think his game might be just about over.

    The Governor of Wisconsin is standing for the tax payers of his great state and the tax payers of this great country. He is standing for common sense.

    Yet there is a “large” group of teachers who are protesting against his anti-union stance. The media presents these teachers as the only ones who matter – yet they do not show the voice or opinion of the MILLIONS of other Wisconsin tax payers who want these teachers to “shoulder their own” – no more free ride. No more governmental financial stupidity. Time for common sense and reality.

    It seems that for the last two years, the American people have been constantly fighting against the ugliness that are the Obama ideas and philosophies. It is clear Obama is against America – yet no one has the balls to call him out on it. Very sad. Let him walk into my business – I would NOT kiss his ass like all the rest – you can take that to the bank.

    Obama travels around the country and where ever he goes the people seem to love him – ever one is very respectable of him – HOGWASH! I am waiting for the REAL American who tells this guy like it is.

    Obama is a pathological liar who is against the Constitution and who wants to destroy the very heart and soul of America and her economy – while at the same time he and his family hypocritically continuing to enjoy all the pleasures that a capitalist economy offers.

    Obama is the worst President in American history and, in our opinion here – does NOT deserve the respect of the American people – as he is giving us the proverbial finger – and so shall we with him. It is time for him to go.

    On the bright side, thank god for Obama in that he has awakened the American people.

    We now have the strong and growing tea parties who have given us control of the House. We now have many Republicans in office who know that the people are watching them and that we demand adherence to certain principles – including the following of the Constitution – If not – “We the People” will vote you out.

    Thanks to “We the People” common sense now controls the House of Representatives – as they continue to vote down spending authorizations for many of Obama’s ridiculous Progressive anti-American policies – as well as voting down his “go around Congress” czars that he likes to appoint in the dead of night. The House – for now – is clearly on the side of the people.

    Obama is a one term president. He has shown his arrogant ignorance and complete lack of experience in the areas of dealing with the Egyptian crisis, any and all world diplomacy, our economy, our future, our money supply and the dignity and grace of America. Obama is an embarrassment and a complete disaster for America – as I have said here many times before.

    Who ever we put up as a Presidential candidate in 2012 – it is vitally important that we back this person with tremendous passion and vigor. We must rise TOGETHER and vote Obama OUT of office.

    This will be the most important vote in American history – either we go Obama’s way – or we go the American way – it is up to “We the People”.

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today.

    Join us if you are FOR the Governor of Wisconsin. Join us if you are against Obama and his trashy redistribution policies. Join us if you believe in Capitalism, small government and lower taxes. Join us to vote Obama OUT of office in 2012.

    God bless America and our brave military.

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