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  • Wisconsin Chooses Taxpayers Over Unions!

    by Founder on May 17, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    We have finally received some great news from the national scene.

    Wisconson Governor and the “present” elected officials have unanimously voted to cut off the gravy train of the unions – the party is over and HOPEFULLY this COMMON SENSE trend will spread and continue throughout the entire country and America will, once again, get “back on track”.

    It is time for American politicians to face the music. It is time to actually balance the budgets. It is now time to be FINANCIALLY responsible to ourselves and to all future generations. Obama’s crap must end and it must end now. He is addicted to spending money “We the People” do NOT have.

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, in my opinion, should be given the “Man of the Year” award. He is the man! Standing up to these selfish, corrupt unions is finally a step in the right direction for America and her future. In all this hustle and bustle he never budged – he held his ground and because of this I respect him even more – in fact THIS is the type of man I want in the White House.

    Here’s how it went down. The Wisconsin Republicans, WITHOUT the presence of the Wisconsin Democrats voted unanimously to strip the unions of all their “collective bargaining” rights. NICE! This now takes the cards OUT of the hands of the unions and puts them INTO the hands of the taxpayers – about time. No more FREE ride – poor unions.

    You now see on television CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC – all Obama run media – showing video clips of all these “rioters” – they are all “worthy union members” who are “getting screwed” – right? Yea, right.

    This is merely a pathetic attempt by the lame mass media to try and get the sympathy of the American public – by distorting what is really happening. All they are showing is a few hundred people still at the Capitol protesting – which has NO connection – nor does it show – the amount of people who are FOR what Governor Walker is doing Just as we, here at AFTC, are FOR it 100%.

    The people of Wisconsin AND the people of the United States are AGAINST greedy, demanding, over bearing, lack of common sense unions – “We the People” are AGAINST paying for your FREE RIDE anymore.

    You union people need to wake up – the free ride is over – your spoiled “entitlement” attitude neeeds to be flushed down the toilet – it’s now time to “pay your way” – just like the rest of us. Sorry.

    Your corrupt anti-American President Obama did the best he could to rally for you – but, alas – just about everything this dude touches goes the other way. Just face it, Obama is done. The American people despise this person and his ideas. The only people supporting Obama are the ones benefiting financially from this freak, ie. the unions. He is “one and done”.

    Thank God for Wisconsin and Scott Walker. Thank God for a politician who actually stands up for the tax payers of the state. Thank God that we have a man who will stand up to the over intrusive Federal government. Thank God we have Scott Walker and his desire to uphold his pledge to HIS state Constitution.

    Yet, right now our White House is a complete joke. Obama is the worst President in American history and will go down as such. Everyone at this point knows that Obama is in the back pockets of many world powers to bankrupt America and to turn us into a nanny state – reducing America to “just another” country.

    This is NOT happening. The American people are a little bit different that the “European sheep” that have fallen under the spell of Socialism throughout most of their land. THIS, Obama and his buddies have mis-calculated.

    The American people do NOT like Obama and Obama’s policies. While all the world is falling apart financially, Obama , his wife and his many supporters (throughout the world) continue to rob and steal from the U.S. Treasury – as they travel the world a and party like they are rock stars. Obama could care less about America and the American people are now awakened to this situation.

    Wisconsin is the leader. They have led the way by attempting to balance their budget with common sense. The state does NOT have the money to fund the OUTRAGEOUS demands by the out of touch union members. It is now time for the union members to share in the burden. “Workers unite” right? Isn’t that the call of the Socialists and Progressives. Well, now we will see just how much you scum want to “unite”.

    I ask you, as a person do you live within your budget? Do you spend MORE than you make? I doubt IT.

    As a family to your spend MORE than you bring in? I am SURE you do not. Yet our idiotic, big shot politicians managed to run up a $223 BILLION DEFICIT for the month of February 2011! That’s right for ONE month – these morons spent $223 Billion MORE than they brought in! How insane can one be?

    How insane and stupid can the American people be for voting in these idiots? This is a ridiculous joke. A nightmare – yet it is really happening – to us and to our children’s future..

    Wake up! These fools in Washington have all the perks they want. Free this and free that. They steal and rob money at every possible chance they can get! 95% of them are robbing us blind. They dress in the fanciest of suits and dresses. They attend the fanciest of dinners and parties Рall the while YOU are out of work, or YOU are struggling to  make your mortgage payment Рor YOU are worrying over the life of a loved one fighting in a far off war. THIS must stop!

    The policy of these Progressives, like Obama, is to stretch our military out as much as possible to WEAKEN us as a country – and to, of course, aid in the destruction of our economy by by further bankrupting us with the devastating cost of our many wars. This is all part of the plan – mark my words.

    Yes, all of this all has to do with Wisconsin. Finally, the American way prevails in a state. Finally the TAX PAYERS win against the corrupt, liberal Democrat unions. AGAIN what Obama wants goes down in flames. This common sense MUST spread throughout the land. All states MUST institute similar policies and take back control of their budget. The majority MUST rule.

    News flash to ALL:

    1. Public unions – the country is broke! Your state is broke! There is no more money.
    2. The President of the United States wants to DESTROY America and our economy.
    3. NOTHING will happen in this country until Obama is OUT! This freak MUST be voted out of office in 2012 or the direction of America will FOREVER change.

    We at Americans for the Constitution thank all of the THOUSANDS who have joined our fight to OUST Obama from office, eliminate corruption in government and further our cause of enforcing the United States Constitution.

    We thank the thousands who have joined us in support of smaller government, lower taxes, less government regulation, more financial responsibility, NO OBAMACARE and the INFESTATION removal from our White House of all the vermin Commies, Socialists and Progressives that Obama has let slither in the front door.

    The next President shall promise to do this – I am sure. It is time for the American people to take their government back – time to sterilize the White House of the trash currently living there.

    It is time for the states to rid themselves of the intrusive Federal govwernment. It is time for America to return to being America – the #1 country in the world.

    Please sign in today and join us as an American for the Constitution. Make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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