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  • How Much More “Obama” Can America Take?

    by James Taylor on May 19, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    How much more of a pounding can good ole’ America take? Obama is unleashing a torrential onslaught of anti-American policies and is doing his very best to send our hard earned wealth OUT of this country and into the hands of other countries. How do you feel about this?

    In a most recent speech Obama wants to give BILLIONS to the Middle East! That’s right folks he wants to send BILLIONS more of our wealth to Jordan and Saudi Arabia! This is insanity and is only aimed at further weakening America and destroying our economy. Wake up people! Obama is destroying America piece by piece.

    Yet Obama continues to have his supporters. I just cannot figure out how supposedly intelligent people support this man. Perhaps they had a bad upbringing? And for some reason they dislike America? Is everyone on the Obama dole? Is this why they support him so? I can’t figure any other reason. Why would any America loving tax payer vote for Obama?

    If you ask an Obama supporter WHY they like him? Or WHAT has he done that they like? The response you will get mostly, now, is that “he killed bin Laden”! is this a joke or what? This shows the depth of his supporters – they can only mention the one thing that he has supposedly (and most recently) done for the country – but these same people have no idea what he has really done and is doing to this country – financially. The media keeps the masses in the dark.

    Most Obama supporters are uninformed about the economy and the financial doings of our country. They don’t care – they just like the fact that we have a black President. This is why everyone in the media is afraid to challenge this moron – because he is black – and they don’t want to offend the blacks. When in reality the true Americans could care less what color he is – we simply care about our country – and how Obama is destroying it each and every day.

    Just how much more “Obama” can this country take?

    Obama is the great divider. He is dividing the races with his rhetoric. Obama himself is the most racist of them all with his white hating Van Jones, Reverend Wright and company. He is further dividing the classes by putting Capitalism, the big corporations and banks out there as the bad guys – while Obama himself and his minions are more corrupt than all of them put together. Obama has divided this country like no other President before.

    If Obama gets a second term he will effectively destroy America by sending our wealth throughout the world. He will gladly give our wealth to other countries when this money is desperately needed right here in America. Can’t you see that he is doing this?

    How much more of a NO SECURITY on the border policy can America take? Obama goes down to Texas and gives a speech mocking a border fence and efforts to secure the border. Huh? This Obama terrorist is so against America – it is so obvious – yet no one wants to call him out on this – at least the pathetic media won’t report it happening. Therefore it is “We the People” who must rid Washington of this scum.

    Remember Obama wants illegal immigrants to cross the border and get on the government dole – this further destroys our economy and gives Obama more voters who will most likely vote for him.This is the pathetic Socialist/Democrat/Progressive philosophy. A sick and demented way to think yet there seem to be many who think this way.

    How much further can the Obama’s cheapen the office of the President of the United States? They recently invite a rapper to a children’s poetry party – a rapper. This person has lyrics in his songs that glorify cop killing and the blacks rising up with “arms” to fight against the system. OK. So this is the type of crap the Obama’s believe in – not surprising to me – as they are so out of touch with what actually represents America. The Obama’s represent trash.

    Anytime anyone challenges Obama – they are immediately called a “racist”. This is such a cheap and uneducated way to respond to criticism – but the only way the Obama supporters know. Recently Newt Gingrich correctly portrayed Obama as the “food stamp” President – because there are currently 43 million Americans on food stamps – the most ever – and all under Obama’;s watch – and he’s proud of it! 43 million Americans on food stamps!!!

    Obama is proud of his pathetic food stamp record because THIS is their game plan. They want to get as many people on food stamps, welfare and the government dole as they can – then this will effectively destroy the American economy and create a massive population of people dependent on the government and therefore a massive pool of people who will automatically vote for Obama. Sickening, yet this is their plan and goal.

    How much more Obama can America take?

    Obama is treating the Presidency as if it were a dictatorship – and this is NOT what America is about. America is about three equally powerful branches of government – each with a say in what happens. America is about the Constitution.

    Obama appoints “czars” who seem to above scrutiny and Congress inspection. He makes “executive orders” that seem to be above the questions of Congress and the House. And he does this all the while the American citizens are busy watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. If only America would wake up!

    Obama is for Muslims and against Jews and the Middle Class. Obama is for a new world order and against American strength. Obama is for government intervention in every aspect of your life and he is against Capitalism (but he likes to be rich) – figure that out. Does this sound like a President looking out for OUR best interests?

    How much more can Obama trash America? How much more can the American people take? How much more destruction of our way of life can the tax payers stand? When are the people going to wake up?

    Do you think Obama will get a second term? It doesn’t seem possible based on what he is doing to our great country. The people need to find the right candidate to go up against Obama – and so far I am not seeing this person.

    I would support and endorse Chris Christie of New Jersey , Sarah Palin from Alaska or Rick Perry from Texas. These are three true Americans who believe in America and all that America stands for. These are three people who would not sell out the tax payers and become traitors to the American dream. These are three people who would try to strengthen America and NOT try to destroy our country and our economy.

    America is strong and she is a great country that has weathered many financial firestorms – but America has NEVER had a sitting president who is actually out to destroy her and who is trying to REDISTRIBUTE our wealth throughout the rest of the world.  This is what makes the Obama Presidency much different – and it has also unleashed a flurry of politicians who are finally coming out of the closet and proclaiming their hatred for Capitalism and the American way.

    America can only take so much battering. Obama is a traitor and a terrorist within the White House and he must go. “We the People” must rise up together and vote this person out of office. But just know, that Obama will try any and every dirty trick he knows to stay in office – so get ready for this – he will not leave quietly.

    Please join us here as an American for the Constitution and join us in the fight to remove Obama from office. Join us and our thousands of members in the fight as we constantly contact our Representatives and voice our opinion against the Obama policies. “We the People” must now band together and rise up like never before to oust this traitor from office. Help us once again regain the America that we all love and know.

    Please make your voice heard today.

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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