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  • Government Misdirection

    by Founder on May 24, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Did you watch the TV circus that was the “AIG” hearings? I didn’t. I was watching what the government was doing with their “other” hand. The entire AIG fiasco is a misdirection ploy to get the American people to pay attention to something OTHER than what is really going on. The TV circus was all a ploy by the government – for them to act outraged – and for it to “look” like they are acting FOR the taxpayer. But in reality this has all been staged by this gigantic political machine.

    I am sure everyone was “outraged” at the AIG bonuses – and you could see this by the random people actually going to AIG headquarters and even going so far as to go to these executive’s homes. But did you know that these acts of outrage were in fact – not random? These were “staged” acts to divert the attention of the American people away from the destruction of our currency and our economy.

    These were staged acts by ACORN – the Obama backed organization – they rented a bus, called the media and all went to AIG headquarters and the executives homes – these were not random “outraged” people – these were Obama administratiuon hired thugs – who did this ONLY to divert the attention of America as the REAL DEAL was going on in Washington. This is disgusting.

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    Right now in time – all nations are drastically changing – history is being written right now – but no one seems to care. America is still busy watching Dancing With the Stars or whether Brittany Spears has “changed the world” – this sound bite, Jerry Springer nation is being sold to the devil and they don’t even know it. Even the ardent Obama supporters are going to keep supporting him right into the gallows of this ugly economy. And when it is too late – these supporters will look around and see the carnage and destruction that Obama’s Socialistic philosophies have wrought – and wonder – “what has happened”?

    Our country – our great America – I am sorry to say is – bankrupt. It is evident that the Chinese will not purchase any more of our debt, therefore since we cannot “borrow” any more money from the world to finance our out of control spending – the government has turned to itself and is now writing IOU’s to itself. The Treasury has simply gone and printed $2 Trillion – within the last two weeks – right out of thin air – with nothing backing this currency -Â this is called “Monetization” of our debt and is the first step in the economic grave.

    This disastrous policy will lead to super hyper inflation within 18-24 months. I do believe that in the short run the economy will appear to have “rebounded” with the stock market gaining and other indicators showing positive movement BUT in the long run (18-24 months) this monetary policy WILL come home to roost and the dollar will collapse into a cloud of dust as the world creates a new global dollar and currency.

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    This can be stopped IF the United States completely reverses its direction and IMMEDIATELY stops spending – an IMMEDIATE spending freeze. Without this action – I am afraid to say that there is no stopping this runaway train on its way to Socialism, public unrest, severe poverty, class wars, racial conflict and the overall destruction of what once was the greatest country on the planet.

    We the People can stop this from occurring by voicing our opinion and peacefully gathering in Washington in very large numbers – all in an effort to STOP this out of control and irresponsible GOVERNMENT SPENDING! Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. You and me – we owe it to ourselves, our children, our founding fathers and every man and woman who died for this country trying to protect the very thing Obama is trying to destroy – Capitalism and Freedom. Please America – stand tall with me and help me stop this wave of insanity – together we can do it.

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