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  • Patriot Act a Violation of Our Constitution – Vote No!

    by Founder on May 25, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    The American public needs to wake up because right under their (our) nose the Federal government is attempting to ram the Patriot Act down our throat. If only the masses knew what was really happening.

    The Patriot Act allows our Federal government and its agents to enter your home without getting a warrant from a judge – they will simply write it them selves. They would be able to violate your privacy – without your knowledge and without the written approval of a judge. Is this the America you want to live in?

    The Federal government will be able to access all your private information such as bank accounts, doctor records, accounting information, gun records, dental records, real estate records and anything and everything they want to get from you – without a warrant. Is this the America you want to pass on to your children?

    The Forth Amendment to our Constitution protects us against this type of unconstitutional search without a written warrant from a sitting judge – this is our Constitutional protection – but THIS Federal government does NOT believe they are bound by this Amendment nor the instructions of our Constitution. These people should be impeached and or resign immediately – this is a disgrace to our great Constitution.

    Each member of Congress and the House – when sworn in – SWEAR to uphold the Constitution – yet once in office they all (with some exceptions) ignore and trample upon this great document. What are Americans to do? Howe can we stop this Police State from forming?

    The vote on the Patriot Act is this week – have you contacted your Senators and Representatives? Have you asked them if they are voting Yes or No on this most important act?

    Tax payers cannot trust these people in Washington – they are NOT looking out for our best interests. “We the People” must take an active part in our government or these rats in Washington will run all over us and expand every law they can get on the books as they further erode our very freedoms – everyday!

    America fought the Revolutionary War to rid herself from the tyranny of Great Britain because Great Britain was writing their own warrants and entering tax payer homes at their whim. A Police State gone wild.

    America fought in the 40 year Cold War with Eastern Europe because it was in that part of the world that the government and their agents were also writing their own warrants to enter someone’s home – without the written approval of a judge. America fought against this type of Police State on these two occasion and won! But look what is happening here.

    Our American government is once again spitting on our brave soldiers as they now try to push the very government policies that we lost lives trying to destroy. Our current government is sick with power and the desire to destroy America and her greatness.

    In our very homeland, America, the government is now allowing themselves the ability to enter your home without your consent and without a warrant! Where is the outrage in this country? Those terrorist, corrupt, anti-American politicians who are now running the show don’t give a damn about you, your family or the future of America. They care about power, control and money. What are you going to do about it?

    Our scum, snake oil salesman politicians are about to vote Yeas on this Patriot Act – while the nation sleeps. These politicians want to strip you of your freedoms.We MUST rise up and get these people OUT of office!

    This is why the America people MUST be educated as to what is happening in government. Most people are too busy watching TV. Kids aren’t paying attention and are being spoon fed politically controlled crap in the public school system. The mass media is so stupid they are going along with the whole thing while they too are getting screwed by it.  Very odd – and just an example of the mentality with Liberalism – as Michael Savage says – it is clearly a “mental disorder” – I agree 100%.

    The Federal government is counting on most Americans to be tuned out – not paying attention. This government wants to create a Police State where they control every move you make – just like it was in Eastern Germany – is this what you want America to turn into? America needs to wake up and see what these politicians are trying to do!

    If the people really understood what the government was trying to do to them – they would be against it – but the masses are too busy with their lives. They trust the government to do its best. They are sheep and half the America households are “big government” leeches – this is the type of person our government is growing – NOT the entrepreneur type – not the hard working American type. No the government wants you to be a low income, government dependent leech who does nothing – except, of course, vote Democrat.

    These people are pathetic and should all be tried for Treason and thrown in jail. This would be my wish – but alas with the level of corruption that exists – my wish shall unfortunately never happen. But we must trudge on. We must rise up and vote these people out of office – this is our last hope – to use the Constitution to rid our government of this nanny state, entitlement mentality – spend and tax – that is corroding our great country to her soul.

    Please contact your Representatives and urge them to vote NO on the Patriot Act. If they vote Yes they are FOR a Police State – and AGAINST the Constitution – these are the anti-American people who MUST go and go NOW!

    Please sign in as an America for the Constitution and join us in the fight against this stupidity that exists in Washington. Join us as we are AGAINST big government. Join us as we fight to get the government OUT of our lives and to STOP passing news laws merely tightening their grip on our lives.

    The government is destroying the entrepreneurial spirit of America – please help us stop them in their tracks. Rise up and vote in 2012 – the most important election in Americas history.

    Make your voice heard today.

    God bless America and bring our troops home now!

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