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  • To Beat Obama – Republicans MUST Unite!

    by Founder on June 12, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    It is the clear that the goal in the 2012 election is to – vote Obama out of office. This is THE most important goal and it must be the ONLY goal of the Republican party – and all of America – the tax payers.

    The good news is that there are many good people who want to run against Obama – but the bad news is that there may be too many. Each of these individuals is AGAINST what Obama is doing in their own way – and they each, for the most part, represent the TRUE Americans who work hard and pay taxes. Yet they are all very different in there presentations and principles.

    Herman Cain is a great candidate. Michelle Bachman is a great candidate. Rick Perry is a great candidate. Sara Palin is a great candidate. Mitt Romney appears to be a better alternative to Obama. Ron Paul is a great candidate. Tim Pawlenty is a great candidate. These are all very good people who believe in the Constitution, Capitalism, the free markets and the tax payers. These are people who actually love America and all she stands for – unlike Obama who clearly – through his policies and actions – hates America.

    The most important thing that can happen in 2012 is that the American people and all those who support their given Republican candidate – must all come together and vote for the ONE candidate that is chosen to represent the Republican party. This candidate will NOT be a RINO (Republican In Name Only) – this will be a person who represents the Constitution, America and the tax payers. This will be a person who loves America and is AGAINST all that Obama does.

    No more politics as usual crap! The nation is broke and is heading in an even worse direction – our economic policies are now designed to DESTROY this country and transfer our wealth throughout the world. is this what you want? Is this the America you want to pass on to your children? Will we just sit back and watch Obama squander our nation’s wealth?

    This is why, in 2012, it is of vital importance that “We the People” band together and “as one” vote OUT the corrupt Communist Obama machine. The America tax payers must wake up! Obama is destroying our country and loving every minute of it! How about you – are you loving it?

    Whether the country chooses Perry or Romney or Palin or Paul or even Chris Christie – whoever is chosen, we must all band together and vote for this one person – we must cast our vote FOR America – we must vote FOR our future – our children’s future – America’s future. As long as Obama is gone – America will have a fighting chance.

    Obama doesn’t care about America. Everyday he has been in office he has been spitting on the graves of the countless thousands who have died at war fighting Fascism, Communism and government dictatorships – yet this is the EXACT type of government Obama now wants you to live under. Are you just going to allow this to happen? Without a fight?

    “We the People” must band together to right America once again. America was a great country at one time – and she can be the greatest again – the land of opportunity and prosperity – NOT the land of big government, government regulation and government control.

    It is well know Obama is running for a second term – the Democrats work that way – they have an agenda and they do whatever they can do to achieve it – all at the expense of the hard working American tax payer. Where as it is the other type of people – the supposed Republican party that actually (should be) are making policies FOR the tax payers – NOT for the world or some special interest.

    We must have representatives that actually “represent” the tax payers. We must bring down their pay and the pay of thousands of others in the government. The government is using the Treasury as their personal bank accounts – all in the faces of the hard working tax payers.

    The people must once again grab the reigns and take control of this country – before it is too late. The politicians are out of control and no longer represent the people – they are only there fulfilling their own needs and desires.

    “We the People” must band together and vote these scum out – they despise you – it is now time to vote these elitists out and restore financial order in Washington. 2012 is the election year that will decide which way this country will go. Capitalism or Communism – your choice.

    To beat Obama – Republicans must unite and vote this bum out. We must send this Communist freak packing – and take all your commie czars with you. We need to clean out Washington for the next generation. We owe it to our children to give them a strong, financially secure America – one that will offer them all the opportunities and greatness that it offered us as we were growing up.

    It is our plea to all Republican candidates – when you are out of the race and it comes down to the actual Republican nominee – that you personally back this person and ask all of YOUR supporters to do the same – you owe this to America – you owe this to your constituents – please back whoever the nominee is and let us all together vote Obama out of office and rid America of the Communist disease that is Obama and his supporters.

    Please join us today and make your voice heard. Join the thousands of others who support the Constitution, Capitalism, American traditions, the American way and our Bill of Rights.

    Please join us at Americans for the Constitution and help us in this fight to vote Obama OUT of office and give America another chance to grow. Join us today!

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