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  • Who is Obama and Co. NOT to Take Questions?

    by Founder on June 27, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    I am seeing it more and more in the media these days – the Obama administration, Obama, the House and members of Congress – have all decided to NOT take questions after they make a speech or an appearance! Are you kidding me? How is it that our society, our citizens and the taxpayers have been so diminished by these politicians that they do not even take our questions? America needs to wake up to the tyranny that is occurring in our government.

    Obama has press conferences where he doesn’t answer questions. Biden has appearances where he will not answer questions. Congress members on “break” will NOT meet face to face with their constituents to answer questions. This is insane and backwards. The politicians in Washington need a rude wake up call and “We the People” are just the ones to give it to them.

    When our Founding Fathers founded this great country they did so by first creating the states and then allowing the states to render some of their power to the Federal government. Yet today, with Obama on a mad power grab – the Federal government has amassed enough control, power and influence to control the life of every citizen in this great country – whether we want it or not.

    Look at the power grabs going on:

    • The Auto Industry
    • The Banks
    • The Insurance companies
    • Wall Street
    • Health Care Industry
    • The Student Loan Industry
    • Soon the Oil Industry, the internet, the air waves and the media

    Is this the America you know and remember? This is what is happening in Washington right now. Obama is a sick, power hungry, anti-American freak who does NOT even like America and truly hates all she stands for.

    Yes, we need to ask questions and get Obama to admit that he is thrusting our great country down the dark and gloomy road that leads to Socialism.

    Obama despises Capitalism – the very foundation of America. He wants BIG government – the very thing the taxpayers do NOT want. This is the problem right now – Obama wants to go in one direction and the true Americans in this country – the tax payers, want the country to go in the opposite direction! Yet Obama plods on and keeps going against the will of the people – THIS will cost him his power in the long run.

    Is this a dictatorship right now? No questions from the media? Wait a minute – WE are YOUR boss! Do you remember this – you slime in Washington? Do you remember making an oath to defend the Constitution and uphold the Constitution? Do you remember making this oath? Instead you pillage the Treasury for your own purposes while “We the People” are hard at work struggling in the economy that YOU screwed up AND you keep trying to take MORE of our hard earned money!

    That’s right, “We the People” are upset and the upcoming elections will show this – as Republicans, spurned on by the Tea Party support will sweep most all of the possible elections that will occur. The media always says “Oh look at those Tea Party members they are so angry” – well you know what? – Damn straight I’m angry! I am angry at our government for screwing the people for their own gains – both financially and increased power. Who the hell do they think they are? If we just sit here and take this we are fools – we MUST rise up and stop this tyranny!

    The people do NOT want to pass this type of America on to their children! No way! The citizens of this great country, that grew up here, and experienced the REAL America, will NOT allow this trash Obama to spread his brand of Socialism throughout America and do just as he said to “Fundamentally change America” – he told us he was going to do it and he is doing his very best to shove this European style of Socialism right down the throats of every tax payer in this country. Are you going to take it?

    Who are they to NOT take questions? The Obama administration will pass their new policies either through Congress or through Executive Order of the King himself – Barack HUSSEIN Obama (such an American name isn’t it?) And after they pass them they will NOT entertain questions from the media or from the “little people” – us the tax payers!  What do you think about that? Are you good with that? Are you upset yet? Or will you wait until Washington is controlling your every move and your every dollar?

    “We the People” must now rise up and say “enough is enough”. How long will we take this screwing by the Federal government? How is it that they are viewed better than “We the People”? How is it that they have more power than “We the People”?

    Please, I am imploring all those tax payers out there – we must rise up and take our country back OR, if you have children? The kind of America they will grow up in will be VERY different than the one you grew up in, very different indeed. They will grow up in Obama’s version of America – a sick, controlled, uninspiring world controlled by politicians – very sick indeed – and a world I will NOT accept.

    Therefore, it is our duty to fight AGAINST Obama and all he is doing and to ask the questions that will bring his real intentions out into the light – we do this as citizens and as the benefactors of a great America given to us by all the brave soldiers who fought and died for OUR freedoms as far back as the Revolutionary War and into WWI, WWII, the Korean War, Viet Nam, Iraq and now Afghanistan.

    These brave men and women gave their lives at the order of the U.S. government – sent into battle to defend our freedoms, our flag and our Constitution – we owe it to these people to fight for the same things. We owe it to our children to pass on a free, open, full of opportunity America NOT the drab, no competition, all government, no incentive nanny state that Obama wants.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and stand tall for openness in government, holding our elected officials accountable for their actions and decisions, the belief that “We the People” are the bosses NOT the politicians – they work for us! Remember this!

    Please sign in as an American FOR the Constitution if you believe in Capitalism, independence, small government, lower taxes, a secure border and the deportation of all illegal immigrants. We must save and have our country – for us, the American people- the hard working taxpayers – not for the ILLEGAL immigrants!

    Please sign in and make your voice heard today!

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