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  • Elitists in Washington Must be Voted Out

    by Founder on June 28, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    America is now broke yet the corrupt politicians in Washington keep spending money that simply doesn’t exist. All of these elitists such as Obama, his wife, their supporter leeches that they have appointed, members of Congress, members of the House and the 100,000 other government workers that live in the area – are just out of control.

    • 83,000 people living in the Washington area make over $170,000 per year – all government workers. This alone should be enough to make you sick. They don’t deserve it and the same work could be done by one tenth of the workers.
    • Obama is spending money on useless and wasteful entitlement programs – giving money away to the poor in the hopes that they will all vote for him (again).
    • Michelle Obama going on a vacation in Africa recently costing the tax payers $800,000 – of which we do not have – but she goes on her trip without a care in the world. While America suffers high unemployment.
    • Members of Congress and the House taking “breaks” and traveling all over the world to Europe and many other places over seas – all without a care in the world and feeling as if they have an unlimited budget – they are simply raiding the Treasury with their bloated expense accounts.
    • Obama and company constantly having parties and events at the White House as they bribe for more votes and squander millions in hard earned tax payer money.
    • High ranking members of Congress and the House having unlimited access to government planes to fly themselves all over the world – all at tax payer expense – all money we do not have.
    • The icing on the cake is the overall Obama philosophy of “wealth redistribution” that he is employing oh so well. As this tactic keeps the party going for the elitists, while it saps the wealth and spirit of the of hard working American tax payers.

    What gives these people, these thieves, the right to squander our money as they are? How did everything get so out of control that these politicians can openly steal from the Treasury while millions of Americans work hard each day just to pay their bills?

    Who gives these elitists the right to do this? Why haven’t “We the People” risen up against this tyranny and stopped these thieves in their tracks? These people must either be voted out or thrown in jail!

    News Flash! These people in Washington work for US – the people! Check the Constitution! How have we allowed these corrupt money hungry politicians take over? We must vote these criminals out of office and once again run the country – by the people and for the people.

    How can we stop the madness of political correctness? And the TSA? And the blatant corruption in our faces everyday? We must all band together and be sure that Obama is voted OUT of office in 2012. This is the most important election in America’s storied history. We must get this America hating terrorist out of the White House and replace him with an American loving, God fearing, capitalist, job creator who can get this country back on track – NOT Obama.

    Obama has so sullied the office of the President it is pathetic. He currently has a TV ad that is trying to sell a dinner “with Barack and Joe” – that’s how he says it – in the third person – it is so pathetic – that THIS is our President – how very sad. Words cannot describe how bad for America Obama is.

    How very sad for the millions of Americans who have lost their lives at war protecting America and all she stands for. Yet Obama spits on these brave men and women everyday. He spits on their graves as he promotes the very type of government THEY were trying to destroy. Obama MUST go – and “We the People” are in charge of his departure.

    Everything  I read about the TSA gropings and unlawful intrusions make me sick. Everything I read about the lax border protection makes me sick. Everything I read about illegal immigrants in the country and the politicians who support them Рagain I get sick just hearing the pathetic liberalism that is slowly destroying our great strong country.

    America needs a serious wake up call – this must happen in 2012 with a new President – Obama must go.

    By the time the American people actually wake up it may be too late. Their freedoms granted by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will have been so eroded there will be no difference between America and say, Russia or China. Wake up America and wake up now!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard. Join us if you believe in Capitalism, people working hard, people working for their money, smaller government, lower taxes and a President who actually follows the Constitution – please join us today.

    God Bless America.

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