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  • Obama Destroying the American Spirit

    by Founder on July 9, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    We now have a college professor, world leader wannabe as the president of the United States – and because of this we are watching right before our very eyes an ATTEMPT at the DESTRUCTION of the “American spirit”. Will we allow Obama to succeed at his mission?

    Our President, with the swipe of his grimy pen, has eliminated the NASA program – effectively laying off thousands of Americans and ending America’s quest into space.

    Since 1957 with Sputnik, America ingenuity has been striving to conquer and learn about space – the universe we live in. It is so American to strive beyond our capabilities – to as they say “boldly go where no man has gone before”. Yet Obama has now squashed that potential ingenuity and taken away one of America’s crown jewels of accomplishment – the conquering of space.

    We all need to remember that Obama is against all that is America and all that has defined America as a super power and great country. Believe it or not, this is a feather in the cap for the sick Commie Progressives – but in reality, for us, it is a sad end to a piece of the American spirit – that drive to achieve and utilize our “American”  ingenuity.

    This anti-American President is doing the best he can to destroy America and all that we represent. Can’t you see this? He is destroying our Capitalist economy. He is destroying our relations with Israel. He is destroying the will of low income people to ever want to better their situation. Obama is creating his sick utopia – a “nanny state” of entitlements – that is simply IS NOT what America is all about!

    We have a very important event coming up. The coming election in 2012 is the most important election in America’s glorious history and some how this anti-American, progressive – Socialism loving loser has wrested the reigns of the Presidency away from the people and is running buck wild trying to destroy our country! Wake up American people! You get this, right? You see what is happening, right?

    Obama is trying to destroy YOUR future and the future of your children – he is giving THEIR money away to – the unemployed, illegal immigrants, minorities, losers, drug addicts, people who do NOT want to work and just about anybody else who asks them for money! REDISTRIBUTION of income. This is a disgrace. Obama should be thrown in jail – at best! Too bad this isn’t the old western times – I have a feeling this thief would be handled in a different way.

    What else? Obama is further destroying this country by stressing out our precious military – you know the “military” that is supposed to “protect out borders”? Yet America is now involved in SIX wars – two WITHOUT Congressional approval – and day by day WASTING our precious dollars and precious SOLDIERS lives paying for this atrocity!

    What are the American people to do?

    “We the People” – that is what we do! The first three words in our great Constitution. This is the people’s country – it is NOT the country of these thieves in Washington. This is a message to these elitist thieves – the American people are going to rise up and vote you OUT of office faster than you can blink your eye! You are done here if you are AGAINST America – you are done! You are underestimating the will, strength and power of the American people.

    “We the People” MUST rise up and BAND TOGETHER to vote Obama and his influence OUT of office! I am imploring Chris Christie to join the fray and become the next President – if he truly does NOT want to run – then we MUST vote in Ron Paul – he is without doubt the one and only choice – without Christie.

    I believe Chris Christie is NOT in the race right now because he does NOT want to media attention for a year and a half – which is smart. IF he can announce his candidacy after the beginning of 2012 – I think he will win in a landslide – yes a landslide! He will make Obama look like the anti-American fool that he is. We need Christie to beat Obama.

    The Republicans and all supporters of America and the American way MUST band together to vote Obama OUT of office. It almost doesn’t matter who is voted in as long as we can vote this Dictator wannabe OUT of office – Obama is poison to American and he must go!

    Look at jobs right now – there are NONE and there are NONE on the horizon – he is doing NOTHING to promote jobs – he just wants the next year and a half to go by so he can destroy America as much as possible – before he is voted out. Obama is pathetic and those that cannot see this are truly blind to the facts – very sad indeed. Yet there are more true Americans who have been awakened by the Obama disaster – and because of this we shall vote this man OUT in 2012!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard today. Join the thousands of other members who support America and all that she stands for.

    We are AGAINST all that Obama represents. We are FOR Capitalism, our Constitution, small government, lower taxes less regulations, God, family, American traditions, kindness and common sense. Please join us if you support our cause.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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