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  • Does Anyone Trust THIS Obama White House?

    by Founder on July 20, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    America is at a cross roads – and “We the People” have, in the White House – a bunch of corrupt, anti-American politicians who are trying their best to destroy our great country and our great economy.

    Right now these corrupt loser politicians are trying to hash out a “deal” to solve our nation’s debt crisis. Why is it a debt crisis? Because these corrupt thieves who are running our government have irresponsibly bankrupted our economy with their entitlements and are now trying to put the final stake through it’s heart!

    Do you believe that a deal will be made that will actually be in the best interest of thew American people? Do you think these slimy politicians are thinking about “We the People” at all? Do you believe anything the liar in Chief Obama says? He is lying about everything in order to push his pathetic REDISTRIBUTION policies down our throats. Wake up America!

    Obama and his supporters want to push through MORE spending and MORE taxes. They could care less about a “balanced budget”. If there is a balanced budget then Obama cannot destroy the economy – so he will do all he can to push us over the cliff.

    The idiots in the media who blindly support this and all that Obama does are simply useful idiots to the Obama administration – and he uses them very well. Maybe some day these morons will wake up – but by then it may be too late. There may be tanks rolling through our streets as Marshall Law has been announced by the loser Obama – it could happen people.

    It is amazing to me how stupid the media is. How stupid and liberal the reporters are and how pathetic their take is on the news. The dumbing down of America is happening right before our eyes – even as the politicians spend BILLIONS more on Education – obviously the poor education isn’t about the money. Yet the politicians want to spend and spend and spend.

    These sick politicians do NOT want smart kids – they picture a land where the people are all the same and all dependent on THEM for their needs – this is the sick vision of people like Obama and his supporters.

    The White House wants the economy to crash. Obama desperately wants the economy to default and for all Americans to be dependent on HIM for their every need. This is the Obama dream – and our task is to vote this college professor loser OUT of office in 2012 to once again get our America back.

    Does anyone really believe anything that this White House is telling us? About the reality of Inflation? About our real unemployment numbers? About our foreign wars? About our supposed Department of Justice headed up by the racist himself Eric Holder? How many times must the White House lie to you before you say “enough is enough”?

    “We the People” have had enough of this crap. We are sick of the lying. We are sick of the elitist attitude and actions. We are sick of them running around like royalty – all on our dime! We are sick of it! This country is our country – NOT the politician’s. We are the employer – they are the employee! We need to set this straight. Their pay needs to be scaled way back and all the fringe benefits completely eliminated. Politicians must be “public servants” and nothing more.

    Remember THIS from the Declaration of Independence?

    That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them, shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

    This spells it out nicely. The Declaration of Independence was written by and for the citizens of America – NOT the illegal immigrants – but for the citizens. “We the People” are the true citizens and it is our right, duty and obligation to our Founding Fathers and to all those who have died for this country – that we MUST take back our government from these vile America hating politicians who are currently in office.

    IF the White House works some “deal” to raise the debt ceiling then this means the Republicans in Congress have let us down again – and I will wage war to vote out any Republican that was part of this America destroying scheme. The “deal” they will try to pass will NOT be in the interest of you and me. It will be in the interest of Obama’s REDISTRIBUTION philosophy. It will be LOADED with new taxes for you and me! Do NOT trust Obama or this White House!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and help us vote Obama OUT of office. This President is the most anti-American, anti-business and anti-tax payer President of any President in our history. This sick man is against you and your children – he wants to take your many and give it to someone else – how do you feel about this? Obama should be thrown in jail and IMMEDIATELY impeached.

    Please join us and our thousands of members as we voice our opinion against Obama and all that he stands for. Please join us today and make your voice heard!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers. Thank you to all those who have lost their lives protecting our freedoms and libereties. God bless your souls.

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    Bret January 17, 2014

    I hear you, but just over 51% or almost 66 million people believed in Obama on election day 2012. Overwhelming stupidity really hurts the rest of us responsible, freedom loving Americans. God help us… Please!


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