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  • Useful Idiots Believe in Obama

    by Founder on July 25, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    What is there to believe about Obama? Does anyone believe anything this guy is saying? Are you sitting at home listening to Obama with an “open mind” thinking he will say something that makes sense? Big mistake.

    I’ve got news for you my friends, Obama is a a liar – a pathological liar – he has an agenda. Nothing he is saying is what he actually believes in. What he is saying in his little speeches – is what his “speech writer” writes. It’s what his speech writer thinks the American people want to hear. It is NOT what Obama truly believes.

    Obama is so out of touch with true Americans – he has no idea what the average American feels, thinks or does. Obama is an out of touch Socialist freak who simply wants to destroy America and all she stands for. If you pay taxes, he is NOT looking out for your best interest – you are a tool for Obama – you are simply REVENUE.

    Obama only believes in “REDISTRIBUTION of wealth”. That’s it. He wants to take money from YOU and give it to others – you know, illegal immigrants, poor people and others that simply pay NO taxes. He wants to give your hard earned money to people who pay NO taxes! This is ridiculous! Who is going to stop this insanity?

    Obama is a divider. Our President is constantly promoting “class warfare” – pitting rich versus poor – between those that supposedly “have” and those that “have not”. He wants their vote – he doesn’t want yours.

    He wants to further tax the “rich” more than they already pay. 50% of the people that live in America pay NO TAXES! This is outrageous! But this is what Obama wants. Obama is a disaster – and if it were my world this man would have been impeached long ago and at the least – in jail!

    Do you know anybody who sits in front of the TV and watches Obama thinking that Obama is doing what is “right” for this country? Or what is “right” for the tax payer? We hear about the Democrats “winning” or the Republicans “winning” – screw that! What about the TAX PAYER? When does the tax payer win? When is the tax payer going to be put front and center? This insanity must stop!

    Only useful idiots believe in Obama and what he says.

    These are people who are demotivated and uneducated – those who are content and happy with living off the government for the rest of their lives. These are people who the government has demotivated to the extent that they do NOT wish to better their lives.

    These are the people Obama loves. Obama sees them as votes. Obama WANTS these people to be dependent on the government and he wants YOU to pay for it. How do you feel about that?

    It is now all up to the American people. Our government is being run off a cliff by this freak Obama – and who is doing anything about it? Something needs to be done – and we shall do it within the writings of our great Constitution.

    There should be outrage at this person who is trying to destroy our great country!

    What about all those who died at war trying to defend our Constitution? THESE are the people that we need to thank for our freedoms today and for the great country that America is. It is because of our brave soldiers of the past and present that we are a free nation, “under God with Liberty and justice for all”.

    America is the greatest country because of its freedom and opportunity. It is the country I grew up in and the country that I love. America is full of wonderful traditions and a culture that is found ONLY here in America.

    It is now up to the America tax payers to rise up together and vote this mad man Socialist out of office and once again instill some sense of sanity back into our government.

    “We the People” must band together and vote Obama OUT of office in 2012. The most important election in our great history. Do NOT let his shenanigans and tricks persuade you in any way – simply vote him OUT and America will right herself again – like never seen before.

    Do you believe in Capitalism? And the ability to start your own business and better your lives and your financial condition? Is this the America you picture? Or do you see an America where the population is dependent on the government for their income, food, housing, health care and well being? Dependent on the government – what a sick demeaning thought.

    Yet, this is what Obama wants. He wants to tax the “rich”, the business owners and those who achieve and he wants to give that money to those who don’ have any money – REDISTRIBUTION. Rather than teach them to better themselves and provide them with opportunity he would rather throw them a small morsel every month – all – for their vote – that’s a sick, power hungry, Socialist freak – if I ever saw one!

    All I can ask you is do NOT believe anything Obama says. He has the teleprompter that tells him what to say. This is all written by someone who thinks they know what the American people want to hear. Obama always says what he believes the America people WANT to hear. He doesn’t believe it – he just says it. You cannot believe what he says.

    You cannot listen to him with an open mind – it is a trap – because he will just suck you in to his thinking – he will make sense to you – yet his thinking is NOT American – it is NOT America – and it is NOT Capitalism – it is NOT for the tax payer.

    What kind of America do you want to leave to YOUR children? Obama’s America? Or the America you grew up in? It’s your choice.

    Please join us now as we ready ourselves to vote Obama out of office. Join us as we tell others to vote for America in 2012 – NOT big brother government – but a vote for Capitalism, financial opportunity and the chance to better yourself by starting your own business WITHOUT the meddling interference of the government.

    Join Americans for the Constitution today and make your voice heard. Join our thousands of members who support America, our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence – Capitalism, freedom, family, respect, kindness and God.

    Please join us today and help us vote Obama OUT of office! Let us take back America from this terrorist within the White House.

    God bless America and our brave soldiers – please bring them home .

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