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  • Should Have Let The Government Default

    by Founder on August 2, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Ladies and gentlemen of this great country – it is just a matter of time. The United States of America most certainly WILL default on it’s debts – this is a guarantee – just that no President wants it to happen on their watch. This is the dilemma every tax payer faces. America’s economy is heading off a cliff and they are playing games.

    Our Federal government is out of control and has accumulated over $14 TRILLION in debt – including two trillion to China and the rest simply given away by the Federal Reserve – all at the expense of YOU and me – the tax payers. How do you feel about this? Did you know that the Federal Reserve has loaned out and sent TRILLIONS to banks and countries all over the world? This alone should land these people in jail!

    I say let the government reset itself – enough is enough – it is inevitable – cut out the massive waste and incompetence – cut the government in half – simplify the tax system with a flat tax – bring our troops home – defend our borders and once again – build a prosperous and strong America. THIS is the leadership we need!

    Want to see how useless the Federal government is? Let them shutdown and just pay out of the $200 BILLION they bring in each month – that is your budget LIVE BY IT! You will then see that 90% of the government is a complete waste and should NOT exist. THIS is why they do not want to shut it down.

    Does anyone believe the crap that these politicians are laying on us? Democrats and Republicans – they both compromise for each other IRREGARDLESS of what the American people need or want – they are operating in a bubble. They are so sick with the idea of free money and entitlements that they CANNOT stop spending.

    They desperately needed to raise their credit limit – so they could borrow and print more. Thus devaluing the dollar more and more everyday. Every dollar the government spends it borrows forty cents. This is sick, irresponsible, corrupt and should land all these thieves in a dirty smelly jail for a long long time.

    These government buffoons have maxed their credit limit and they beg for more. How can these people even look at themselves in the mirror? They are sick, narcissistic elitists who are intent on destroying America – and they are doing a darn good job of it. “We the People” must stop them. It is our duty and responsibility.

    Isn’t this financial irresponsibility and recklessness of these politicians enough to throw them all in jail? If not why not? If this were a distant time in history they would be dragged out and flogged – THEN thrown in jail – but one can only dream.

    This new bill INCREASES the debt by $7 TRILLION over the next ten years! How is this good for the people? Hey Obama dufus, how does this benefit America? Why is this so far from an attempt to actually balance theĀ  budget? Why aren’t these people in jail? Where is the justice? Where is the Constitution and it’s supporters? Where are the politicians who love America AND have “a set of balls”? Who is going to stand up to these people destroying our great country?

    This new bill sets up the opportunity to introduce new taxes very soon. Even Harry Reid is calling for new taxes right away. Obama is dieing to raise your taxes – just wait. These sick people call them “revenues” – they are NOT “revenues” my friends – they are TAXES!

    The government is run and owned by the people – NOT these blunderheads in Washington! Something is going to happen in the near future – the American people are sick of this crap.

    This new bill purports to CUT almost two trillion in spending – but this is over ten years and plus it is NOT a spending cut – it is a decrease in how much they were already going to spend! So it’s only BILLIONS per year – and this is DWARFED by the actual size of the wasted spending these fools are addicted to – this debt deal is a scam and simply a way for these elitist freaks to further stay in power and SCREW the American tax payer. Do NOT believe ANYTHING they are telling you!

    This new bill joins the other atrocities by the Obama regime – TARP, ObamaCare, trillion dollar wars and massive wasteful spending in the hundreds of billions for useless entitlement programs – these the Dems use to buy whatever votes they can. This madness MUST stop and we here at AFTC will fight to the death to protect America’s honor, traditions and our great Constitution.

    Think about it people. How is the country better off by RAISING the debt ceiling? Are you going to give more credit to a loser who has maxed their card and can’t pay their bill? Of course not – eventually that loser will just NOT pay anything at all and will then not be able to get MORE credit – hence – America’s future – all under the terrorist Obama. Is this what you want for your children? How about for their children?

    The country is better off taking the hit right now – default now – suffer the consequences for future generations – right this country again – get rid of the illegal immigrant burden on the welfare system – deport illegal immigrants and clean this country out.

    Why should our government want to saddle all future generations with this debt load? Answer – to keep them DEPENDENT on BIG government – the Obama nanny state.

    The deal they just passed raises our debt by trillions – and they are cheering it on. These people should be in jail. They are so out of touch with the American tax payer – they clearly need an attitude adjustment – and it is “We the People” who will give it to them.

    They are lost in their parties, and dinners, and trips to Europe and limousines – they are lost in their corruption and do NOT seem to realize they are living on and spending money that is NOT theirs! They are producing NOTHING – they only consume and spend!

    November 2012 will be the biggest election in our storied American history. This election will decide the direction of America – whether it is Obama’s dull nanny state of government control or whether it will be the strong, prosperous, independent, free market, Capitalism that will provide ALL with the opportunity to better themselves. Which do you choose for your family?

    “We the People” MUST rise up TOGETHER and vote Obama out of office along with a hundred or so members from each the Congress and the House. We must rid our government of those who are AGAINST America and all she represents. We must rid our government of these long time elitist politicians and replace them with American loving, Capitalism loving people who are servants to the public – NOT leeches of the public!

    Please join us and join our thousands of other members as we fight the good fight of ridding our government of Obama and all of his Socialist policies. Join us as we promote Capitalism, American traditions, the Constitution, secure borders, free markets and proper immigration paths – NO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – join us as we try to take back our great country!

    God bless America and our brave soldiers.

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