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  • Obama Engineering America’s Destruction

    by Founder on August 10, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Obama got his latest wish. He somehow managed to get the politicians in Washington to raise the debt ceiling again – INCREASING America’s debt – this time raising it another $2.6 Trillion! Bringing the total debt to over $14 Trillion – moving up to $16 Trillion – and if you actually include EVERYTHING that is unfunded – America’s debt approaches $61 TRILLION! A debt that simply CANNOT be paid.

    Is that enough for you? Is this enough for your children? All you morons who support this Obama idiot, think about what you are supporting. You are supporting the destruction of America and the destruction of your childrens future ability to be prosperous! Think about it.

    Since Obama has taken office he has not cut spending by one penny. Rather he has INCREASED spending by over $6 Trillion! This is disgusting to the average tax payer – and should be cause for either impeachment or jail. Yet the politicians keep robbing America blind – and nothing seems to get done about it.

    “We the People” counted on the Republicans to cut spending but instead they cave in to the Democrat demands and rather than cutting anything they actually raise the debt ceiling and spend even more. This is an outrage! Plus they would LOVE to tax you more! Enough is enough!

    Obama has given us two TARP plans, ObamaCare, two Fed printing excursions (the QE’s) and unprecedented increases in entitlement spending – all producing NOTHING – rather merely sending America’s wealth outside of America – which is exactly what his plan is. Remember Obama is all about “redistribution” – he hates America and all she stands for – this is just who he is. Obama is all about tax and spend – nothing else – he is a total American failure.

    In response to our government’s irresponsibility, the stock market went down over 600 points a few days ago, then a couple hundred today and even further to come. The markets hate that Obama has no plan – and they hate that he is destroying America.

    All the money the stock market is losing is going somewhere – the stock market is a “zero sum game” – when someone loses – someone else gains – all this money is moving outside of America – and being taken away from America’s investors. All keeping in step with Obama’s plan. He wants to destroy the American upper and middle classes.

    This is the game Obama is playing.

    Obama wants to overspend and borrow America into oblivion. He wants to destroy us as a nation and render us a pathetic, dull nanny state – all of its people dependent on big government for their income, housing, health care and livelihood. This is the America Obama wants – this is the Obama dream – how about you? What America do you want?

    The politicians in Washington are clearly out of touch with the tax payers and our needs. These elitist politicians MUST be brought back to reality – and it is through the process of “voting” that “We the People” shall do this.

    People like John Kerry, Chuck Shumer, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Timothy Geithner and Barack Obama (plus many others) – these people all must go! They are poison to our Capitalist society. They are poison to America’s growth. If this were another place and time these people would have been strung up and flogged in public for the atrocities they are committing and have committed against the American tax payer.

    Let’s face it people the election of 2012 is the most important election in America’s great history. Barack Obama must be voted out of office. “We the People” will rise up and vote this Socialist maniac out of office ad once again take back the reigns of our government – giving them back to the people.

    “We the People” shall rise up even in the face of the mass media and unions who all support Obama and his madness. We shall rise up in the face of these anti-American forces and take back our country! The fight will be hard – but the America tax payer shall win out -0 no matter what Obama says or does. Sorry buddy.

    It is the Tea Party that has helped this nation by bringing to the forefront the utter disaster that is our Federal government, the mass media, the Unions – and the corrupt losers that are rampant in both Congress and the House. These entities can mock the Tea Party all they want – it is meaningless – the Tea Party IS America – the Tea Party IS the America people – the Tea Party IS the tax payer and we shall win out.

    Remember, Obama will pull out all the stops to get re-elected. It is of vital importance to him. It is life or death for him and his money grubbing wife. Other that this gig – he has nothing. He would be an outcast to the American public the day after he loses his Presidency.

    Obama may even stage another event to put the American people under even more government control – all of this to win his re-election. Do not put it past this loser – he has a plan – and that plan is to destroy this great country. But I say “over my dead body Obama”! And over the dead bodies of the American tax payers!

    We must stand up together and vote this clown out of office. We need a President who is FOR America, FOR Capitalism, FOR the tax payers, FOR the Constitution and FOR prosperity – not some foreign anti-American freak who is against it all – like we have now. America needs to rise up ans rise up with strength in numbers! This will be done in November 2012!

    Please join us here at Americans for the Constitution and make your voice heard.

    Join the tens of thousands who are our members and help us fight the terrorists within our own government. Help us fight against ALL that is Obama. Help us honor all those who have died at war PROTECTING our freedoms and our Constitution.

    God bless America.

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