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  • Obama Has No Answers to the Economy

    by Founder on September 9, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Ladies and gentlemen – you are witnessing the worst Presidency in our great history. Barack Hussein Obama is completely worthless and has no answers to restore America’s great economy.

    This, however, has been building for the past three years since Obama has taken over the helm of the United States. Yes, George Bush was a disaster BUT this Obama dude is FAR worse.

    Obama has one and only one solution to any problem – spend money. This is his only weapon as he battles the American economy – he only knows how to spend money – and he does it as corruptly as he can.

    This latest “stimulus plan” by Obama (his third) is a complete waste (again) of tax payer dollars. Obama will simply siphon this money off (again) to the unions and his other favorite interests – ie. getting re-elected!

    The entire “jobs” speech was not a speech to help America get her economic footing again – this was a speech ONLY with the purpose of getting himself re-elected. Obama doesn’t care about you, me or anybody in the middle class. He only cares about those with no brain – those who will vote for him – the brain dead liberal, the poor and the illegal immigrants. Sickening indeed.

    As America sinks into mediocrity, Obama is away vacationing, throwing parties, HALTING all deportations, apologizing to the world for America’s actions and doing everything he can to REDISTRIBUTE the wealth of our great nation. Obama is treasonous and should be impeached but NO ONE has the balls to initiate it or bring it up – again, very sad.

    Obama has no answers. The only thing he can support is more spending. His Socialist and Communist upbringings point him only in this direction. He is a divider – he divides classes, races and political orientations – Obama is NO GOOD for this country and MUST be voted out in 2012.

    Who could possibly agree with what Obama is doing? Who could possibly agree with the direction he is taking America? If you vote for Obama – face it, you hate America and you want to see our America destroyed – this is what he wants – and if you join him you are merely contributing to our economic destruction. Is this what you want?

    Obama has no idea how America is supposed to operate. He doesn’t understand Capitalism. He doesn’t understand the Constitution. He only knows favors, entitlements, bribes, affirmative action and law suits – this is all this loser knows how to do. America made a grave error in voting Obama into office – we must now correct this error and vote IN someone who loves this great country – some one who loves Capitalism and who loves our great Constitution.

    Ron Paul? Rick Perry? Sarah Palin? Chris Christie? Who shall it be? We will support any of these people for President – and if one of them is elected – they will once again restore greatness to our country. ObamaCare would be immediately repealed as will most of his Socialist policies.

    I urge and will continue to urge Congress and the House to NOT pass this ridiculous bill. Do NOT authorize our government to waste another $500 Billion. Remember – our great country just got DOWN GRADED and Obama the loser wants to spend MORE money? Huh? This is insane ! Anyone who would vote for such a bill at this time is treasonous and should be ousted from office.

    America has no money! She is broke! She is already $14 TRILLION in debt! And Obama proposes $500 Billion MORE in spending? Where is this money supposed to come from? Borrow it again? They should all be committed certifiably insane. These looters should be thrown in jail and allowed to rot away as a real leader gets into office and makes this country grow again! God help us.

    All Obama can do is blame other people, other Presidents, blame Congress, blame the House, blame ATM’s, blame anything and everything EXCEPT his own inept self. He is a complete failure with regards to America’s prosperity – Obama has won the crown as worst president in our great history.

    Ladies and gentlemen – tax payers of this country – we MUST rise up and band together to vote this monstrosity OUT of office. We MUST get our country back from this terrorist from within!

    Whomever is chosen to run against the Socialist Obama – the most important thing we, as tax payers, can do is band TOGETHER and vote as one large group voting Obama OUT of office – this must be the goal – our first priority is getting the Muslim freak out of the White House – and restoring America back safely in the White House.

    Please join us and our tens of thousands of members as WE band together to vote Obama and his supporters out in 2012.

    Join us if you support capitalism, small government, the American flag, the English language, the Constitution, a balanced budget, term limits and the complete cleaning out of Washington of the snakes and vermin that now infest the White House and Congress.

    Join us today and make your voice heard!

    Go bless America and our brave troops – please bring them home NOW!

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