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  • Politicians in Washington are Sick!

    by Founder on September 21, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    These are sick people. These politicians that were voted into positions in the Federal government are sick people. Based on their actions they appear to have no problem with the destruction of the great and prosperous country they grew up in. What has caused this all to happen? And when will it all stop?

    Look at Obama’s latest “Jobs Bill” – a complete spending disaster – another $500 Billion in spending with another $1.5 TRILLION in new taxes! Complete insanity – the guy should be impeached for treason then thrown in jail – and this is just the tip of the corruption iceberg.

    Also look at what Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve just did, basically releasing QE3 in the form of $400+ Billion without anyone even knowing what was going on. The Federal reserve themselves are responsible for MOST of the $16 Trillion of our debt by loaning out TRILLIONS to foreign banks – that’s right FOREIGN BANKS! Bernanke is a disaster and should be sitting in jail right next to Obama.

    You see the politicians on TV and they look so fancy, they are all dressed up in their expensive suit – presenting themselves to be intelligent, responsible and capable individuals. They speak well – everything looks on the up and up BUT in reality, these politicians are dumbos – they are mostly in it for themselves in the form of corruption, bribes and scams on the American tax payers.

    In reality these politicians are all bumbling fools – headed up by the top fool himself Obama. Obama is the driving force behind the destruction of the American economy and it seems everyone else in Washington is just following along like a bunch of brain dead lemmings. America is in trouble, big trouble, unless we rid Washington of the anti-American politicians and once again right the great country.

    Some of the things Obama has done may take twenty years to erase such as certain VERY liberal Judge appointees – this is how Obama controls his court decisions.

    You listen to our politicians talk or you listen to the President talk and everything sounds OK, like they are doing everything they can to fix America’s problems. When again, the reality is, that Obama is doing everything he can to DESTROY America – to pulverize this country – to wipe us off the face of the world economy. This is why he and all his liberal supporters are SICK! Sick in the head. Sick with HATE for America and the America people.

    You know us Obama, we are the ones who “cling to their bibles and guns”. WE are America – NOT you. You are one and done – the Tea Party will see to this. Sorry buddy, the mega spending spree party for you and Queen Michelle will be OVER! Done! Kaput!

    Like Michael Savage says, “liberalism is a mental disorder” and he is so right!

    These politicians in Washington couldn’t run a successful lemonade stand, no less be responsible for TRILLIONS of dollars. They are a complete joke to the American public. These people obviously can’t balance a check book. But again. the reality is that they don’t feel that they have to. Every politician in Washington (save a few) views the Treasury as their own personal bank account. The corruption is sickening.

    The Trillion dollars in TARP money – where did it go Obama? The BILLIONS that you doled out to the auto industry, your union buddies, your corporate buddies and the countless hundreds of BILLIONS you sent over seas – where did all this money go? All in an attempt to drain America of her wealth. And you have been doing a good job of this because our economy is hobbling – and it will hobble right into the 2012 Presidential election.

    You are as corrupt as they come Obama. You hate the Constitution, yet you love the UN. You hate the Israelis, yet you love the Middle East. You opposed Bush’s war yet you started new ones yourself! You and the politicians in Washington are SICK! You gotta go! For America to survive – you gotta go.

    We are sick of your lying each and everyday to the America tax payer. You, Mr. Obama are a liar – flat out.

    Yet Obama and the politicians in Washington will continue to waste money on countless programs that are completely meaningless – they only exist because they were a bribe for votes at some point – lobbyists, corruption, pay offs and scams – this is how Obama and most top level politicians live their lives and this is how Obama plans on toppling America.

    The election coming up in November 2012 is only 14 months away people and it is the most important election in America’s great history. This election will decide if our country has a Socialized and rationed medical system or a private, free market medical system. Which would you like?

    This election will decide if Obama gets four more years to destroy America and spread our wealth throughout the world.

    This election will decide what will happen to our economy – whether it will fizzle to a stand still under Obama or whether it will once again grow and prosper under a new America loving leader.

    It is up to us “We the People” to make sure this corrupt regime of Obama NOT be allowed to continue on and RAPE our great country of her greatness. We must vote OUT Obama in 2012 and rid the Federal government of its blatant corruption.

    We must sever the ties between the government and the media – and once again establish JOURNALISM in this country. We must rid our country and our government of anti-American and anti-Constitution politicians – starting with Obama and then on to any other parasite that is leeched on to his Progressive way of looking at things. The waste and corruption MUST go!

    Our politicians are out of control. They must be stopped. They are spending money that doesn’t exist. They are idiots! Someone MUST stop these morons from completely bankrupting our country’s future or there will never be an America again! The country you grew up in and loved is slowly being destroyed by this Obama freak and “We the People” MUST rise up and save our country!

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and make your voice heard today!

    Join us if you are AGAINST all that Obama is representing. Join us if you believe in Capitalism, free markets, the Constitution, our Founding Fathers and the American way of life.

    Join the terns of thousands of others who have made their voice heard here. Please stand with us as we attempt to oust Obama from office and once again restore the America that will grow and prosper. An America where home prices once again begin to rise and where businesses have the confidence to risk their money knowing that if they do it right they can succeed.

    God bless America and bring our troops home TODAY!

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    Nunya November 17, 2011

    Really! Dude wake up. It’s not about Party it’s about the political elite. As long as the political elite can divide the majority down party lines they win. Think about it. The American public is split and these idiots can continue to stay in power and work towards the one world government. Just look at all the objective info and you will see party don’t matter both have been doing what they please and ignoring the will of the people.


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