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  • OWS Protests Are All Obama

    by Founder on October 11, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Obama is clearly the most pathetic, anti-America President in the history of the great United States. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan all must be rolling over in their graves (as well as the founding fathers) wondering how this person got control of our great country.

    Do you see the people who are so called “occupying Wall Street”? These are the types of people Obama loves. They all want handouts. They all have no money nor do they want to try to make money. They all are envious of those who work hard and actually have money. These are the people Obama is counting on to support his cause of destroying America.

    I have a message for these “protestors” – GET A LIFE! Do something productive – start a business, sell something, produce something – do what you have to do to survive and STOP demanding others give you things – you have ZERO right to take from others what others have worked hard to obtain. Screw you – and GET A FRIKKEN LIFE!

    The protestors are the types of people Nancy Pelosi loves. Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Barney Frank, Eric Holder and all the other sick, Socialist and Marxist politicians loves these protestors. Big government loves these government leeches. And what is Obama doing about it? Nothing.

    One thing for sure, the scum Obama is going to try to capitalize off of these protests. he wants these people to get violent – he is counting on it! mark my words.

    Obama doesn’t want to do anything about them – he wants them to be in the streets. They take some attention away from his abysmal policies. They take attention away from his Marxist REDISTRIBUTION of wealth policies. These are the people Obama loves – after all Obama is dieing to declare “Marshall Law” – Obama wants to take control even more than he already has.

    Ask these protestors “why” they are protesting and most will point to so called “corporate greed” – yet at the same time they are wearing name brand clothing, going to Starbucks and typing on their iPhones and iPads – these pathetic protestors need to go back home to mommy and daddy and maybe even – are you ready? Start a business! This is America – land of the entrepreneur – NOT the land of government entitlements – if you want that – go to Europe!

    Instead they sleep in the streets, defecate on police cars and in the streets, have sex in their tents or their sleeping bags and clearly display ZERO respect for the property they are on nor the great country they are living in.

    At the same time, Obama is sending our troops out to die everyday – to protect what? To protect these miserable, disrespectful mobs of losers? These same people who are protesting in the streets are using our great Constitution to their advantage – yet it is the same Constitution that Obama spits on everyday. Just where is our Presidential leadership? Where is his outrage at what is happening? Where is the order to clear the streets of this trash?

    These are the same types of people that are reporting in the media. You notice that the main stream media actually supports these people? Yet the anger never seems to be turned to where it should be – right in Obama’s face!

    Obama loves the outrage in the street. These are Obama’s people. These are his lemmings that he has sent into the street – financed and organized by the sick and overly greedy Union leaders throughout the country. Obama should be in jail. He should rot in jail for what he has done to this great country. Yet, even with all the problems that he has caused – I firmly believe that America can be turned around by a strong Conservative leader – and that leader is Herman Cain – Obama’s worst nightmare.

    What are these protestors protesting? Do they even know? Is it just happening because it is happening in other parts of the world? Is it now the fashionable thing to do? Why don’t these people have lives? What are they doing with their lives? How have they been brainwashed by the government into thinking everything should be a handout?

    This great country can be turned around and instead of the government promoting rioting in the streets by these people – these people should be spending their time being entrepreneurs – starting their own businesses, growing this country instead of participating in its destruction.

    All of these protests and protestors are the direct result of a liberal, Democrat government who believe only in BIG GOVERNMENT and entitlements for all. As I have said many times before – Michael savage is right on – “liberalism is a mental disorder” – what other explanation is there?

    Obama has created these losers and their mentality. Obama has only one idea – spend through entitlements and tax the wealthy business owners – hey Obama can you be any more stupid in your thinking?

    These protesters are against “corporate greed”? Do they think no companies should make a profit? How stupid and uneducated can they be? Where do they think tax dollars are to come from? Do they wish to live in Obama’s dream world of no choice, no growth and rationing of all resources? Is this the world they want to live in? I think not. They think so, but they are so stupid and uninformed that they believe it to be true. How about these people go live in Russia or China for a while – let’s see if they can “protest” as they are doing – they will be in for quite a surprise.

    If we had a real leader in the White House and NOT a destroyer – these protests would not be happening. Herman Cain speaks the truth every time he opens his mouth, he tells it like it is. He puts these loser protestors right in the place they should be. When Herman Cain speaks it is all common sense and THAT is what this country desperately needs. We do NOT need another slick politician – we need a problem solver with real answers.

    Obama is a sad, sick, demented man who some how landed in the White House – I do NOT believe he is an American citizen and feel that after he is long gone it will be discovered that this in fact is true – he is NOT an American and all of America had been duped by him and his followers. How stupid will the main stream media look at that point? Probably not much more than they do now – but at least at that point it will be clearly obvious to all.

    Obama has committed treasonous act after treasonous act yet the media seems more concentrated on “Dancing with the Stars”, “America Idol” and all of the other mindless crap that is on TV. The ironic thing is that the media is so far up Obama’s ass that they don’t even realize that he is screwing THEM just as much as he is screwing the average hard working American. Wake up media! You are getting screwed by the guy you are obsessed with!

    Half the country pays taxes and the other half sucks off the government. This country desperately needs a national sales tax – so that ALL American pay taxes not just half of us.

    Those that are members here are the half that pay taxes – those that are members here are the hard working Americans – the gun owners, the Bible readers, the good people who practice other religions, the people who believe in the American dream, the people who teach their children to do the right things and those who believe and appreciate all the great American traditions that have been passed on for over 220+ years.

    Please sign in now as an American for the Constitution and pledge your support to our great constitution and our great country. Join me and the 10,000+ other members who believe in our Constitution and the greatness of our country.

    Join us if you believe these protestors are sent there by Obama and his union thugs. Join us if you believe in small government, Capitalism, less taxes, our great Constitution and the immediate riddance of Obama from office.

    “We the People” must band together and vote Obama OUT of office and send him into hiding for the rest of his life. We must band together to vote him out along with all of his Commie appointees as well as his pathetic America hating wife who has spent MILLIONS on vacations, clothes and other goodies as she lives like a queen all at YOUR (and my)  expense! Send her and Obummer packing!

    Join us as we take back our government and once again bring back growth to America – the land of the free, the home of the brave and the home to the entrepreneur!

    Make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and all our brave troops – please bring them all home today!

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