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  • Herman Cain is Obama’s Worst Nightmare

    by Founder on October 26, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    Imagine if another black man were to face Obama in the 2012 election? What would the media do or say? What would the pathetic liberals do or say? Just imagine a black American running for President – one who actually loves America and all her traditions? A true American who happens to be black. This is the Democrats worst nightmare and certainly Obama’s – we here at AFTC 100% support Herman Cain – I hope you too will join us.

    Herman Cain is a conservative black American who stands for common sense, Capitalism, small government, lower taxes and the American way. What are the Democrats to do? All Democrats think that black Americans should only be for them. The Democrats and the liberals want to keep blacks captured in poverty – because these are the people they are counting on to vote for them.

    This is how Democrats think – they feel they have to buy their votes, because they know that in the long run – their policies are self serving and worthless to society as a whole. They simply want to dole out billions of dollars in the form of free entitlements – in the hope that they will all vote for them. Democrats and liberals are sick people and Obama is leading the pack. America needs a leader – a leader who loves America and our great Constitution.

    Herman Cain is their worst nightmare!

    If Herman Cain can get the Republican nomination what will the media be able to say? How will they attack HIM so they can keep their Obama? This would take away their top comeback of RACISM! What would they do or say? No longer would the media or the pathetic liberals be able to cry racism. We all know that is their last chance tactic – they cannot fight with facts or good policy – so when it comes down to it – they sadly cry “racism”! Yet mark my words – they will still attempt to label Herman Cain as a racist – this is how sick the media and the liberals are.

    I am praying that Herman Cain will win the Republican nomination. Why do we feel Herman Cain be able to squash Obama in the 2012 election? Because he is all common sense and he is a God fearing, America loving true American patriot. Don’t you want your President to love our great country? It is obvious based on his actions and words that Obama has a great distaste for all that America represents (or represented) – and he is doing his darnedest to erase our centuries long greatness within the world.

    It is now time for the black race to really show who they are – and they shall be represented by Herman Cain, a true American who cares about family, God, Capitalism, our Constitution, our Founding Fathers and the divine freedom that has been vested to all American citizens.We the Tea Party do not look at skin color – we only look at the man or woman and the values and principles that they represent.

    Martin Luther King will be very proud when Herman Cain is elected President of the United States – race will simply NOT be an issue – he will be judged by the content of his character and NOT the color of his skin. Plus he will be voted in – in a large part by the middle class white population! Yet I thought the Tea Party and all whites who like their guns and bibles were – RACIST! What happened moron media? What happened sad liberal politicians?

    In addition Cain will also grab a good percentage of the black vote – guaranteed! These are the people Obama is counting on. This is why it would be a double nightmare for him IF Cain were to win the nomination. Cain and his love of America will appeal to all. That is all except those who want to leech off the government for the rest of their life. These are the people Obama and the liberals rely on to stay in office. Very sick indeed.

    If you were to have Obama and Herman Cain stand next to each other in a debate – you would see a HUGE difference in these two men. Obama will appear small – he is all government spending, entitlements, corruption and taxation – while Cain is all business – he will exude good ole’ fashioned American sense of humor and common sense. Herman Cain knows how to start and run a profitable business while Obama couldn’t run a profitable lemonade stand. Cain would make Obama look like the joke he is.

    Cain is all about simplifying the tax system – while Obama wants the IRS to control your life and take most of your money so he can give it to those that do not have much money. Obama is a puny little man compared to the stature and character of Herman Cain. The media just wouldn’t know what to do with someone like Herman Cain – they are already trying to bash him and tear him down – but to no avail.

    It is funny watching the media interview Cain – they just don’t know what to do or say. They constantly try poking holes in what he says and his beliefs – but every time he stands tall, broadly smiles, speaks his mind and they back right on down – almost in amazement that he is so powerful and strong in his answers – definitely showing traits of a strong leader. The media even noticeably walks on egg shells around him as – he is a black American – and they are so politically correct up Obama’s butt that they feel they have to treat him with kit gloves – like they do with all blacks. The media is so pathetic.

    Herman Cain can beat Obama in a land slide. Cain will get a huge percentage of the black vote – which a white candidate would not be able to. Herman Cain will also win over ALL of the Tea Party vote as well as most of the independents. Herman Cain will win the votes of most of the southern states – he will also take the votes of all the Republican states. Herman Cain is capable of throwing Obama and his America hating wife right out of the White House – for good.

    Herman Cain is Obama’s worst nightmare and the White House knows it. Even if his 9-9-9 plan isn’t perfect it is still far better than the current 80,000 page tax code plus it takes out the massive fraud that currently exists with taxes. It also puts some of the burden on the lower income of this country – right now half of the country pays no taxes – with his plan these people will no longer be able to live off the half – that does pay taxes – everybody will have to contribute – not just some – which is just how it should be. Like Obama says – we should “all pay our fair share”. “ALL” – right Obummer?

    It is so sad and pathetic watching how the media – CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS are all so suddenly intensely vetting each of the Republican candidates. Where was this careful vetting of the loser Obama? Answer – it didn’t happen. The media gave Obama a complete pass on everything he ever said or did and look what we ended up with – an America hating, redistribution of wealth loser – who probably isn’t even an American citizen. But now the media is over turning every rock they can about the Republican candidates – it is sickening to watch.

    Obama has ruined our great country with his trash Socialist policies – now it is up to Cain to right our country once again. It is up to Cain to throw Obama out of office and restore strength back to America. Cain will empower the people to better themselves while Obama wants all the people in the chains of mediocrity – forever dependent on the Federal government for every aspect of their lives. Cain thinks this MUST change – and rightly so.

    It is of our opinion here at AFTC that the other Republican candidates may not win against the Obama machine.

    Romney has too many issues (RomneyCare) and he is too much of a politician. Perry just seems too weak – (he has illegal immigration issues) and seems to say what needs to be said (what he thinks the people want to hear) at the moment – like politicians do. Bachmann is a good woman but would never garner the necessary votes. Ron Paul is a great man with great ideas but the American public for some reason just would not band together – as a whole – and vote for him. I love what Paul offers and says and would vote for him in a heart beat – but he unfortunately will not get the Republican nomination.

    We believe it is only Herman Cain that has a chance to beat Obama. If Cain is nominated he will trounce Obama – Obama will have no chance and America will be once again be on the path to greatness.

    Please join us in our support of Herman Cain – yes he has very little political experience – but this is what the people will love and the media will hate. “We the People” do NOT want another cheap scum politician like Obama – we want a REAL American – a true person that will fight for the people.  We want someone that knows how to create jobs – a business man who can balance a budget and actually has in the past – someone who loves America and all her time tested traditions. We want someone who will protect both our borders and our great Constitution – this is Herman Cain.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and pledge your allegiance to our great country as we all fight to rid the White Hose of the poison that is Obama and his appointees. Join the 11,000+ members who stand for the greatness of America. Please make a stand with us and make your voice heard today!

    God bless America and our brave troops.

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    J Eskew October 26, 2011

    I hope CAIN will follow the commercial ad of the one man speaking and smoking, with a scene at a local factory. Men on smoke break, at work. Making a living, but unsure if they will have future employment, future raises to pay the rising costs of utilities/fuel/groceries, money for their kids to have opportunities. Blue collar men worried about their 401k plans. Men, some who smoke, some who dip/chew, some who drink a coke, but all who have families, bills, and worries about the future of the country. Some who are veterans, some who have worked for 40 years at the same company, some who want to go back to school but just can’t afford to do both. I suggest LinePower LinePower Rebuild in Bristol, VA part of Electro-mechanical corporation. They make the power distribution and mining equipment that is used at mining sites. A Small American Owned business wanting to expand to be competitive, but also concerned for the future.

    And then CAIN needs to do a commercial with a working Mom and her teenage son, who plays sports, makes good grades, who wants to go to college. She pays her taxes. She doesn’t take entitlement benefits. She is a single mom with a teenage son, and the deadbeat dad has spent 16 years dodging the system to avoid paying for his son, who was born into a marriage. The father left and never paid. Deadbeat Dads steal from everyone, especially their kids. I suggest Robin Wright and her son, Cody. Great kid, great future ahead of him, very polite and respectful. his Mom works hard, but the economy is making it more and more difficult for her to avoid using entitlement offerings. She also looks after her 85 year old mother. Real Americans have to be the focus of Cain’s advertising. I know many hardworking african americans who love this country, hold God dear to their daily life, and feel let down by Obama’s promises yet they have seen nothing but higher costs and fewer job opportunities. Obama thinks he has fooled these people because they don’t have his Harvard Education. By the way, how did Obama pay for his Harvard education? How did Obama’s mom manage to raise him without the benefit of a Dad to help pay some of the bills?

    Kick butt Cain!


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