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  • Left Tries to Destroy Herman Cain

    by Founder on November 6, 2011

    in Voice of the People

    The Democrat machine, along with the despicable media has tried their best to destroy Herman Cain’s attempt at the Presidency. These miserable people are so afraid of a Cain Presidency that they would do just about anything to stop him.

    The media, along with who knows else – possibly Rahm Emanuel, the Perry campaign and even the corrupt Obama campaign – have released information on a sexual harassment suit brought against Cain almost 20 years ago. This is a pathetic attempt by these people to hold on to their power and discredit whom ever else is trying to take it from them.

    Notice they didn’t attack any of Cain’s economic policies or any of his other stances on the issues – they can’t, because that is like comparing apples to oranges – it would be comparing Obama’s sad Socialism/Nanny state policies with the brilliant and free Capitalism that Herman Cain represents. All the Dems can do along with Obama is use dirty underhanded tricks and try to smear someones reputation any way they can. Chicago bully politics – well you know what freaks? That is going to back fire right in your faces!

    Cain did his best to answer the questions and accusations in a calm professional manner yet the obsessed media keeps coming at him and seemingly are making this topic their number one topic concerning Herman Cain. They have been instructed to do so – yet they never question Obama even though he should be thrown in jail for some of his actions and REDISTRIBUTION of wealth policies – which rob America of her wealth.

    These alleged events happened 20 years ago and therefore have no effect on whether this man is capable run our great country – they have no bearing on Cain’s ability to lead. It is only a sad and deliberate attempt by the media and those in power to bad mouth Cain and try to throw off his gaining momentum and approval by the tax payers. Yet, we are paying attention.

    Now one of his “accusers” is teaming up with the scum lawyer Gloria Allred (who will take any high profile case for money) in a further attempt to discredit and defame Mr. Cain. The left is doing all they can to get Cain out of the race – we as smart voters must see through this pathetic ploy.

    The media is obsessed with this right now. Where are the stories and articles about Obama’s corruption? Solyndra? Fast and furious? The TARP bailouts? The DOJ corruption? Where are these stories? You frikken corrupt media! You are all pathetic losers and are enabling Obama and his corruption to basically shut this country down. You should all hang your heads in shame!

    The America public is getting smarter when it comes to politics and how these corrupt politicians work – therefore they see right through this crap that is being thrown at them by the left – the Democrats – and the sad liberal media. It is a pathetic attempt that has failed miserably. Cain is taking in more money than ever and the supposed scandal has only increased his popularity. Nice try libs but failure once again.

    So, where are these women who are claiming harassment? Where are they to come forward and say what happened? The media has been hammering on this for two weeks and no one even knows what he supposedly did! These, I am sure, are two overly sensitive liberals who were hunting for a little money so they claim the BOSS is “sexually harassing” them – how quaint – good thing we have so many scum liberal lawyers who would take just about any case.

    The media refers to this as a “scandal” – but what “scandal”? Who created this so called scandal? The media themselves! They create it then they refer to it as a “scandal”! How sad and pathetic! The media is corrupt and in Obummers back pocket – they are so stupid.

    Through this entire attack and racial lynching, Herman Cain has stood tall. He has looked people in the eye and told them his side of the story the best he can – yet the media keeps putting words in his mouth and trying to trip him up at every chance they get. This is a very sad and desperate display by the anti-America media. It exposes them for the stupid lemmings that they are. They are too dumb to see that we need a leader in the White House – a real leader – someone who is a born leader like Herman Cain – a man of principles, character and values – not the weak anti-American corrupt Obama who is there now.

    My advice to Herman Cain is to look the media right in the eye and call them for what they are – a bunch a weak, cowardly, racist morons who are trying to protect and further anoint their beloved Obama – the one who has completely destroyed the American spirit in such a short period of time and severely damaged our deficit standing..

    Herman should tell the media that – “the people will decide” – let the people of America decide if this was a “scandal” or not. Let the people of this great country decide who they want for their next President.

    Remember, if you are voting FOR Obama you are voting AGAINST America, your future and your children’s future – think about it – please!. If Obama is re-elected people will be stuck in poverty their whole lives, home values will diminish to ridiculous levels and there will simply be no jobs anymore – unless you want to work for the government! If you vote FOR Obama you are voting against Capitalism and the Constitution – he stands for neither.

    Wake up America! See what the media and others are trying to do to Herman Cain! See how far up Obama’s ass the media is right now! They are just reporting like mindless robots all in support of the person who is screwing them at the same time – they are just too dumb to see it.

    Support Herman Cain in this effort – do NOT let the Democrats and the media pick who WE want to be the next President. Make it the people’s pick!

    We must all stand for what is right and decent in this country – we must all band together to vote Obama out of office and once again restore common sense and our Constitution to how we are governed. Do not let the left win this battle with their dirty tricks.

    Obama will do anything to stay in power. He has always been campaigning for his next term – ever since he has taken office the first time. Do not be surprised if Obama wages a major war against Iran right before the 2012 election – he will use this tactic to stay in power – he will sink to any level to retain his power – even by putting thousands of our military lives in jeopardy at war – he doesn’t care – Obama has already spit on the graves of our brave military many times – he will not hesitate to do this again.

    “We the People” must rise up and vote Obama out of office. This election coming up is the most important in America’s great history. It will determine which way we go – do you want socialized medicine? Or do you want the free market to continue giving us the best medical system in the world? Do you want Socialism or do you want Capitalism? The people will decide.

    Don’t let the media sway you. Make your own decisions. See Obama for what he is doing. research what he is doing. Pay attention to what he is doing -  if you do these things you would NEVER vote for this man for anything! Wake up America! Wake up taxpayers! This may be our last chance to restore the real America and give our children a better life that we had – otherwise they and all future generations are destined to live in the drab and dull land that is called “Obamaville”. Lord help us.

    Please sign in as an American for the Constitution and join our 15,000+ proud members who support the American flag, our language, our borders, our Constitution, Capitalism and our attempt to rid Obama from office for good.

    God bless America and our brave troops.


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